File Title
1 Progesterone and bisexuality: Is there a link?
2 Latino language and subgroup data are lacking but key to addressing health disparities
3 Close connection between deep currents and climate
4 Advanced FDG-PET image analysis identifies cell mutations in cancer patients
5 Ethics complicate clinical interpretation & reporting of human genome sequence results
6 Pitt researchers identify new brain pathway that controls hand movements
7 Biomarker identified for likely aggressive, early stage breast cancer
8 New tool uses behavioral cues to assess pain in ICU patients who can't communicate
9 Where the Jordan stops flowing
10 Diagnosing cancer
11 Is gender affirmative treatment effective for coexisting gender dysphoria and psychosis?
12 MIPT's researchers come up with clean technology to make low molecular weight chitosan
13 New report links early life antibiotic use to inflammatory gut diseases in adulthood
14 Rock exposed in World War I trenches offers new fossil find
15 Researchers document how melanoma tumors form
16 Study shows real-world massage is effective treatment for low back pain
17 Restoration based on chemistry
18 Study finds 1 secret to successful schools that costs nothing
19 Patients in intensive care feel better with light adapted to the time of day
20 Penn researchers use new imaging to show key enzyme in ovarian cancer
21 Early climate 'payback' with higher emission reductions
22 Monitoring pollen using an aircraft
23 Robot epigenetics: Adding complexity to embodied robot evolution
24 Study IDs ways to encourage 'refuge' planting, slowing resistance to Bt crops
25 New archaeological evidence throws light on efforts to resist 'the living dead'
26 Boys from low income families move less
27 Molecules in the body more visible in new detection system, say scientists
28 Society considers people with mental illnesses to be more dangerous than they are
29 Trial of new triple inhaler shows 20 percent reduction in COPD flare-ups
30 Microbes on ice sheets produce bioreactive carbon that is exported to downstream ecosystems
31 Reversing aging now possible!
32 Nanoscopic golden springs change color of twisted light
33 New experimental drug offers hope for menopausal women with frequent hot flushes
34 'Virtual' interferometers may overcome scale issues for optical quantum computers
35 Solitary perturbations in the steep boundary of magnetized toroidal plasma
36 Researchers uncover prehistoric art and ornaments from Indonesian 'Ice Age'
37 Negative regulator stops extreme immune response to parasite, averting multi-organ damage
38 AACR: New model paves way for immune therapies against colorectal cancer
39 Traumatic brain injuries leave women prone to mental health problems
40 Brain signals after a meal respond to food pictures more in obese than lean kids
41 Magnetic brain stimulation causes weight loss by making gut bacteria healthier
42 Artificial pancreas improves blood sugar control in young kids
43 Program equips rural primary care providers to manage complex diabetes
44 Estetrol (E4) shows promise as a safe, effective drug for use in advanced prostate cancer
45 Hormones are behind hernias of the groin in elderly men, study suggests
46 Higher anabolic hormone levels predict lower risk of worsening frailty in men
47 Diabetes control is more difficult for night-shift workers
48 In US military, white kids, officers' kids more likely to use diabetes technology
49 Patients with higher thyroid hormone levels lose more weight after bariatric surgery
50 Low-calorie sweeteners promote fat accumulation in human fat
51 New natural estrogen-progesterone capsule reduces postmenopausal hot flashes
52 New simple tool can help identify people at high risk for prediabetes
53 New species of tree living crab found in Western Ghats
54 Book purchases of liberals and conservatives reveal partisan division
55 Can pure maple syrup help reduce chronic inflammation?
56 Integrating caregivers at discharge significantly cuts patient readmissions
57 New species evolve faster as mountains form
58 Stanford researchers create deep learning algorithm that could boost drug development
59 Do smart songbirds always get the girl?
60 Gallbladder removal is common--but is it necessary?
61 Jumping droplets whisk away hotspots in electronics
62 Technique for 'three-parent baby' revealed
63 Telomere length predicts cancer risk
64 Graphene sieve turns seawater into drinking water
65 Elimination of specific neurons outside the brain triggers obesity
66 Malaria parasites soften our cells' defenses in order to invade
67 Millendo announces publication of positive phase 2 data for MLE4901 for treatment of VMS
68 A biomarker for cancer of the oropharynx
69 Weight history over time shows higher risk of death for overweight, obese people
70 Babies cry most in UK, Canada, Italy & Netherlands
71 When human illness rises, the environment suffers, too
72 Stem cell innovation regrows rotator cuffs
73 Blood vessels and the immune system talk to each other; implications for cancer treatment
74 Is early pregnancy BMI associated with increased risk of childhood epilepsy?
75 Global decline in deaths among children, adolescents but progress uneven
76 Race ranks higher than pounds in diabetes, heart-health risks
77 Women experience high rates of health insurance 'churn' before and after childbirth
78 Study finds more childhood cancer survivors would likely benefit from genetic screening
79 International scientific teams find potential approach against parasites
80 New interferon shows promise against hepatitis B in cell culture, and animal model
81 Patients with lung cancers responsive to immunotherapy drug beat standard odds of survival
82 More than 8 million children could face higher insurance costs without CHIP
83 The impact of ACA Medicaid expansion on dental visits: Mixed results
84 Study finds significant variability in doctors' angioplasty death rates
85 Microbial colonizers of Arctic soils are sensitive to future climate change
86 Domesticated rice goes rogue
87 Deploying an ancient defense to kill cancer
88 Photonic crystal and nanowire combo advances 'photonic integration'
89 Maternal pertussis vaccination reduces risk for newborns by more than 90 percent
90 Extreme heat exposure linked to firefighter heart attacks
91 Ladies, this is why fertility declines with age
92 Tiny black holes enable a new type of photodetector for high speed data
93 Android apps can conspire to mine information from your smartphone
94 In the April Health Affairs: In Mexico, disparities in cesarean births
95 iTango: New technique studies neuromodulation in real time
96 Being overweight at any point in adulthood increases risk for death
97 Where you live could determine risk of heart attack, stroke or dying of heart disease
98 Surprise discovery of Europe's first cave fish
99 Patients who trust the medical profession are more likely to take their high blood pressure medicine
100 Depressed veterans with heart disease face financial barriers to care
101 Good communication helps improve outcomes for heart patients
102 From fish to forests, conflicts to coffee: Humans affected by species on the move
103 How to clamp down on cyanide fishing
104 Altering the immune system to reverse paralysis (video)
105 A 'bionic leaf' could help feed the world
106 Ridding the oceans of plastics by turning the waste into valuable fuel
107 'Sniffing' urine to detect prostate cancer could prevent unnecessary biopsies
108 Identification of protein crucial to lymphatic system development
109 Mysterious cosmic explosion puzzles astronomers
110 AACR study sheds light on dark side of tumor suppressor gene, p53