File Title
1 Grey hair linked with increased heart disease risk in men
2 Obese Spanish workers take more sick leave
3 Nutrition report calls for greater cooperation and coordination in promotion of pulse
4 New medication significantly decreases involuntary movement
5 400 million years of a stable relationship
6 New study reveals how some chickens got striped feathers
7 University of Montana professor breaks new ground on counseling survivors of trauma, sexual assault
8 Rescue protein gives doomed cells a stay of 'execution'
9 Transcription factor expression tied to medial amygdala neuronal ID, sex-specific response
10 Driver privacy can be compromised in usage-based insurance systems
11 Many older adults will need help with managing their medicines and money
12 Osteoporosis drug found safe in long-term trial
13 PET radiotracer design for monitoring targeted immunotherapy
14 Risks of diabetics fasting during Ramadan: Hypoglycemia rates w insulin pump v. injections
15 AGA releases best practice advice on long-term PPI use
16 Tropical lowland frogs at greater risk from climate warming than high-elevation species, study shows
17 Researchers detect protein that increases effectiveness of vaccines
18 High-intensity interval training rapidly improves diabetics' glucose metabolism
19 Graphene Flagship researche[r]s create thin film transistors printed with layered materials
20 Asthma drug helps patients with skin disorder
21 Peptide acts as mediator for learning
22 Psychosocial programs for children in war-torn Sri Lanka show good results
23 In-car cow avoidance
24 Money can't buy confidence in birth services, research shows
25 You spy with your little eye--dogs can adopt the perspective of humans
26 Satellites map carbon sequestered by forests, with accuracy of up to 10 meters
27 Scientists uncover isotopic fingerprint of N2O emissions from Arctic tundra
28 Money to burn: As the wealthy get wealthier, carbon emissions grow in US states
29 Volcanic arcs form by deep melting of rock mixtures
30 Unique wave tank helps scientists understand threat of rogue ocean waves
31 ALMA captures dramatic stellar fireworks
32 Image release: ALMA captures explosive star birth
33 Puffins that stay close to their partner during migration have more chicks
34 Study: Bipartisan coalitions more likely as Congress becomes more polarized
35 A new parameterization of canopy radiative transfer for land surface radiation models
36 CD38 gene is identified to be important in postnatal development of the cerebral cortex
37 Deep brain stimulation decreases tics in young adults with severe Tourette syndrome
38 'Nesting doll' minerals offer clues to Earth's mantle dynamics
39 Big women have nearly threefold greater risk of atrial fibrillation
40 Why did we see 'the dress' differently? The answer lies in the shadows, new research finds
41 Device boosts interaction between light and motion
42 Mount Sinai study reveals how learning in the present shapes future learning
43 Hospitals put your data at risk, study finds
44 Homing system delivers drugs to specific neurons
45 Salk scientists expand ability of stem cells to regrow any tissue type
46 Pet exposure may reduce allergy and obesity
47 Endocrine Society issues statement to improve detection of curable forms of hypertension
48 Cardiologist warns against dissolvable stents in NEJM
49 Turning skin cells into blood vessel cells while keeping them young
50 NASA's Hubble takes close-up portrait of Jupiter
51 Hubble takes close-up portrait of Jupiter
52 SNMMI publishes appropriate use criteria for bone scintigraphy in prostate and breast cancer
53 Death by insulin--management of self-harm and suicide in diabetes management
54 Keeping the code: How cultural beliefs affect police, court decisions
55 Clinical trial shows benefit of yoga for side effects of prostate cancer treatment
56 Leaf vein structure could hold key to extending battery life
57 Gold-plated crystals set new standard for natural gas detectors
58 Under challenge: Girls' confidence level, not math ability hinders path to science degrees
59 Physicists develop ultrathin superconducting film
60 Hospital care standards released for delivering high-quality surgical care to older adults
61 Feeding fat to fungi: Evidence for lipid transfer in arbuscular mycorrhiza
62 Tibet sediments reveal climate patterns from late Miocene, 6 million years ago
63 Kids' hands may be a source of significant nicotine exposure
64 Patients on HeartMate 3 have fewer blood-related events than those on HeartMate II
65 Fatty liver diagnosis improved with magnetic resonance
66 Scientists further understanding of a process that causes heat loss in fusion devices
67 Postpartum hospital admissions for women with intellectual and developmental disabilities
68 Cancer commandeers immature immune cells to aid its successful spread
69 Urine test may be able to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea in children with Down syndrome
70 Will Trump administration seize opportunity to disrupt ailing health-care system?
71 More than half of the racial college completion gap explained by pre-college factors
72 Teacher resignation letters paint bleak picture of US education
73 Making spines from sea water
74 Wise plant analysis
75 Are men with a family history of prostate cancer eligible for active surveillance?
76 Unraveling the mystery of snowflakes, from the Alps to Antarctica
77 Are your muscles genetically prepared to run a marathon?
78 Synthetic biologists engineer inflammation-sensing gut bacteria
79 Private insurers in New York state see surge in claims related to opioid addiction
80 Keys to attracting scientific talent in the health sciences
81 New DNA research shows true migration route of early farming in Europe 8,000 years ago
82 Archaeogenetic findings unlock ancestral origins of Sardinians
83 Nuclear architecture emerges at the awakening of the genome
84 Overactive bladder drug linked with increased risk of depression
85 Where does your blood actually come from?
86 Inflammation: It takes two to tango
87 Hearing and touch mediate sensations via osseointegrated prostheses
88 Honey bees have sharper eyesight than we thought
89 Scientists show how cells react to injury from open-heart surgery
90 Scientists link California droughts and floods to distinctive atmospheric waves
91 Cognitive decline after surgery tied to brain's own immune cells
92 Solving medical 'cold cases' through genetics
93 Expanding waistlines and metabolic syndrome: Researchers warn of new 'silent killer'
94 Financial math models may help build a better HIV vaccine
95 Further reductions in radiotherapy to young children with brain tumors less successful
96 When peaceful coexistence suddenly turns into competition
97 WSU researchers improve technology to save sperm stem cells
98 The Lancet: Structural racism, mass incarceration, and health care system fuel growing health inequalities in the USA
99 Scientists created nanopowders for the synthesis of new aluminum alloys
100 New tool illuminates cell signaling pathways key to disease
101 SWOG publishes key statistics on 18 years of physician-aid-in-dying in Oregon
102 In 4 related papers, researchers describe new and improved tools for stem cell research
103 Coming to a lab bench near you: Femtosecond X-ray spectroscopy
104 UMD-led study finds ancient Earth's fingerprints in young volcanic rocks
105 What is threshold for lips perceived as artificial, unnatural-appearing?
106 Report evaluates results of Oregon's Death with Dignity Act
107 Study helps explain varying outcomes for cancer, Down Syndrome
108 UC San Diego biologists discover timesharing strategy in bacteria
109 Discovered: Novel group of giant viruses
110 For horseshoe bats, wiggling ears and nose makes biosonar more informative