File Title
1 NASA Mars Probe Completes 50,000th Red Planet Orbit
2 Color Me Sad: Crayola Retires 'Dandelion' Crayon
3 'Planet Nine' Video Among Winners of Science Visualization Awards
4 Little Badger Buries Entire Cow--on Camera
5 Thyroid Cancer Rates Triple, and Scientists Look for Cause
6 'Critical' NASA Climate Missions Targeted in Budget Cuts
7 Manatees FTW! Sea Cows Escape 'Endangered' Status
8 Reference: Manatees: Facts About Sea Cows
9 Tuberculosis Needs More Recognition as a Worldwide Health Threat (Op-Ed)
10 What's Behind the Arctic's Mysterious Green Ice?
11 'Sharknado' Down Under? Cyclone Debbie Deposits Shark on a Street
12 'Doomsday' Library Joins Seed Vault in Arctic Norway
13 Why Is Hydrogen the Most Common Element in the Universe?
14 March Madness: The Science of Being 'In the Zone'
15 Were Humans to Go Extinct, Should the Species Be Revived?
16 Animal Sex: How Bed Bugs Do It
17 Former Chernobyl Neighbors Diagnosed with Rare Cancer Years Later, in NYC
18 How Time Zones May Affect Cancer Risk
19 Celiac Disease and Anorexia May Be Linked in Women
20 Kids' Risk of Dying from Flu Lower When Vaccinated
21 28 New Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments Sold in US
22 This Viscoelastic Putty Will Swallow Magnets Whole (Sponsored)
23 Become a Master of Artificial Intelligence with Online Course Bundle (Sponsored)
24 Spring Ahead with Science on Netflix in April
25 Relatively Pricey: Einstein Letter Fetches $54K at Auction
26 What the Bacteria in Your Mouth May Reveal About Your Cancer Risk
27 Boy or Girl? Text Alerts to Deliver Gender of April the Giraffe's Calf
28 Climate Change Incited Wars Among the Classic Maya
29 In Ice Age Indonesia, People Were Making Jewelry and Art
30 Joe Biden: 'It's Time to Double Down' on Cancer Research
31 About-Face on 'Obesity Paradox': Extra Fat Does Raise Risk of Death
32 Peculiar X-Ray Burst Has Astronomers Stumped
33 What Does the Solar System Sound Like? Podcast Explores Science of Noise
34 Ancient Concession Stands and Shops Found at Roman Gladiator Arena
35 Blowhole 'Breathalyzer' Shows Salmonella in Killer Whales
36 Neil deGrasse Tyson: I'll Fly to Mars with SpaceX, After Elon Musk Sends His Mom
37 Did Bedbugs Bite Early Humans? Pest's Oldest Relatives Found in Oregon
38 Fossilized Tick Reveals Perfectly Preserved Red Blood Cells
39 Healthy Lifestyle Really Does Decrease Your Risk of Certain Cancers
40 Plankton Go Ballistic: Teensy Organisms Wield Impressive Artillery
41 2nd Pyramid Bearing Pharaoh Ameny Qemau's Name Is Found
42 Atomic clocks make best measurement yet of relativity of time
43 A nuclear ghost town in Japan welcomes back residents this week
44 Changing clocks twice a year is bad for health and energy use
45 Why breaking encryption is a bad idea that could never work
46 Electrified sand could explain Titan's odd backward-facing dunes
47 Exclusive: menopausal women become pregnant with their own eggs
48 Mice lived with us 15,000 years ago even before farming took off
49 They said I was peri-menopausal. It's a miracle I got pregnant
50 Baby has surgery to remove parasitic fetus growing inside him
51 US energy systems at the mercy of cyberattack, warns report
52 Mini reproductive organs in a dish mimic 28-day menstrual cycle
53 Edited live vaccine could stop harmful polio outbreaks
54 Trump signs executive order to reverse Obama's climate policies
55 Parrots find 'laughter' contagious and high-five in mid air
56 Implants let quadriplegic man drink from mug and feed himself
57 Robot has eyes designed to follow you around like the Mona Lisa
58 Sawfish's fearsome snout evolved to be undetectable to prey
59 Backwards asteroid shares an orbit with Jupiter without crashing
60 Bias test to prevent algorithms discriminating unfairly
61 The coldest place in the universe marks a double stellar grave
62 Fight against patent for hepatitis C drug that can cost 55,000 euros
63 Western demand for goods from China is killing 100,000 a year
64 MRI brain scans train machines to see the world more like us
65 Neanderthal artist revealed in a finely carved raven bone
66 Tadpoles learn to see with new eyes transplanted on their tails
67 Weird T. rex forerunner had small horns and crocodile-like snout
68 Tiny fish's venom makes predators zone out and release them
69 Destroying a type of brain cell makes mice really chilled out
70 Flying foxes are facing extinction on islands across the world
71 NASA orbiter shows Mars lost 90 percent of its CO2 to space
72 UK plans to bring 20 species back from brink of extinction
73 Video projector creates augmented reality with no bulky headset
74 Watching SpaceX's historic relaunch and landing of a used rocket
75 Gravitational waves slow the spin of shape-shifting neutron star
76 Trackers could unmask dark web users who think they're anonymous
77 Badger filmed burying a whole cow by itself in Utah mountains
78 Warming drives Alaskan glacier to its lowest point in 900 years
79 ALS linked to occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields
80 Questions raised over 3-parent baby procedure last year
81 Debate rages over controversial standard for the web
82 Android apps share data between them without your permission
83 Medieval people mutilated the deceased to ward off zombies
84 Giant octopus wears jellyfish cape after it devours its owner
85 Oldest dust ever spotted in the universe seen in distant galaxy
86 Medieval people mutilated the deceased to ward off zombies
87 Synthetic humans help computers understand how real people act
88 Eggs get less fertile with age because of chaotic cell division
89 First ever cavefish discovered in Europe evolved super-fast
90 Prehistoric humans made jewellery out of exotic island animals
91 Diabetes drug could be the first to reverse the disease
92 Lyme disease is set to explode and we still don't have a vaccine
93 Google uses neural networks to translate without transcribing
94 US bill restricts use of science in environmental policymaking
95 CO2 set to hit levels not seen in 50 million years by 2050
96 Self-Healing Graphene Holds Promise for Artificial Skin in Future Robots
97 How the Brain Sees the World in 3-D
98 Manipulating Magnetic Textures
99 Estimating the Glass Transition Temperature for Polymers in 'Confined Geometries'
100 Revealing the Microscopic Mechanisms in Perovskite Solar Cells
101 Spintronic Technology Advances with Newly Designed Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
102 A New Model for Capillary Rise in Nano-Channels Offers Insights into Improved Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)
103 New Brain-Inspired Cybersecurity System Detects 'Bad Apples' 100 Times Faster
104 Globus Genomics Begins Its Second Chapter
105 Coral Bleaching Ready for Crowdsourcing Solution
106 New Software Tool Powers Up Genomic Research
107 Transgender College Students May Use Alcohol as a Coping Mechanism
108 Scientists Follow Seeds to Solve Ecological Puzzle
109 Sinking of Seal Beach Wetlands Tied to Ancient Quakes
110 How Do Metals Interact with DNA?