File Title
1 Violent end as young stars dramatically collide
2 Atmosphere found around Earth-like planet GJ 1132b
3 Rules of memory 'beautifully' rewritten
4 UN report: Clean power is up, costs are down
5 Rapid rise of clothes moths threatens historic fabrics
6 First study finds neonic pesticides in US drinking water
7 Evidence of ancient 'geological Brexit' revealed
8 World is home to '60,000 tree species'
9 'Surprise' discovery of Europe's first cave-dwelling fish
10 Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water
11 Is consciousness just an illusion?
12 Dolphins 'shake and toss' octopus prey, research finds
13 How the mouse came to live alongside humans
14 Menstrual cycle recreated 'in a dish'
15 Caterpillar farms: Growing the food of the future?
16 Can China's ivory trade ban save elephants?
17 Google adds search results 'fact check' flag
18 Tech Tent: Minecraft and a botnet battle
19 YouTube channels need 10,000 views for adverts
20 Uncharted 4 wins best game at Bafta awards
21 Twitter sues US over anti-Trump account
22 Samsung forecast beats estimates despite scandals and fires
23 Microsoft releases details of Project Scorpio console
24 Spotify may bypass IPO and list directly on stock market
25 Facebook to tackle fake news with educational campaign
26 Huawei defeats Samsung in patent battle in China
27 Bookmakers' software under scrutiny
28 Boy, 11, racks up 6,000 pounds online credit card games bill
29 'My fertility app made me too stressed to conceive'
30 Are driverless pods the future for world cities?
31 Are Welsh schools teaching enough digital skills?
32 N/A
33 French election: Is online far right a threat to democracy?
34 Pining for cleaner air in the Norwegian fjords
35 Tech Tent: Web founder on fake news
36 Twitter sues US over anti-Trump account
37 Female heads 'under-represented in secondary schools,' says study
38 Term-time holiday dad loses court battle over school fine
39 Corbyn promises free primary school meals for all
40 Kansas school head quits over student newspaper probe
41 Half of teenagers 'never been in a theatre'
42 Derby school support staff vote for council pay offer
43 Hungary passes bill targeting Central European University
44 Long Sutton school head defends 'duvet day' incentive
45 'Only in Cambridge': Homes daubed with Latin graffiti
46 Free nursery hours plan risks higher fees, say campaigners
47 Free school meals is 'unreliable poverty measure'
48 Extra school places and building repairs in 2.4 billion pounds boost
49 Student gets into Stanford with #BlackLivesMatter x100
50 Vegan restaurant raises a ruckus with baby milk policy
51 'Undocumented students' in US face anxious future
52 Sharp rise in A&Es turning away ambulances
53 Hospital parking 'unreasonably stressful,' says RAC
54 Vaping shops selling to non-smokers
55 GP practices close in record numbers
56 Website gave prescription in 17 seconds
57 Ketamine depression treatment 'should be rolled out'
58 Anorexia at 38: how my friends helped me through it
59 Smoking causes one in 10 deaths worldwide, study shows
60 Fears of locum shortage amid IR35 tax row
61 Antibiotic 'link to bowel cancer precursor'
62 Should exercise be compulsory at work?
63 Clinging to happy memories of Kayden
64 The 999 call-out that changed a paramedic's life
65 Five illnesses pets and humans have in common
66 Better care but longer waits--the NHS prescription
67 Should the NHS have its own tax?
68 Will the Budget help ailing grandparents?
69 How a massive New Zealand earthquake broke the rules
70 Could a Moore's Law for carbon emissions halt climate change?
71 What can NASA do to save Curiosity's wheels?
72 British kid finds NASA mistake: when too many cooks don't spoil anything
73 Did an asteroid trigger ancient tsunamis on Mars?
74 Scientists describe treasure trove of dinosaur tracks in Australia (+video)
75 How climate change may be driving extreme weather
76 Mice to men: everywhere you go, we'll follow
77 Now space fans can search through 100 years of NASA space photos online
78 3 storm chasers killed in Texas. Are spotters still important for science?
79 Blue Origin offers window into what a space vacation might look like, literally
80 A 20-mile long 'spacescraper' dangling from an asteroid: Could it work?
81 Sensitive T. rex? This new dino might change the face of tyrannosaurs, evolution
82 How climate skeptics are trying to influence 200,000 science teachers
83 Why tonight's launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 will be historic
84 SpaceX makes history twice in one evening
85 Manatees get 'downlisted' from 'endangered' to 'threatened.' Why are environmentalists angry?
86 Lost in space: Astronauts lose grip on key shield component
87 Why isn't everything powered by solar yet?
88 Scientists are trying to snap the first-ever photo of a black hole. How will they do it?
89 Graphene oxide: A better membrane, but no 'silver bullet' for desalination
90 Tool for detecting publication bias goes under spotlight
91 Ancient bones reveal girl's tough life in early Americas
92 Promising cancer drugs may speed tumours in some patients
93 Genetic details of controversial 'three-parent baby' revealed
94 Brazilian scientists reeling as federal funds slashed by nearly half
95 Hunt for cancer 'tipping point' heats up
96 Compass protein attracts heap of criticism
97 'Young poo' makes aged fish live longer
98 Unpaywall finds free versions of paywalled papers
99 Machine learning predicts the look of stem cells
100 The DIY electronics transforming research
101 How the genomics revolution could finally help Africa
102 Brazilian budget woes, negative results and botany in the digital era
103 CRISPR studies muddy results of older gene research
104 Japanese scientists call for boycott of military research
105 Initiative aims to break science's citation paywall
106 Giant virus discovery sparks debate over tree of life
107 23andMe given green light to sell DNA tests for 10 diseases
108 Last-ditch attempt to save world's most endangered porpoise gets go-ahead
109 Europe must find a new home for its drug regulator--and a way to keep using English
110 How to judge a book by its network
111 Natural-history collections face fight for survival
112 Label the limits of forensic science
113 Smart manufacturing must embrace big data