File Title
1 The last 'caimans' living in Spain
2 Organic-inorganic heterostructures with programmable electronic properties
3 New research comes to terms with old ideas about canker sores
4 LSTM reports on a new way of screening potential treatments for TB
5 Why do we choose to get vaccinations?
6 Scientists predict reading ability from DNA alone
7 Teacher encouragement has greatest influence on less advantaged children
8 A novel molecular link between cholesterol, inflammation and liver cancer
9 Reliable molecular toggle switch developed
10 Quantum communication: How to outwit noise
11 Best-looking politicians lean right, best-looking scholars lean left
12 Poor outlook for biodiversity in Antarctica: Study finds
13 New smart system to reduce queues at roundabouts
14 Inflammation awakens sleepers
15 Japanese researchers make breakthrough in antioxidant enzyme linked to jaundice
16 Building trust, not hate
17 Mechanism for hMTH1's broad substrate specificity revealed
18 Microscopic muscles: How non-muscle cells find the strength to move
19 Atomic 're-packing' behind metallic glass mystery
20 Decorating single layer and bilayer graphene with useful chemical groups
21 Study finds 1 in 8 Calgary homes exceed Health Canada's acceptable radon level
22 Steering towards grazing fields
23 Pharmacist care for Canadians with hypertension would save more than $15.7 billion
24 Adding grads and going green can brighten economic outlook
25 Vulnerability to psychosis: How to detect it
26 Eating peanuts may lead to supple arteries and healthy hearts
27 Study: Gum disease, tooth loss may increase postmenopausal women's risk of death
28 Solving the mystery of the Arctic's green ice
29 Study reveals amount of premature deaths linked to international trade
30 Social bees have kept their gut microbes for 80 million years
31 Building trust, not hate
32 The IT-LIVER European consortium unveils new TGF-beta functions in liver cancer
33 From Beethoven to Bieber, why playing music to chimps is falling on deaf ears
34 New research into light particles challenges understanding of quantum theory
35 Very low frequency electromagnetic field exposure linked to motor neurone disease
36 Every 1 pound spent on public health in UK saves average of 14 pounds
37 For microbes fighting viruses, a fast response means a better defense
38 Kids' wildlife preferences differ from island to mainland
39 Hepatitis B and C may be linked to increased risk of Parkinson's disease
40 Trauma and stress in teen years increases risk of depression during menopause, Penn study shows
41 Surgery to remove unaffected breast in early breast cancer increases
42 Prevalence of heroin use rises in decade, greatest increase among whites
43 Heroin use rises significantly among young whites
44 Electronic health records improve weekend surgery outcomes
45 Products can be pals when you're lonely, but it may cost you, study finds
46 Heart failure and skilled nursing facilities: The importance of getting the facts
47 Financialization's negative effect on the American solar industry
48 A new marker for the most common form of ALS
49 Manufacturing, global trade impair health of people with no stake in either
50 Climate change's toll on mental health
51 Gum disease, tooth loss may increase postmenopausal women's risk of death
52 Testing effects of 'noise' on the decision-making abilities of slime mold
53 A bird's blind spot plays an important role in its vision
54 A decorated raven bone discovered in Crimea may provide insight into Neanderthal cognition
55 Global immunization impact constrained by outdated vaccine delivery systems, researchers say
56 'KinderMining:' Tackling big data sets by keeping things simple
57 Study: Apixaban superior to warfarin for reducing brain bleeds in patients with AFib
58 Legos and origami inspire next-generation materials
59 Sex-shifting fish: Growth rate could determine sea lamprey sex
60 Viruses in the oceanic basement
61 Wealth and knowledge drive bushmeat consumption during the West African Ebola crisis
62 Music therapy reduces pain in spine surgery patients
63 Poor outlook for biodiversity in Antarctica
64 Researchers discover dust plays prominent role in nutrients of mountain forest ecoystems
65 Key research priorities for agricultural microbiomes identified
66 System better allots network bandwidth, for faster page loads
67 As sea level rises, much of Honolulu and Waikiki vulnerable to groundwater inundation
68 Stop eating! You are full
69 Seabird bones, fossils reveal broad food-web shift in North Pacific
70 Researchers shoot for success with simulations of laser pulse-material interactions
71 ACP decries devastating impact of climate change order
72 Fighting world hunger: Robotics aid in the study of corn and drought tolerance
73 Rarely studied gene USF3 plays role in predisposition to thyroid cancer
74 TSRI researchers develop new method to 'fingerprint' HIV
75 Alcohol use in veterans with schizophrenia less common than thought; no level safe
76 How a young-looking lunar volcano hides its true age
77 Igniting a solar flare in the corona with lower-atmosphere kindling
78 IUPUI researcher weighs in on fairy circles of Namibia
79 Elevated blood pressure not a high mortality risk for elderly with weak grip
80 Study finds that elevating women's status lowers dependence on solid fuels
81 Night lights, big data
82 Tiny bacterium provides window into whole ecosystems
83 Highway to health: WSU findings point way to more nutritious crops
84 Broad support exists for larger warnings on cigarette packs
85 Dust contributes valuable nutrients to Sierra Nevada forest ecosystems
86 New method heats up ultrasonic approach to treating tumors
87 A seismic mapping milestone
88 Can intergenerational cooperation defeat climate change?
89 Toward glow-in-the-dark tumors: New fluorescent probe could light up cancer
90 Prostate screening often occurs without discussion of benefits, risks
91 Desktop scanners can be hijacked to perpetrate cyberattacks
92 New quantum gadget could make contactless payment more secure
93 A molecular on/off switch for CRISPR
94 It is easier for a DNA knot...
95 It's not too late to conserve water resources in rapidly urbanizing areas
96 Cornering endangered species
97 Hair spacing keeps honeybees clean during pollination
98 Brain stimulation improves schizophrenia-like cognitive problems
99 Discovery of a new regulatory protein provides new tool for stem cell engineering
100 Parents who play Pokemon GO with kids: 'It wasn't really about the Pokemon'
101 Forests fight global warming in ways more important than previously understood
102 Abuse accelerates puberty in children
103 NIST physicists show ion pairs perform enhanced 'spooky action'
104 New report finds EPA's controlled human exposure studies of air pollution are warranted
105 Impacts of school choice on segregation
106 Seasonal warming leads to smaller animal body sizes
107 New report lays plan to eliminate 90,000 hepatitis B and C deaths by 2030
108 Mayo Clinic researchers identify interaction among proteins that cause cancer cells to metastasize
109 Protein identified as potential druggable target for pancreatic cancer
110 NASA's James Webb space telescope completes acoustic and vibration tests