File Title
1 Researchers Create Self-Sustaining Bacteria-Fueled Power Cell
2 Wet 'Dry Season' Damaged Valuable Ornamental Plants
3 International Research Team Warns of Mineral Supply Constraints
4 Ultrafast Measurements Explain Quantum Dot Voltage Drop
5 What's Cuing Salmon Migration Patterns?
6 Making "Mulch" Ado of Ant Hills
7 Research Questions Effectiveness of Translocation Conservation Method
8 Molecular 'Treasure Maps' to Help Discover New Materials
9 Lack of Staffing, Funds Prevent Marine Protected Areas from Realizing Full Potential
10 FSU Professor: Inadequate Resources Diminish Benefits of Marine Protected Areas
11 Iowa State Engineers Dive into Big Data to Develop Better System to Manage Traffic Incidents
12 Ravens: Non-Breeders Live in Highly Dynamic Social Groups
13 Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center Receives $360,000 NSF Grant for 'Research Experiences for Undergraduates' Program
14 Sustainable Development--Durability of a Structural Lightweight Concrete with Expanded Glass and Silica Fume
15 Researchers Discover a New Type of Memory Effect in Transition Metal Oxides
16 Researchers Focus on Cell Membranes to Develop Alzheimer's Treatments
17 Discovery of New Ginger Species Spices Up African Wildlife Surveys
18 Gravitational Wave Kicks Monster Black Hole Out of Galactic Core
19 Milky Way-Like Galaxies in Early Universe Embedded in 'Super Halos'
20 MSU's Vahedifard Examines 'Lessons from the Oroville Dam' in Science
21 Hydrophobic Proteins on Virus Surfaces Can Help Purify Vaccines
22 Clock Stars: Astrocytes Keep Time for Brain, Behavior
23 In a Quantum Race Everyone Is Both a Winner and a Loser
24 Study Finds Parents' Perceptions Play Key Role in Teens' Driving Preparedness
25 Surprising Twist in Confined Liquid Crystals: A Simple Route to Developing New Sensors
26 YouTube Co-Founder Cuts Ribbon to Open Innovation Center for All Illinois Students
27 Discovery Showcases Membranes that Can Fix Themselves
28 An Increasing Proportion of Women Who Are 60 Years of Age and Older Are Drinking
29 Children Prenatally Exposed to Alcohol Have Academic Difficulties
30 How Graphene Could Cool Smartphone, Computer and Other Electronics Chips
31 Ergonomist Serves as Research Consultant on Newest LG Smartphone
32 UNMC Scientists Achieve Research Milestone with Parkinson's Disease
33 Tracking Real-Time Proton Induced Radiation Chemistry in Water
34 Why Are Primates Big-Brained? Researchers' Answer Is Food for Thought
35 Enzyme Structures Illuminate Mechanism Behind Bacteria's Bioremediation Prowess
36 Brain Activity Can Be Used to Predict Reading Success Up to Two Years in Advance
37 From the Room Next Door to the Next Planet Over
38 Graduate Engineering Programs at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Ranked 39th in the Nation
39 Our Aging Scientific Workforce Raises Concerns
40 Mouse in the House Tells Tale of Human Settlement
41 Zika Virus Protein Mapped to Speed Search for Cure
42 Evolving 'Lovesick' Organisms Found Survival in Sex
43 ECS Partners with Research4Life to Help Close the Knowledge Gap in the Developing World
44 Van Andel Research Institute Installs World-Class Microscopes to Enable Discovery of the Molecular Basis of Disease
45 Protein Identified as Potential Druggable Target for Pancreatic Cancer
46 New Research Disproves Common Assumption on Cranial Joints of Alligators, Birds, Dinosaurs
47 Why Don't Americans Have a Name for the Color "Light Blue?"
48 Understanding Predictability and Randomness by Digging in the Dirt
49 Physics Can Predict Wealth Inequality
50 Pulling Together to Rescue 11 Asian Elephants
51 Forests Fight Global Warming in Ways More Important than Previously Understood
52 Iowa State Engineers Test Heated Pavement Technology at Des Moines International Airport
53 Fluorescent Probe Could Light Up Cancer
