File Title
1 ENDO: Glucagon Rescue System Prevents Severe Hypoglycemia
2 Guidelines vs. Gut: I Know Which I Prefer
3 CDK4/6 Agent Active in Metastatic Breast Cancer
4 High Drug Prices Remain a Conundrum, Analysts Say
5 Cancer Diagnosis Tied to Suicide Risk
6 iMedicalApps: Upload Documents to EMRs Instantly
7 Getting Psychiatry Off the Couch
8 FDA Advisers Down on OTC Combos for Tummy Trouble
9 ENDO: Artificial Pancreas Promising in Kids with T1D
10 CardioBrief: Pendulum Swings Further Away from Vitamin D Supplements
11 Drought in Western U.S. Led to Increase in Deaths
12 Harmful Blasts from Firing Heavy Weapons? (NPR)
13 Couch Potatoes Face Increased Disability Risk After Stroke
14 AML Assumes Multiple Genomic Guises
15 For Addiction Tx, More States Look to Medicaid (Huffington Post)
16 ASCO Opposes Right-to-Try Laws
17 High-Strength Insulin Glargine Reduces Hypoglycemic Events in T2D
18 FDA Nominee Gottlieb Tackles Vaccines, Trial Design at Hearing
19 Endovascular Tx Not 'Just Putting a Band-Aid' on Acute Stroke
20 Confirmed: PDUFA Keeps FDA Speedy in Reviewing New Drugs
21 FDA Panel Backs Abuse-Deterrent Immediate-Release Opioid
22 iMedicalApps: Virtual Reality Comes to Clinical Imaging
23 Chemo Plus Tx Tops Chemo Alone in Myeloma
24 ACP: Caring for Hard-to-Reach Patients
25 Thyroid Cancer Rates Climb in Young Minorities
26 HIV Infection, Heart Failure Go Together
27 Children of Smokers Carry Tobacco Toxins on Their Hands
28 Damage Starts Early in Kids' Vasculitis
29 Syphilis Now Primarily a Disease of Gay Men
30 Lethal Brain Disease Seen in Hawaii (STAT News)
31 Lip Jobs: How Much is Too Much? (JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery)
32 New Immunotherapy Targets in Melanoma on the Horizon
33 FDA Okays 23andMe DTC Gene Tests
34 Drug Combo Boosts Response Rate by Half in Melanoma
35 Digital Order Entry Apps Should Help, Not Hinder, Doctors
36 Sixty Missed Opportunities
37 MedPAC Recommends New Part B Pricing System
38 ENDO: Liraglutide May Prevent Lipolysis, Ketogenesis in T1D
39 Cath Lab Recap: Europe Axes Absorb; Post-PCI Glycemic Control
40 Big Differences in HIV Testing Between State, Local STD Clinics
41 Residual Disease Prognostic for Breast Cancer Survival
42 Weight Fluctuation Tied to Mortality in CAD Population
43 Antibiotics Up Risk for Colon Polyps
44 HNSCC: Intratumoral Injection of T4 Immunotherapy Bypasses Homing
45 Why So Hard to Kill the Affordable Care Act?
46 Fear of Movement Plagues Patients with Symptomatic Knee OA
47 Nearly 1 Billion People Still Smoke Every Day
48 Unexplained Chest Pain Carries Substantial Cardio Risk
49 FDA Approves HCV Drugs for Ages 12-17
50 DO's Want to Extend and Expand Teaching Health Centers
51 Friday Feedback: Giving Terminally Ill Patients the 'Right-to-Try'
52 KFC Says Goodbye to Antibiotics (Reuters)
53 This Week in Zika: Birth Defects Seen in 10% of Zika-Infected Babies
54 SBRT Stakes a Claim in Early-Stage NSCLC Therapy
55 'The Shocking Finding': What We Heard this Week
56 Medicare Urged to Look Harder at Value of Services Provided
57 iMedicalApps: Stanford Launches VR Cardiology Apps to Help Kids
