File Title
1 Reasons behind mosquitoes' unusual flight behaviour identified in new study
2 Study finds that napping flies have higher resistance to deadly human pathogen
3 Social bees have kept their gut microbes for 80 million years
4 From Beethoven to Bieber, why playing music to chimps is falling on deaf ears
5 Researchers identify genes that give cannabis its flavor
6 A bird's blind spot plays an important role in its vision
7 For microbes fighting viruses, a fast response means a better defense
8 Sex-shifting fish: Growth rate could determine sea lamprey sex
9 Birds hit by cars are, well, bird-brained
10 Programming human cells to follow sets of logical instructions
11 How non-muscle cells find the strength to move
12 New DNA research shows true migration route of early farming in Europe 8,000 years ago, correcting previous theories
13 NIH funding helps generate private-sector patents: study
14 Tyrannosaurs show their sensitive side
15 In new research on social networks, 'a mathematical argument for stable families or for stable friendships'
16 Decorated bird bone suggests Neanderthals had eye for esthetics
17 Study: Early Americas girl 'Naia' may have been young mother
18 When people know each other, cooperation is more likely than conflict
19 Male or female? Scientists challenge evidence of sex differences among dinosaurs
20 Scientists predict reading ability from DNA alone
21 Products can be pals when you're lonely, but it may cost you, study finds
22 Night lights, big data: Tool shows relationship between night-time lights and socio-economic factors
23 Why don't Americans have a name for the color 'light blue?' Study finds unique color terms used in Japan, US
24 Ancient palace complex discovered in Mexican Valley of Oaxaca
25 Ancient mice teeth show settled villages made ecological impact long before agriculture
26 Our aging scientific workforce raises concerns
27 MIT professor creates reality TV series of his daily life
28 'Unparalleled' number of dinosaur tracks found in Australia
29 Scientists make new discovery about bird evolution
30 Study into who is least afraid of death
31 Mathematical framework explains diverse plant stem forms
32 How chewing like a cow helped early mammals thrive
33 Ancient fossil reveals the evolution of bird legs for the first time
34 'Pay to publish' schemes rampant in science journals
35 Tiller the Hun? Farmers in Roman Empire converted to Hun lifestyle--and vice versa
36 New study shakes the roots of the dinosaur family tree
37 Technology to screen embryos before implantation falls short
38 US enrolls volunteers in large test of possible Zika vaccine
39 Experimental small molecule shows potential in preventing meth relapse
40 Genes associated with Erdheim-Chester disease also linked to cancer
41 Mental shortcuts, not emotion, may guide irrational decisions
42 Brain study shows how slow breathing induces tranquility
43 Study shows prior viral infections can make Zika infection worse
44 Scientists find surprising impact of junk DNA and RNA in cancer
45 Harms of nighttime light exposure passed to offspring: Hamster study finds evidence of immune, endocrine problems
46 Time delays in vending machines prompt healthier snack choices
47 Fasting during chemotherapy may offset spikes in blood sugar caused by cancer-fighting drugs
48 Hair testing shows high prevalence of new psychoactive substance use
49 A new treatment for antibiotic resistant bacteria and infectious disease
50 Researchers find new genetic links underlying progressively blinding eye disease
51 Mark of malignancy identified in prostate cancer
52 New insights into the regulation of cellular iron
53 From omics' novel glimpses into early lung development
54 Children with autism find understanding facial expressions difficult
55 Vaginal bacteria can trigger recurrent UTIs, study shows
56 Brain's 'GPS' does a lot more than just navigate
57 Epigenetic regulation of face formation
58 Researchers use single-cell sequencing to understand how cells age
59 How the electrical activity of the brain gives rise to the rich world of perception
60 Getting a leg up: Hand task training transfers motor knowledge to feet
61 Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals detailed composition of two major types of brain tumor
62 Predictive model helps identify drugs currently in use that could be used to treat other ailments
63 Cold symptoms feel worse when people feel lonely
64 Possible genetic marker for ALS found might prove useful for measuring effectiveness of treatments
65 Anti-cancer drug gets a boost when combined with antirheumatic
66 Focusing on mechanics may be key in unlocking the heart's ability to heal itself
67 Why Water Splashes: New Theory Reveals Secrets
68 WashU Experts: Environmental Budget Cuts Could Be 'Grim'
69 Scientists Make the Case to Restore Pluto's Planet Status
70 Enormous Swarms of Midges Teach About Interconnected Landscapes
71 Hubble Discovery of Runaway Star Yields Clues to Breakup of Multiple-Star System
72 Human Skull Evolved Along with Two-Legged Walking, Study Confirms
73 How Will Climate Change Affect the Cost of Water? A Natural Resource Economist Explains
74 Research Trial Serves as Grounds to Plant Coffee
75 Research Proposes New Theories About Nature of Earth's Iron
76 Lust for Power
77 Power Partners: Sandia Draws Industry into Quest for Cheaper, Cleaner Electricity
78 NUS Engineering Team Develops Novel Nanofibre Solution for Clean, Fresh Air
79 'Flying Saucer' Quantum Dots Hold Secret to Better, Brighter Lasers
80 'Flying Saucer' Colloidal Quantum Dots Produce Brighter, Better Lasers
81 Big Apple Chimps Case Highlights Larger Legal Rights Questions
82 NAU Study Finds Drought-Quenching Bacteria Protects Plants from Climate Stress
83 People Remain Calm as the World Ends, Video Game Study Suggests
84 WVU Expert Compares Effects of Climate Change to Eroding Infrastructure
85 Less Radiation in Inner Van Allen Belt than Previously Believed
86 Chicago's Red-Light Camera Program Has Significant Safety Benefits
87 Revised Understanding of Graft-Versus-Host Disease Origins Offers New Direction for Potential Therapies
88 Parsley and Other Plants Lend Form to Human Stem Cell Scaffolds
89 Self-Healing Graphene Holds Promise for Artificial Skin in Future Robots
90 Breaking the Supermassive Black Hole Speed Limit
91 How the Brain Sees the World in 3-D
92 Manipulating Magnetic Textures
93 Estimating the Glass Transition Temperature for Polymers in 'Confined Geometries'
94 Revealing the Microscopic Mechanisms in Perovskite Solar Cells
95 Spintronic Technology Advances with Newly Designed Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
96 A New Model for Capillary Rise in Nano-Channels Offers Insights into Improved Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)
97 New Brain-Inspired Cybersecurity System Detects 'Bad Apples' 100 Times Faster
98 Globus Genomics Begins Its Second Chapter
99 Coral Bleaching Ready for Crowdsourcing Solution
100 Bay Area's Innovative Genomics Institute Announces Unique Entrepreneurial Fellowships
101 New Software Tool Powers Up Genomic Research
102 Roger Penrose Institute to Form in San Diego
103 Transgender College Students May Use Alcohol as a Coping Mechanism
104 ARVO Opposes Cuts to Medical Research Budget; Urges Increased Investment
105 Scientists Follow Seeds to Solve Ecological Puzzle
106 Sinking of Seal Beach Wetlands Tied to Ancient Quakes
107 Combating Wear and Tear
108 How Do Metals Interact with DNA?
109 New Cell Membrane Fusion Model Challenges Dogma
110 Cornell Evolutionary Biologist Explains How to 'Walk the Tree of Life'