File Title
1 Neanderthals used Aspirin's ancestor
2 Big data reveals more suspect autism genes
3 Star Trek, Dr. Who inspire quantum cleverness
4 Animal testing law halts Ebola vax trial
5 Gender-bending virus grants insect-killing wasps longer life
6 Time crystals latest quantum weirdness
7 Blind zebra fish repair their own retinas
8 New mystery on Northern Lights
9 Something fishy about heart disease
10 Less than one tenth of reefs unbleached
11 Stem cell treatment blinds three people
12 One billion affected by 'neglected' diseases
13 Dragons lead a colourful life
14 Absence of dark matter startles astronomers
15 Fake fish fool fowl feeding on amphibians
16 Complex speech in humans is a recent development
17 Ancient Earth leaves a fading signature
18 Double doubts on duckling data
19 Lotus inspires stent designers
20 Nanostructure 3D printing mimics bio-materials
21 Two quantum physicists walk in and out of a bar...
23 Is global warming driving diabetes?
24 New Zealand parrots enjoy a good laugh
25 Trappist-1: Hopes for life dwindle
26 Rosetta makes startling ice discovery on comet
27 Satnav switches off drivers' brains
28 Scientists push for Australian space agency
29 Airline laptop ban: good policy or poor science?
30 HIV drives evolution of tuberculosis bacterium
31 NASA, ESA aim to ram asteroid
32 Fish drugs its prey, scientists take notes
33 Did Huns learn to farm from the Romans?
34 Heisenberg's effect less certain
35 Solving the mysteries of the dino-killing crater
36 Macro or micro? Fight looms over evolution's essence
37 Can aging be held at bay by injections and pills?
38 Millions of adult Australians miss out on vaccinations
39 Handling method alters mouse trial results
40 Dino evolutionary tree replanted
41 Mars may have experienced a giant tsunami
42 Scientists collar marauding baboons
43 Fruit, not friends, the key to ape intelligence
44 Superfluid storm erupts
45 Starch beats juvenile diabetes in mice
46 Solar jet stream promises better flare forecasting
47 Most marathon runners get kidney damage
48 Female reproductive system made in a dish
49 Human activity prods major weather events
50 Asthma warning over Trump order
51 Australia launches machine-learning centre to decrypt the personal genome
52 Phytoplankton greens the Arctic oceans
53 Sewage clue to silent polio scourge
54 Mice were in the house way before the dawn of farming
55 Why does the universe smell so bad?
56 Laziness is contagious
57 Nano-holes punch a path to photonic computing
58 A deep dive into the genomes of penicillin fungi reveals a trove of potential drugs
59 Bacteria's evolution sheds light on great oxygenation event
60 Born-again Australian telescope solves mystery of intergalactic Fast Radio Bursts
61 Cassini mission's final performance a fiery plunge to Saturn
62 Bionic leaf breakthrough could revolutionise fertiliser production, but environmental questions remain
63 Brain research shines light on how long-term memories are made
64 Staying up late linked to genetic mutation
65 What's the best way to tickle a rat?
66 Dengue fever often goes unrecognised by Australian doctors, study finds
67 Astronomers detect faintest ever early-universe galaxy
68 The first animals were comb jellies, genetic study finds
69 Is this the magic ingredient that makes olive oil so healthy?
70 Ants thrived in a cooling climate by taming fungus
71 Are self-driving cars ready for the road?
72 Can lizards count?
73 Transient atmosphere on Ceres linked to solar activity
74 Termite-hunting ants rescue injured comrades
75 Souped-Up Bumper Car Speeds Past World Record at 100 Mph
76 Carbon Dioxide Could Reach Levels Unseen in 50 Million Years
77 Sunlight Powers this Touch-Sensitive, Prosthetic Skin
78 About 10% of Pregnant Women with Zika Had Babies with Birth Defects
79 With Personality Traits, You Are Who You Like
80 Walking Dead? Medieval Villagers Zombie-Proofed Their Corpses
81 Newfound 'Spider-Man' Snail Is an Expert Web Slinger
82 'Mating' Robots Take a Fast-Forward Leap in Digital Darwinism
83 Chemical Attack in Syria: What's the Science Behind Nerve Agents?
84 Movie Villains Often Have Skin Diseases: Why Docs Are Upset
85 Iron Man-Style Exosuit Turns Inventor into Real-Life Superhero
86 Fetus Brought Partway Out of Womb for Tumor Surgery
87 Hunt for Why We Exist Turns to Weird Atomic Decay
88 Video Captures Surprise Squid Attack--on Another Squid
89 Computers of the Future May Be Minuscule Molecular Machines
90 Culture Change: War Bands Hooked Up with Neolithic Farm Women
91 How Long Do We Remember Major Plane Crashes?
92 Yes, Your Diet Can Raise (or Lower) Your Risk of Colon Cancer
93 Inventor of World Wide Web Snags Computer Science's Top Prize
94 One-Quarter of Colorectal Cancers Linked to Lifestyle
95 Girl Develops 'Flesh Eating' Infection After Strep Throat
96 World's Blackest Material Now Comes in a Spray Can
97 Watch Live @ 7 p.m. ET: How to Bake Pi
98 There Are Nearly 1 Billion Smokers on Earth
99 Ancient Jerusalem Comes Alive in New Virtual-Reality App
100 Elaborate Mosaics Unearthed in 'Lost' Roman City
101 How Christianity Shaped World War I
102 World War I Unleashed Chemical Weapons and Changed Modern Warfare
103 More than 20% of US Adults Have 'High-Risk' HPV
104 Are You a Night Owl? It May Be a Gene Mutation
105 Jaw-Dropping Art Captures Stark Beauty of Disappearing Polar Ice
106 Cannibal Calories: Early Humans Likely Didn't Eat Each Other for Nutrition
107 Shake Well Before Enjoying: Dolphins 'Tenderize' Octopus Prey
108 $71 Million! Pink Diamond Shines in Record-Breaking Sale
109 Still Sharp: Brains of 'SuperAgers' Shrink More Slowly
110 UK and Canadian Infants Cry More than US Newborns