File Title
1 Study links sulfide-producing bacteria and colon cancer in African-Americans
2 More IV fluids, fewer c-sections
3 Quantum key system could make mobile transactions far more secure
4 Biochemists develop new way to control cell biology with light
5 Changes of the cell environment are associated with certain eye diseases
6 Columbia and Harvard researchers find yoga and controlled breathing reduce depressive symptoms
7 Antibody fights pediatric brain tumors in preclinical testing, study finds
8 Researchers mapped interactions of key group of human proteins, the protein phosphatases
9 From skin to brain: Stem cells without genetic modification
10 Drug combination delivered by nanoparticles may help in melanoma treatment
11 Mineral self-assembly was common on primitive Earth
12 New electron source for materials analysis
13 An epidemic of epipens
14 The looming threat of Asian tobacco companies to global health
15 No publication bias found in climate change research
16 Targeting a tumor trigger
17 Using lasers to create ultra-short pulses
18 The strangeness of slow dynamics
19 Exhaust fumes as a resource
20 No mid-day nap for Finnish flies
21 Life origination hydrate theory
22 Female cyberbullies and victims feel the most negative about school and learning
23 Civil society participation key in international forestry programs in Laos
24 CISPA researchers present early warning system for mass cyber attacks
25 Liquid fuel for future computers
26 Luxembourg researchers decipher how the body controls stem cells
27 When the sea ice melts, juvenile polar cod may go hungry
28 New method for producing leading anti-malarial drug
29 How plankton cope with turbulence
30 Vitamin E may decrease the risk of acute kidney injury after coronary catheterization
31 Older women taking statins face higher risk of diabetes
32 Scientists mobilize as bleaching resumes on Great Barrier Reef
33 New flexible sensor holds potential for foldable touch screens
34 Glioblastoma clinical trial shows combined therapy extends life for patients 65 and older
35 Hepatitis C mutations 'outrun' immune systems, lab study shows
36 Treating childhood traumatic brain injury early to avoid lifelong cognitive deficits
37 Elucidated connection between renal failure and 'bad' mitochondria described
38 Marshall School of Medicine team advances research on metabolic syndrome
39 Wildly stronger sunflowers
40 Care received at end of life varies drastically by state
41 New driver, target in advanced mucosal melanoma
42 City living can make asthma worse for poor children, study finds
43 Study clusters health behavior groups to broaden public health interventions
44 Predicting long-term cognitive decline following delirium
45 Stress of major life events impacts women more than men, shows poll of 2,000 people
46 Some veggies each day keeps the stress blues away
47 Use of computerized systems to help physicians assess patients linked with decreased risk of blood clot
48 'Low-content' nutritional claims on packaged goods misleading for consumers
49 The genes and neural circuits behind autism's impaired sociability
50 Dartmouth researchers use new computational method to define immune cell interactions
51 Flower-rich habitats increase survival of bumblebee families
52 Global climate change worsens winter haze in China
53 Dark matter less influential in galaxies in early universe
54 Fast and accurate paper test determines blood type in seconds
55 Less invasive procedure may benefit certain heart valve patients
56 New guidelines for treatment and management of COPD exacerbations
57 'Harmless' painkillers associated with increased risk of cardiac arrest
58 Whole-body vibration may be as effective as regular exercise
59 Intensive medical treatment can reverse type 2 diabetes
60 ADATS could assist X-planes with large, super-fast data transmission
61 New high-performance computing cluster at the Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam
62 China to develop prototype super, super computer in 2017
63 Divide and conquer pattern searching
64 Ultra-small nanocavity advances technology for secure quantum-based data encryption
65 New technology of ultrahigh density optical storage researched at Kazan University
66 More reliable way to produce single photons for quantum information imprinting
67 Study: Math scares everyone, even physicists
68 Big-data algorithms could cut analysis times from months to days
69 Big data processing enables worldwide bacterial analysis
70 Large volumes of data from ITER transferred to Japan at unprecedented speeds
71 Turning to the brain to reboot computing
72 A data-cleaning tool for building better prediction models
73 Streamlining accelerated computing for industry
74 Computer programming made easier
75 A mini-antenna for the data processing of tomorrow
76 World's smallest hard disk stores data atom by atom
77 The switch that could double USB memory
78 When helium behaves like a black hole
79 Giant magnetic fields in the universe
80 Quest to settle riddle over Einstein's theory may soon be over
81 Exploring the matter that filled the early universe
82 Research pushes concept of entropy out of kilter
83 Study reveals substantial evidence of holographic universe
84 How fast is the universe expanding? Quasars provide an answer
85 Faster-than-Expected Expansion of the Universe Supported
86 Arecibo Observatory Casts New Light on Cosmic Microwave Background
87 ALPHA observes light spectrum of antimatter for first time
88 Scientists evade the Heisenberg uncertainty principle
89 Satellite launch shelved over strikes
90 NASA's SDO sees a stretch of spotless Sun
91 Unravelling Earth's magnetic field
92 Less radiation in inner Van Allen belt than previously believed
93 NASA Satellite Identifies Global Ammonia 'Hotspots'
94 Relativistic Electrons Uncovered with NASA's Van Allen Probes
95 15 years of GRACE: Satellite mission flies thrice its planned time
96 Scientists measure Earth's rotational forces with underground laser gyroscope
97 Spacewalking French, US astronauts to upgrade orbiting lab
98 Futuristic clock prepared for space
99 Why it will take supercomputers, AI to solve time travel conundrum
100 Measuring time without a clock
101 JILA atomic clock mimics long-sought synthetic magnetic state
102 Stretching time to improve extreme event prediction
103 NIST debuts dual atomic clock--and a new stability record
104 Optical clock technology tested in space for first time
105 Entering the field of zeptosecond measurement
106 JILA's superradiant laser may one day boost atomic clocks
107 Synchronizing optical clocks to one quadrillionth of a second
108 World's first space cold atom clock
109 Breaks observed in Curiosity rover wheel treads
110 Curiosity rover sharpens paradox of ancient Mars