File Title
1 Spotify imposes 2-week paywall on new albums in deal with Universal
2 Apple should offer their own VPN service to iOS and Mac users for security and privacy
3 Apple aims for more control, less cost as it accelerates in chip design
4 Why Apple's ditching of Imagination is critical for the future of the iPhone--and maybe even the Mac
5 Why I'm giving up on Apple's iPad Pro
6 Who has taken over at Apple?
7 YouTube TV launches in select U.S. markets
8 Amazon to stream NFL Thursday, Night Football games
9 Apple Watch Series 3 coming in second half 2017, sources say
10 Qualcomm wants FTC to drop their antitrust suit, but it doesn't mater because Apple's isn't going anywhere
11 U.S. private sector job creation remains strong as employers add 263,000 private-sector jobs
12 Microsoft launches social networking app 'Who's in' via Apple's App Store for iMessage
13 We spent around $20 billion using Apple Pay in 2016
14 Australian regulator sues for Apple alleged bricking of iPhones repaired by unauthorized third parties
15 Apple's desperate Mac Pro damage control message hints at a confused, divided company
16 Citi: Apple's profits would surge 16% under President Trump's proposed tax reforms
17 Apple AirPods are proliferating rapidly
18 More about Apple's Mac Pro2
19 Apple's cheese grater Mac Pro was flexible, expandable, and powerful--imagine that
20 F-Secure buys Little Flocker in upgrade to its Mac security play
21 J.D. Power: Microsoft ranks highest in tablet satisfaction
22 New iMacs with up to Xeon E3 processors, 64GB RAM, AMD graphics, and Thunderbolt 3 rumored for late October
23 Why Apple's promise of a new 'modular' Mac Pro matters so much
24 Ars Technica reviews Apple's $329 iPad: 'For people who have never upgraded'
25 Apple signs two-year contract with Samsung for up to 92 million OLED iPhone displays
26 How to set up your Mac with an external GPU
27 FCC Chief Ajit Pai develops plans to roll back so-called 'net neutrality' rules
28 Laggard, trailing Apple needs to catch up HP's workstation designs
29 Walt Mossberg is retiring in June
30 NVIDIA to release Pascal drivers for macOS
31 Apple might be going 'Pro' with next-gen iMac
32 How to use the Opera browser's free, built-in VPN on your Mac
33 Why type? Dictate to your Mac
34 Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'U.S. will lose its leadership in technology' unless more women are hired
35 Apple's vaporous next-gen 'Mac Pro' may not arrive until early 2019
36 'Saturday, Night Live' inks deal with Apple to create real TV commercials
37 Hope springs eternal for Apple to introduce all-new iPad Pros this year
38 WikiLeaks reveals CIA's secret software tools for infecting Microsoft's Windows
39 A one-two punch hits pancreatic cancer where it hurts
40 X-ray study reveals long-sought insights into potential drug target
41 Cancer burden for aging US HIV population projected to shift
42 Using Instagram can increase adolescents' closeness to friends
43 Catch shares slow the 'race to fish'
44 X-ray study reveals long-sought insights into potential drug target
45 Neonicotinoids detected in drinking water in agricultural area
46 Stem cell patch shows early promise in treating heart failure
47 Collagen-targeting PET probe may improve diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary fibrosis
48 New technique helps researchers determine how stem cells differentiate
49 WSU researchers find a 'sleep gene'
50 Rules allowing longer shifts for first-year doctors signal a new approach to evidence-based medical education
51 Linguistic and cultural knowledge affect whether languages are identified correctly
52 Like people, great apes may distinguish between true and false beliefs in others
53 No rest for the aged: As people get older, sleep quantity and quality decline
54 Schizophrenia signs in mice linked to uncoordinated firing of brain cells, says study
55 Monounsaturated fats help roundworms live longer, Stanford researchers say
56 Nerve cells actively repress alternative cell fates, Stanford researchers find
57 'Spiderman' worm-snails discovered on Florida shipwreck
59 Eagles migrate through bad weather to arrive in time to nest
60 Sandpiper detectives pinpoint trouble spots in continent-wide migration
61 Seaweed: From superfood to superconductor
62 Green laser light probes metals for hidden damage (animation)
63 Addictive nut's derivatives could help smokers break the nicotine habit
64 Computation scientists find social norms required for the transition to cooperative societies
65 Call to phase out lead bullets at shooting ranges
66 Predicting the limits of friction: Sandia looks at properties of material
67 Phase II trial: Rice bran adds microbiome diversity, slows growth of colon cancer cells
68 Pre-existing immunity to dengue and West Nile may cause increased risk in Zika-infected
69 Exotic species aren't all bad
70 Regardless of income and age, best investment strategy is to diversify
71 Study: Liver responds positively to leptin treatment in patients with lipodystrophy
72 Method identifies epileptic patients who can benefit from surgery
74 How to hack a cell
75 Gray tin exhibits novel topological electronic properties in 3-D
76 Researchers pinpoint new drug target for heart failure patients
77 Nurse fellowship immerses Ph.D. students in nursing care while enhancing scientific inquiry
78 Jumping droplets extinguish unpredictable hotspots in electronics
79 Kent State archaeologist explains innovation of 'fluting' ancient stone weaponry
80 Studying the brain's suspension system in TBIs
81 Be more patient? Imagine that
82 Study detects doubly accelerated electrons in collisions of galaxy clusters
83 NJIT mathematician's 2017 Major League Baseball projections
84 Study reveals 10,000 years of genetic continuity in northwest North America
85 To e-, or not to e-, the question for the exotic 'Si-III' phase of silicon
86 Marker may help predict success with extended-wear contact lenses
87 Ultrasound and microbubbles flag malignant cancer in humans, Stanford-led study finds
88 Drugs widely used in cancer therapy increase toxicity of chemotherapy in mice
89 New drug delivery system shows promise for fighting solid tumors
90 Method may help myeloma patients avoid painful biopsies
91 Airbnb fans and critics both correct in home-sharing debate, says study
92 Breaking the protein-DNA bond
93 Set strawberry alarm clock for post-apple bloom
94 ER docs can pick your nose
95 Melting snow contains a toxic cocktail of pollutants
96 Supercomputers reveal how cell membranes keep cancer-causing proteins turned off
97 Report shines light on installed costs and deployment barriers for residential solar PV
98 Scientists engineer sugarcane to produce biodiesel, more sugar for ethanol
99 Technique makes more efficient, independent holograms
100 There's a cost to 'bee-ing' too smart, U of G professor finds
101 Living downwind of coal-fired power plant could increase risk of low birth weight
102 Birth weight is risk factor for fatty liver disease in children
103 Has music streaming killed the instrumental intro?
104 New research could help speed up the 3-D printing process
105 Two new mechanisms for herbicide resistance found in Palmer amaranth
106 How to save animals by reducing roadkill
107 Less fear: How LSD affects the brain
108 A self-healing, water-repellant coating that's ultra durable
109 Paper: Experienced auditors better at fraud detection after a simple cue
110 Drought linked with human health risks in US analysis