File Title
1 Climate Change Is Likely to Make Air Travel a Lot Bumpier
2 Typically Harmless Virus May Trigger Celiac Disease
3 Most Americans Believe in Climate Change, Lawmaker Tells Senate
4 The Frankenstein of Giant Viruses Found in Sewage Plant
5 Wealthy Roman Settlement Discovered Beneath Britain's Longest Road
6 Can the Search for Alien Life Be Spurred by a Lottery?
7 Parts of the Arctic Ocean Are Turning into the Atlantic
8 Discovery! Atmosphere Spotted on Nearly Earth-Size Exoplanet in First
9 Puffin Couples Stay Close During 'Winter Break'
10 Next Job for US Air Force: Space Cop?
11 Smart Contact Lenses May One Day Test Sugar Levels
12 2017 March for Science: What You Need to Know
13 The Secret to Cubans' Homemade Wine: Condoms
14 How a Fitness Tracker Spotted a Woman's Life-Threatening Condition
15 Syria Bombing: How Do Tomahawk Missiles Work?
16 Rare Parasitic Worm Cases Spike in Maui
17 Close-Approaching Jupiter Dazzles in New Hubble Photo
18 Men's Looks Matter More than Women Admit, Study Shows
19 Volcanic Activity on Ancient Mars May Have Produced Organic Life
20 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
21 Don Rickles: Why Legendary Comic's Jabs Are Funny, Not Offensive
22 How Much Do Cats and Dogs Remember?
23 The Mystery of How Black Holes Collide and Merge Is Beginning to Unravel
24 The Case for Christ: What's the Evidence for a Resurrection?
25 Hoverboard Daredevil Speeds Over Atlantic Ocean
26 Newfound Tusk Belonged to One of the Last Surviving Mammoths in Alaska
27 Sun's UV Light Helped Spark Life on Earth
28 Phallic Curiosity: How a Whale Penis Came to the Explorers Club
29 Melding Mind and Machine: How Close Are We?
30 Depression: How 'Staged' Approach Could Aid Diagnosis & Therapy
31 Why Hidden 'Darknets' Are More Resilient to Attacks than the Internet
32 How Does a Dead Bat End Up in Packaged Salad?
33 Worst Ways to Die Are Pretty Weird (and Gruesome)
34 First Animal? Jellyfish May Take the Prize
35 Why Inhaled 'Poppers' May Cause Eye Damage
36 These 5 'Life Skills' Are Tied to Health Benefits
37 Auroras on Uranus Dazzle in New Hubble Telescope Views
38 Why Narcissists Want to Make Their Partners Jealous
39 210 Mph! Electric Plane Beats Speed Record
40 Surprise! What 3D Scan Revealed Inside Egyptian Cat Mummy
41 Silk-Covered Body Discovered at Inner Mongolia Cemetery
42 Great Barrier Reef Again Hit by Severe Coral Bleaching
43 Deepest Life on Earth May Be Lurking 6 Miles Beneath Ocean Floor
44 Do Honeybees Feel Pain?
45 A Robot Magic Kingdom? Disney Wants Huggable Humanoids to Play Characters
46 Cases of 'Elephantiasis' Traced to Unexpected Cause
47 Exposure to Pesticides May Increase Risk of Liver Cancer
48 Big, Furry Cave-Dwelling Spider with 'Red Fangs' Discovered
49 Psychopathic Traits Linked to Witnessing Abuse in Childhood
50 'Organ Chip' Project to Test How Chemicals Affect the Body
51 'Clueless' Male Jumping Spider Will Court a Female All Wrong for Him
52 Oddly, Penguins Keep Coming Back to Erupting Volcano
53 Scientists Can Now Tell if Someone Is Dreaming from Their Brain Waves
54 Ancient Arctic Ice Cores Damaged in University's Freezer Meltdown
55 Why Do Shoelaces Come Untied? Science Explains
56 Molecule-Size 'Nanocars' Gear Up for Microscopic Racing Event
57 Shining Sea: 75 Percent of Ocean's Animals Glow
58 Scans of Viking Swords Reveal a Slice of Norse Culture
59 Legendary Climate Scientist Likes a GOP Proposal on Global Warming
60 Surprise! Jupiter Has a Great 'Cold' Spot, Too
61 Opioids After Surgery: Which Patients Don't Stop When They Should
62 Insect Heroes? Ants Save Their Injured Comrades
63 The Science of 'S-Town': What Is Fire-Gilding?
64 Out of Africa: Newfound Croc-Like Creature Is Dinosaur Relative
65 Real Flying Car Will Be Available for Preorder this Year
66 How NASA Satellite Will Watch Earth Breathe from Space
67 Loud and Rosy-Clawed Pistol Shrimp Named for Rock Band Pink Floyd
68 The Strange History of Anthrax Cases Tied to Men's Shaving Brushes
69 Trans Fat Ban Tied to Fewer Heart Attacks and Strokes
70 The Surprising Impact of Marathons: Delays in Urgent Care
71 It has got harder to access sexual health services in the UK
72 Neglect and drug trade led to Colombian landslide disaster
73 World's largest canary discovered on island of giants and dwarfs
74 Syria chemical attack looks like nerve gas--and was no accident
75 Facebook will use photo-matching tech to take down revenge porn
76 Japan and Norway set off on annual whale hunt despite opposition
77 Apes can see things from your perspective and help you out
78 Cheap stroke drug boosts pancreatic cancer survival in mice
79 Squishy robotic manta ray flaps its wings to spy in the ocean
80 How smaller snakes strangle bigger snakes and swallow them whole
81 Earbud lets you control your phone with a wink or smile
82 Flight turbulence to get three times more common because of CO2
83 Record amounts of renewable energy added to the mix in 2016
84 Atmosphere containing water detected around rocky exoplanet
85 Giant viruses may just be small viruses that stole hosts' genes
86 Rich black people have worse health than rich white people
87 New computer vision challenge wants to teach robots to see in 3D
88 Earth-sized telescope set to snap first picture of a black hole
89 Mars is so small because Jupiter shook up its formation
90 Trump plans to revive nuclear waste plans axed by Obama in 2010
91 NASA funds radical Pluto hopper and cosmic echolocation concepts
92 Mass bleaching hits Great Barrier Reef for second year in a row
93 Fingerprint challenge aims to automate how best prints get taken
94 People on ecstasy feel loved-up because MDMA boosts trust
95 We dream loads more than we thought--and forget most of it
96 Injecting virus into brain may relieve Parkinson's symptoms
97 Sabre-toothed tigers in ice-age Los Angeles had bad back trouble
98 Twisted semiconductors could help project moving holograms
99 23andMe DNA test for Alzheimer's risk approved for sale in US
100 Drone maps mines to explore unsafe caverns and seek out minerals
101 Life could exist up to 10 kilometres beneath the sea floor
102 Deep learning tells giraffes from gazelles in the Serengeti
103 Mutation in clock gene explains why some night owls stay up late
104 New approach to dark energy might explain our cooling universe
105 Waste-munching bacteria could make nuclear stores safer
106 Squid and octopus can edit and direct their own brain genes
107 It's not too late to save Great Barrier Reef from politicians
108 Thousands of fake companies added to Google Maps every month
109 Quantum effects cloak impossible singularities with black holes
110 Entire nervous system of an animal recorded for the first time