54 New Method Heats up Ultrasonic Approach to Treating Tumors
55 Using a Method from Wall Street to Track Slow Slipping of Earth's Crust
56 MSU, Shedd Aquarium Partnering to Create Healthier Aquatic Homes
57 Expert Available to Discuss Distrust of Scientists Based on Ideology
58 Tiny Bioengineered Blood Vessel Grafts Aid Delicate Microsurgeries
59 Cattle Associated Antibiotics Disturb Soil Ecosystems
60 Microscopic Muscles: How Non-Muscle Cells Find the Strength to Move
61 Americans Are Water Conscious, UF/IFAS Survey Shows
62 Journal: Researchers Can Track Hazardous Chemicals from Fast-Food Wrappers in the Body
63 Warped Reality: Virtual Trip to Hyperbolic Space
64 Bullies and Their Victims Obsessed with Weight-Loss
65 'Weather Whiplash' Triggered by Changing Climate Will Degrade Midwest's Drinking Water, Researchers Say
66 Steering Towards Grazing Fields
67 Pioneering Treatment Method Turns Sewage Sludge into Farm-Safe Fertilizer
68 Kids' Wildlife Preferences Differ from Island to Mainland
69 Unique Genome Architectures After Fertilisation in Single-Cell Embryos
70 NASA Announces Astronomy and Astrophysics Fellows for 2017
71 Manufacturing, Global Trade Impair Health of People with No Stake in Either
72 Sustainable Suburban Development Methods for Abu Dhabi Presented
73 New Review Offers Solutions to Mitigate Nutrition and Health Deficiencies in Older Adults
74 Tackling Resilience: Finding Order in Chaos to Help Buffer Against Climate Change
75 Researchers Track Perfluorinated Chemicals in the Body
76 Brain Scans Show Dopamine Levels Fall During Migraine Attacks
77 Blind Tadpoles Learn Visually After Researchers Graft Eyes onto Tails and Treat Them with Neurotransmitter Drugs
78 Project Aims to Broaden Participation in the Geosciences
79 UF Helps Residents Save at Least 65 Million Gallons in Outdoor Irrigation Annually
80 Is It a Boy or Is It a Girl?
81 Winning Contest Images Combine Art and Discovery of Science
82 Wispy Remains of Supernova Explosion Hide Possible Survivor
83 UAB Creates Triple-Threat Cancer-Fighting Polymer Capsules for Guided Drug Delivery
84 Massive, Computer-Analyzed Geological Database Reveals Chemistry of Ancient Ocean
85 Some of Greenland's Coastal Ice Will Be Permanently Lost by 2100
86 A Badger Can Bury a Cow by Itself
87 The Tasty Side of Math Featured in Upcoming Live Webcast
88 Researchers Work to Narrow the Gender Gap in Engineering, Computer Science
89 FSU Researchers Are Helping to Lay a Research-Based Foundation on the Gender Disparity in STEM Fields
90 How Plants Are Grown Beyond Earth?
91 WCS Scientists Release Rare Footage from "Rooftop of the World"
92 Smithsonian Snapshot: Preserving Coral Reefs
93 No More 'Superbugs'? Maple Syrup Extract Enhances Antibiotic Action
94 A Beach Lover's Dream: A Step Toward Long-Lasting Sunscreen
95 Making a 'Beeline' Past the Blood-Brain Barrier for Drug Delivery
96 'Peeling the Onion' to Get Rid of Odors Near Wastewater Treatment Plants
97 Upcycling 'Fast Fashion' to Reduce Waste and Pollution
98 Why Shaquille O'Neal's Flat-Earth Ideas Are Out of Bounds
99 $100 Million in Artifacts Shipped from Egypt & Turkey to US in 2016
100 Mars Volcano Died at Same Time as Dinosaurs
101 Does 'Brown Fat' Explain a Link Between Temperature and Diabetes?
102 Bronze Coins Engraved with Byzantine Emperors Found in Israel
103 Cleaning Corpses: Chimpanzee Funerary Rites Seen for 1st Time
104 Book Excerpt: 'Calculating the Cosmos' (US 2016)
105 Czech Zoo Dehorns Rhinos to Ward Off Poachers
106 Should the '14-Day Rule' for Growing Human Embryos Get Updated?
107 Vintage Apple-1 Computer Could Fetch $300,000 at Auction
108 Using GPS Devices May Switch Off Your Brain's GPS
109 Thousands of US Kids Take Opioid Drugs Accidentally Each Year
110 Stephen Hawking Fears He's Not Welcome in Trump's US