File Title
1 Tomographic imaging advances considered good yet can lead to overdiagnosis in PE patients
2 Neurological diseases cost the US nearly $800 billion per year
3 About time! Predicting midge seasonality key to reducing livestock diseases
4 Early use of marijuana can increase its negative health impacts
5 Gold standards for nanoparticles
6 ASCO and Cancer Care Ontario update guideline on radiation therapy for prostate cancer
7 New research disproves common assumption on cranial joints of alligators, birds, dinosaurs
8 Researchers find video games influence sexist attitudes
9 Which self-help websites actually improve health? New research yields a list
10 Why don't Americans have a name for the color 'light blue?'
11 Honesty may not be the best policy for hospital safety grades, study suggests
12 Trump Action on Clean Power Plan threatens air quality, health, and economic benefits
13 Scientist pioneers technology new to MSU, maps giant virus
14 Sharing expert experimental knowledge to expedite design
15 Information storage with a nanoscale twist
16 Evaluation between maternal mental health and discharge readiness
17 Tiny sensor lays groundwork for precision X-rays detection via endoscopy
18 5,000 and counting: Penn Medicine celebrates reconstruction milestone
19 Cortisol excess hits natural DNA process and mental health hard
20 Mustard seeds without mustard flavor: New robust oilseed crop can resist global warming
21 Researchers uncover secret of nanomaterial that makes harvesting sunlight easier
22 Entrepreneurs love their companies like parents love their children
23 Dementia: The right to rehabilitation
24 Meet your new electronic trauma intervention
25 How does oxygen get into a fuel cell?
26 A basis for the application of drought indices in China
27 Chlamydia: How bacteria take over control
28 Subaru telescope detects the shadow of a gas cloud in an ancient proto-supercluster
29 Interferon-beta producing stem cell-derived immune cell therapy on liver cancer
30 New type of sensor material developed
31 Astaxanthin compound found to switch on the FOX03 'longevity gene' in mice
32 Biologists find 'skin-and-bones' mechanism underlying zebrafish fin regeneration
33 Dunedin children's exposure to lead linked to lower IQ
34 Case Western Reserve University researchers turn urine into research tools
35 Rogue breast tumor proteins point to potential drug therapies
36 To be or not to entrepreneur
37 'Flying syringes' could detect emerging infectious diseases
38 Using a method from Wall Street to track slow slipping of Earth's crust
39 Cattle associated antibiotics disturb soil ecosystems, Virginia Tech researchers say
40 SHSU study examines death penalty support in Mexico
41 Man with quadriplegia employs injury bridging technologies to move again--just by thinking
42 Knee replacement surgery may have minimal effect on quality of life & unattractive
43 The Lancet: Neuro-prosthesis reconnects brain to muscles to restore functional arm movements to man with complete paralysis
44 Physics can predict wealth inequality
45 Novel approach can reveal personalized breast cancer treatments
46 Why does the same exercise exert effects on individuals differently?
47 Therapies that target dementia in early stages critical to success
48 When writing interferes with hearing
49 The physics of wealth inequality
50 Insurance coverage for IVF increases chance of having baby
51 Asian dust providing key nutrients for California's giant sequoias
52 Very premature babies benefit most from corticosteroids before birth
53 Knee surgery may have minimal quality of life effects in those with less severe symptoms
54 Cardiac arrest patients do better if taken immediately to a specialist heart center
55 Women with insurance coverage for IVF more likely to have live birth
56 Findings support use of less invasive hysterectomy for early-stage endometrial cancer
57 Evidence insufficient to screen for celiac disease
58 Vitamin D, calcium supplementation among older women does not significantly reduce risk of cancer
59 Childhood lead exposure associated with lower IQ, socioeconomic status nearly 3 decades later
60 Malaria parasites 'walk through walls' to infect humans
61 Study: Dust helps regulate Sierra Nevada ecosystems
62 Female menstrual cycle in a dish
63 How bacteria hunt other bacteria
64 Marathon running may cause short-term kidney injury
65 Lead exposure in childhood linked to lower IQ, lower status
66 Understanding predictability and randomness by digging in the dirt
67 Unraveling the functional diversity of longevity gene SIRT1
68 New strategy identifies potential drugs and targets for brain repair
69 Effects of at-home cognitive stimulation therapy on dementia patients and caregivers
70 Herpes STDs: From chimps to humans to cold sore cousin mixing before worldwide spread
71 Biomechanical analysis of head injury in pediatric patients
72 Green light to Canellopoulos Foundation grant for restoring Delos island monuments
73 Food webs entangle humans in complex relationships with animals, crops and the environment
74 A day in the life of a Neolithic woman
75 Ancient teeth offer evidence of Ice Age dentistry
76 Prehistoric Native Americans farmed macaws in 'feather factories'
77 Newfound Tusk Belonged to One of the Last Surviving Mammoths in Alaska
78 Part of Egyptian Statue May Have Been Discovered by Temple Mount 'Sifters'
79 Archaeologists dispatched to newly-unearthed site in southeast Iran
80 ASU student finds clues to ancient funerary customs in broken pieces of stone
81 Scans of Viking Swords Reveal a Slice of Norse Culture
82 Polish archaeologists have discovered the oldest ancient houses of Nea Paphos in Cyprus
83 Cracking the origin of ancient decorative ostrich eggs
84 7,000 years ago, on a Swiss Alp
85 Ancient mummy 'with 1,100 year old Adidas boots' died after she was struck on the head
86 Precision chronology sheds new light on the origins of Mongolia's nomadic horse culture
87 Silk-Covered Body Discovered at Inner Mongolia Cemetery
88 Tribal chief who signed treaty with Pilgrims to be reburied
89 Graeco-Roman artifacts discovered at future Alexandria residential site
90 Ancient tools found near Route 8 now believed to be 12,700 years old
91 Time to Improve Transplant Access for Seniors with Blood Cancers
92 Is Honesty Best for Lawyers? That's Improbable!
93 D.C. Week: Senate Sticks It to Planned Parenthood
94 ANGPTL3 Deficiency Appears Protective Against CAD
95 Standardized Palliative Care Consults Cut Cancer Readmissions
96 UN Doc: Climate Change is New Challenge in Fighting Disease Outbreaks
97 ACP: What to Do About the High Price of Drugs?
98 Electronic Device Adds to Glioma Survival
99 FDA Reviews Safety of OTC Drug Combos for Upset Stomach, Hangover
100 Dems Must Decide on Medicare-for-All (CNN)
101 Telemedicine Seen as OK for Concussion Evaluation in Football
102 Baby's Epilepsy Tied to Mom's Obesity
103 Multiple Metabolic Abnormalities Seen in Lupus
104 Telemedicine for Bridging Gaps in Diabetes Management
105 White House Offers New Reform Proposal
106 Brain Loss Slowed in Cognitive 'SuperAgers'
107 Repeal and Replace and NPs: What Lies Ahead?
108 Fear and Loathing on the MACRA Trail
109 Leech Collectors No Longer Needed (STAT)
110 CDC: Zika Outbreak 'Not Going Away'