File Title
1 Altering pH bumps prions out of danger zone
2 Claims-based classification system could facilitate payer identification of academic radiologist sub
3 People remain calm as the world ends, video game study suggests
4 NASA's Swift mission maps a star's 'death spiral' into a black hole
5 Long-term limitations imposed on patients with pulmonary embolism
6 Testing for Zika virus: There's an app for that
7 Nurses adopt plant-based prescription, boost health outcomes
8 World Happiness Report ranks Canada 7th happiest country in the world
9 Parasitic fish offer evolutionary insights
10 First patient cured of rare blood disorder
11 New twist on sofa problem that stumped mathematicians and furniture movers
12 New method predicts who will respond to lithium therapy
13 Microbes evolved to colonize different parts of the human body
14 'Flying saucer' colloidal quantum dots produce brighter, better lasers
15 New program improves hearing aid use for older adults
16 Researchers explore a new method to study cholesterol distribution on cells
17 'Tree-on-a-chip' passively pumps water for days
18 A pocket-sized retina camera, no dilating required
19 New feedback system could allow greater control over fusion plasma
20 A simple fix to avoid some unnecessary coronary stents
21 Researchers discover key to drug resistance in common breast cancer treatment
22 Last remnant of North American ice sheet on track to vanish
23 Gene editing technique helps find cancer's weak spots
24 Outside auditors should be wary of information provided by management, MU study shows
25 Primate-parasite network analyses show how germs jump from host to host
26 How protein modifications influence apoptosis
27 Unforeseen impacts of the fair trade movement
28 Abortion restriction may have new momentum after 40 years of pervading policy
29 Healthy weight gain in infants
30 Aligning depression treatment to patient need leads to efficient care
31 Unexpected, star-spangled find may lead to advanced electronics
32 Pembrolizumab shows promise in treatment of mesothelioma
33 Hubble's glittering frisbee galaxy
34 Reconsider the impact of trees on water cycles and climate, scientists ask
35 International research team warns of mineral supply constraints
36 Winter sets up breeding success: Study
37 A 48-hour sexual 'afterglow' helps to bond partners over time
38 Study shows stem cell therapy is safe for stroke patients; may aid recovery if given early
39 Molecular scale transporter with a twist, powered by liquid crystal defects
40 TB/HIV co-infections up 40 percent across Europe over the last five years
41 Team nebulizes aphids to knock down gene expression
42 Study finds tube placement may not be necessary for treating upper GI bleeds
43 Study points a way to better implantable medical devices
44 Will AAV vectors have a role in future novel gene therapy approaches?
45 Single-cell analysis reveals subtypes of colorectal tumors
46 Critical thinking instruction in humanities reduces belief in pseudoscience
47 TU Graz researchers show that enzyme function inhibits battery aging
48 A new perspective on the European colonization of Asia
49 Anti-bacterial discovery will prevent infections spreading on medical devices
50 Gardening worms and climate change undermine natural coastal protection
51 Tracing down linear ubiquitination
52 The incorporation into the body of metals from the River Deba sediments is simulated
53 How fullerite becomes harder than diamond
54 Deep brain stimulation provides long-term relief from severe depressions
55 Trichomonosis: A conundrum in cats
56 Novel genes identified that help suppress prostate and other cancers
57 Radiotherapy risks are much higher for smokers
58 New species of Brazilian copepod suggests ancient species diversification and distribution
59 Mystery of how sperm swim revealed in mathematical formula
60 DNA labels predict mortality
61 Gay men and lesbian women less likely to be employed in a leadership position
62 Disrupting prostate cancer 'homing signal' could hold promise for new treatments
63 Microorganisms in the subsurface seabed on evolutionary standby
64 Tweeting in times of emergency
65 Using virtual reality to catch a real ball
66 Scientists created nanopowders for the synthesis of new aluminum alloys
67 Piece of mind
68 Lust for power
69 Dead zones may threaten coral reefs worldwide
70 Do you really have high blood pressure?
71 Data published in Nature Methods demonstrate breakthrough ability to accurately detect somatic single nucleotide variations in single cells
72 A new tool to predict the potential public health benefit of e-cigarettes
73 Academics urged to strengthen ties to US peers in face of Trump travel ban
74 Courtship behavior trapped in 100-million-year-old amber
75 How plants can tell friend from foe
76 Protein could prevent brain damage caused by stroke
77 'Flying saucer' quantum dots hold secret to brighter, better lasers
78 5[alpha]-reductase inhibitors not associated with increased suicide risk in older men
79 Vitamin E, selenium supplements did not prevent dementia
80 Study estimates perinatal HIV infection among infants born in US 2002-2013
81 End-of-life planning talks often fail to communicate goals
82 Will the doctor see your child now?
83 Studies of scientific bias targeting the right problems, Stanford-led study finds
84 Growing global temperatures could be contributing to rising diabetic numbers
85 Risk of liver disease and cancer starts from adolescence in overweight or obese men
86 Tethered nanoparticles make tumor cells more vulnerable
87 Revised understanding of graft-versus-host disease origins offers new direction for potential therapy
88 Scientists find possible Achilles heel of treatment-resistant cancers
89 New test detects early stage of wasting disease in cattle
90 Vaccine, improved treatment are keys to control of a surging HIV pandemic
91 Adult subcortex processes numbers with the same skill as infants
92 FDA-approved all oral DAA regimens show high cure rate for hepatitis C
93 Years after diagnosis, many young cancer survivors continue to struggle socially
94 New catalysts mimic human vision
95 Coffee shops, ATMs may be ideal locations for lifesaving AEDs
96 Poison centers receive 32 calls a day about kids exposed to prescription opioids
97 For this New Zealand parrot, 'laughter' is contagious
98 Closing left atrial appendage reduces stroke risk from AFib
99 For atrial fibrillation ablation, newer anticoagulant reduces major bleeds
100 New study adds to concerns about heightened risk of death for AFib patients taking digoxin
101 Pacemaker program can reduce dangerous fainting episodes
102 Genetically guided warfarin dosing lowers risk of some adverse events
103 CT scans reveal reduced leaflet motion after aortic valve replacement
104 Embol-X and CardioGard do not reduce overall number of brain lesions, may affect size
105 Blood test can detect heart damage after non-cardiac surgery
106 Use of levosimendan with heart-lung machine fails to improve outcomes
107 Heart procedure linked with bleeding in the brain, neurological impairment
108 Outcomes for Absorb stent acceptable at 1 to 2 years, with caveats
109 New tool for assessing clogged arteries performs well, reduces discomfort
110 Study shows benefits to treating all clogged arteries at once after heart attack