File Title
1 Molecular therapy set to protect at-risk patients against heart attack and stroke
2 Weather forecasting technology used to predict where proteins anchor within human cells
3 New study sheds light on how mosquitoes wing it
4 Beyond graphene: Advances make reduced graphene oxide electronics feasible
5 Larger doses of vitamin C may lead to a greater reduction in common cold duration
6 Melting sea ice may lead to more life in the sea
7 The consumption of legumes is associated with a lower risk of diabetes
8 Explaining the accelerating expansion of the universe without dark energy
9 Fluctuation in the concentration of calcium ions contributes to brain shape
10 Kidney transplants: White blood cells control virus replication
11 Method identified to boost detection of highly cancerous stem cells
12 Gender-affirming restrooms recommended for schools
13 Emissions from the edge of the forest
14 Children with autism find understanding facial expressions difficult
15 Sleep-inducing herb: The key component identified
16 Red and violet light reset the circadian clock in algae via novel pathway
17 Nanomagnets for future data storage
18 The beginning of the end of order
19 PolyU develops accurate contactless 3-D fingerprint identification system
20 Modern alchemy creates luminescent iron molecules
21 Cancer cells disguise themselves by switching off genes, new research reveals
22 Join forces to reduce US violence, says UK expert
23 An epigenetic lesion could be responsible for acute T-cell leukemia
24 NUS scientists discover novel vulnerabilities in dengue virus
25 Follow-up study suggests group meditation reduced murder rates in large US cities
26 Biodiversity not a risk factor for emerging diseases and other ecology news
27 Is it a boy or is it a girl? New method to ID baby sea turtles' sex
28 Napping flies have higher resistance to deadly human pathogen
29 When it comes to biological populations, expect the unexpected
30 Public funding essential for advances in biomedical research
31 New MAVEN findings reveal how Mars' atmosphere was lost to space
32 Vaginal bacteria can trigger recurrent UTIs, study shows
33 Study finds ethnic differences in effect of age-related macular degeneration on visual function
34 Anti-cancer drug gets a boost when combined with antirheumatic
35 New research finds novel method for generating airway cells from stem cells
36 Bad cold? If you're lonely, it may feel worse
37 Cold symptoms feel worse when people feel lonely
38 Discovery of new predatory dinosaur species gives new insight on their evolution
39 The Red Planet is severely gassed out
40 Aging: Cell coordination breakdown
41 Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals detailed composition of two major types of brain tumor
42 MIT study: NIH funding helps generate private-sector patents
43 Donor-recipient weight and sex mismatch may contribute to kidney transplant failure
44 Rearranging nest boxes keeps more blue orchard bees around
45 Vaginal bacterium triggers recurrent E. coli infection in the mouse bladder
46 High doses of vitamin C to improve cancer treatment passes human safety trial
47 This timid little fish escapes predators by injecting them with opioid-laced venom
48 Blind tadpoles learn visually with eyes grafted onto tail, neurotransmitter drug treatment
49 Brain's role in Tourette tics simulated in new computational model
50 Prudence, impatience and laziness: Are these contagious personality traits?
51 Researchers profile symbiotic relationship between bacteria and filarial nematodes
52 Immune suppressant ineffective in treating leprosy inflammation
53 Fanged fish's heroin-like venom could lead to pain treatments
54 Resilient red blood cells need fuel to adapt their shape to the environment
55 Genetic errors associated with heart health may guide drug development
56 Penn State study shows aphasia may not solely be a language disorder
57 Tests can help quantify automatic empathy and moral intuitions
58 A faster single-pixel camera
59 Researchers track perfluorinated chemicals in the body
60 IUPUI researcher lays groundwork for new ways to prevent youth violence in Caribbean
61 Nurse volunteer activities improve the health of their communities, workforce study says
62 Making bones stronger
63 Brain scans show dopamine levels fall during migraine attacks
64 Team highlights work on tuning block polymers for nanostructured systems
65 Case comprehensive cancer center analyzes brain tumor data, doubles known risk factors for glioma
66 Reusable carbon nanotubes could be the water filter of the future, says RIT study
67 Fred Hutch scientists to cover advances in immunotherapy, proteomics at AACR
68 NASA laser communications to provide Orion faster connections
69 Journal: Researchers can track hazardous chemicals from fast-food wrappers in the body
70 Study reveals listeria bacteria can hide inside tissue of romaine lettuce
71 Tackling resilience: Finding order in chaos to help buffer against climate change
72 Virtual reality therapy helps decrease pain in hospitalized patients
73 Software-based system improves the ability to determine the cause of ischemic stroke
74 The search for obesity drugs targets hunger's complex chemistry
75 Painting fingernails with silver and gold
76 How to measure potentially damaging free radicals in cigarette smoke
77 Manufacturing, global trade impair health of people with no stake in either
78 Harnessing brain's internal reserves might help treat epilepsy
79 NHGRI oral history collection features influential genomics researchers
80 Cannabis use may predict opioid use in women undergoing addictions treatment, study says
81 Blood test unlocks new frontier in treating depression
82 11 percent of disappearing groundwater used to grow internationally traded food
83 New research explains why even targeted therapies eventually fail in lung cancer
84 Wrong-way asteroid plays 'chicken' with Jupiter
85 Male or female? Scientist challenges evidence of sex differences among dinosaurs
86 Researchers identify genes that give cannabis its flavor
87 Adults with disabilities screened less often for colorectal cancer
88 Legends of the lost reservoirs
89 Analysis yields clues to chemical composition, natural aging of 100-year-old beer
90 Making cows more environmentally friendly
91 TBI in emergency departments a substantial economic burden
92 'On-off switch' brings researchers a step closer to potential HIV vaccine
93 Cost of neurological disease in US approaching $800 billion a year
94 How should the UK approach Brexit?
95 Bullies and their victims obsessed with weight-loss
96 Discovery may help patients beat deadly pneumonia
97 'Weather whiplash' triggered by changing climate will degrade Midwest's drinking water
98 Giving brown fat a green light
99 Immunologic changes point to potential for clinical investigation of combination immunotherapy for deadly kidney cancer
100 Vanderbilt study finds natural chemical helps brain adapt to stress
101 Infant vitamin B1 deficiency leads to poor motor function and balance
102 Vaginal estriol gel helps women recover after surgery for pelvic organ prolapse
103 Adults with migraines have triple the prevalence of generalized anxiety disorder
104 Scientific discovery opens new possibilities for cancer and fibrosis treatment
105 An LED-based device for imaging radiation induced skin damage
106 Reading between the lines of highly turbulent plasmas
107 Penn studies find promise for innovations in liquid biopsies
108 Scientists discover new category of analgesic drugs that may treat neuropathic pain
109 Asthmatic schoolchildren are 'uncomfortable' using their inhalers
110 Researchers control soft robots using magnetic fields