58 Omega-3 Influences Pain in RA
59 D.C. Week: ACA Survives Another Repeal Effort
60 Periarticular Symptoms Worsen PsA
61 Mixed Results with Genetics-Guided Cancer Therapy3
62 The Pros and Cons of Utilizing Med Students in the ED
63 Op-Ed: Medicare's Wrong Approach to Home Oxygen Therapy
64 AACR Aims for Cancer Health Equality
65 Simple Pedometer-Guided Walking Eases RA Fatigue
66 CardioBrief: Can SPRINT Be Used to Inform HTN Treatment?
67 Morning Break: Racist Patients; Bat Salad; No 'Death Spiral' for Obamacare
68 Biologic Mepolizumab Improves Asthma Quality of Life
69 CardioBreak: HVAD Mixed Results; New Echo Classifications; Tx for Statin Non-Responders?
70 Conscious Sedation OK for Posterior Stroke Thrombectomy
71 ACA Repeal Called 'Not Compatible with Cancer Diagnosis'
72 Doctors Still Divided on Mammography (CNN)
73 Rat Lungworm Disease Reported in Hawaii (Associated Press via Chicago Tribune)
74 Facial Recognition App for Genetic Disorders (STAT)
75 Not So Fast, Critics Say to FDA (Boston Globe)
76 Medicaid Kids Getting Too Many Steroids for Asthma? (Pediatrics)
77 Is Stroke Trending Younger?
78 Many Factors Contribute to Nurses' Alarm Response Time
79 iMedicalApps: Can an App Reduce the Risk of Diabetes?
80 Study: Cardiac Recovery Observed with Mechanical Unloading
81 Medicaid Overhaul to Hit Millions of Medicare Beneficiaries, Too
82 Kimberly-Clark Hit with $454 million Fine for Hospital Gowns
83 MS Life Expectancy Improved but Not Equal
84 Is Extended Hormone Tx Appropriate for Every Patient with HR-Pos Breast Cancer?
85 Medical Device Hack Attacks an Increasing Concern (The Hill)
86 Peptide Drug Seen as Possible Cystic Fibrosis Tx
87 Are Readmits After Critical Limb Ischemia a 'Necessary Evil'?
88 Case Report: MS Drug Tied to Listeriosis
89 Morning Break: New Drug Czar; Uninsured Rate Up; Komodo Dragon Cure?
90 New, Persistent Opioid Use Common After Surgery
91 Uncertain Benefits with Bone Tx in CKD
92 By the Numbers: Big Reductions from Trans Fat Restrictions
93 Psych Consult Lowers Antipsychotic Use in Kids
94 In-Stent Chronic Total Occlusions Still a Challenge for PCI
95 Bill on Price-Gouging OK'd in Maryland (Reuters)
96 Can this Hospital Charge Possibly Be Justified? (STAT)
97 Chronic GVHD Focus of New, Repurposed Agents
98 Crackdown on Exemptions Boosts Vaccination Rates (Kaiser Health News)
99 Pregnant Women with CHD at Risk for Other Heart Troubles
100 Diabetes Deaths Decline in Sweden
101 Diabetes Rates Rising Fastest Among Minority Youth
102 Migraine Risk Tied to Too-High, Too-Low BMI
103 iMedicalApps: Virtual Reality for Inpatient Use
104 Morning Break: Mumps in Texas; Journal Backs March for Science; the Face of Autism
105 Teens Tend to Start E-Cig Use Later than for Traditional Smokes
106 Crohn's Admissions Persist Despite New Treatments
107 A Dying Man's Wish: Wine and a Smoke (Palm Beach Post)
108 TB TV Used to Monitor Treatment Following Outbreak (CDC)
109 Rodent Exposure Ups Risk of Hantavirus (Emerging Infectious Diseases)
110 CRISPR Genetic Editing Patent Appealed (Reuters)