File Title
1 'Fake Weed' Linked to More Risk-Taking than Real Marijuana
2 Ancient Tomb Decorated with Vibrant Murals Found in China
3 Did Jane Austen Die of Arsenic Poisoning? Probably Not
4 Apple Rumors: What's So Great About a Curved iPhone Screen?
5 Lyme Disease Soars in Michigan as Tick Populations Grow
6 New 3D Display Uses Bubbles to Project Images
7 So Cute! 2 New 'Clown' Frog Species Discovered in the Amazon
9 Frozen Droplets Explode on Camera, for Science
10 It Takes a Village: Spider Parents Gain Support from Colonies
11 And the Verdict Is...? Brain Scans Could Reveal Criminal Intentions
12 Cape Cod's Great White Shark Population May Be Growing
13 Chrissy Teigen's Postpartum Depression: 5 Facts About the Condition
14 Blergh! Why a 13-Foot Python Puked Up an Impala (and How)
15 Open-Source Prototype Turns Any Room into a 3D Printer
16 Drone Modeled on Insects Is Built to Crash like a Champ
17 Where Do Snowfall Totals on the Nightly News Come From?
18 Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein! Genius Scientist Turns 138 Years Old Today
19 How Urine Could Help Astronauts Grow Food in Space
20 Is this 400,000-Year-Old Hominin the Great Grandpa of Neanderthals?
21 Boaty McBoatface FTW! Internet-Named Sub Finally Gets a Mission
22 Infamous 1960s Study Repeated: How Far Would You Go to Obey Authority?
23 Leopards Might Have Walked Alongside Neanderthals
24 Lifelike Models with 'Working Organs' Help Doctors Hone Surgical Skills
25 Could Being a Parent Help You Live Longer?
26 1.6 Billion-Year-Old Specimens May Be Oldest Plant-Like Fossils
27 Bacteria-Enriched Lotion Battles Skin Infections
28 Life Without the EPA: Superfund Apartments and Acid Rain
29 'Mona Lisa' Is Smiling, Really
30 Spiders Eat Up to 880 Million Tons of Insects Each Year
31 Map Shows How Climate Change Will Affect Health Across US
32 Get a Grip: Hairy-Footed Bedbugs Foil Slick Traps
33 Common Painkillers Linked to Greater Risk of Cardiac Arrest
34 Teen Brain on Pot: New Study Examines First Exposures
35 Robo First: Bot Assists with Tricky Cochlear-Implant Surgery
36 'Ghosts' Hover Around Massive Telescope in New Images
37 Dive into a Boiling Lava Lake with Google Street View
38 Transparent Touchpad Works Even When It's Bent and Stretched
39 How Fast Will Your Brain Age? Scientists Identify Key Gene
40 'King of Snakes' Defeats Larger Serpents by Squeezing Them to Death
41 3 Women in Florida Left Blind by Unproven Eye Treatment
42 Dive with a Blue Whale in New Virtual-Reality Experience
43 US-Sized Dust Storms Seen on Mars
44 Doomsday Films: Footage of Nuclear-Weapons Tests Declassified
45 Striking Image Shows 'Protruding' Feature in Woman's Eye
46 How Trump's Budget Would Impact Science
47 Parts of Earth's Original Crust Exist Today in Canada
48 3D-Printed Cheese Is Gooey, Melty and Probably Delicious
49 If Men Are Favored in Society, Why Do They Die Younger?
50 Ghostly Blue Glow in Tasmania Bay May Signal Trouble
51 What Your Nose Knows About Human Evolution
52 Earliest Depiction of 'Fiery Serpent' Found in Medieval Painting
53 Mammals Shrank During Ancient Global Warming Event
54 Japanese Spy Satellite Launches to Watch North Korea
55 HBO Unveils Trailer for 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks'
56 Air Force's Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Nears Orbital Record
57 How to Protect Yourself from Sun and Heat in 2017
58 Ben Affleck's Return to Rehab: 5 Facts About Addiction Relapse
59 Koshe Disaster: What Causes Garbage Landslides?
60 Global Warming Is Killing the Great Barrier Reef
61 The World's Best Heart Health Found in Indigenous Amazon Group
62 Key to Tardigrades' 'Superpowers' Identified in Their DNA
63 Happier Feet: Antarctica Home to Millions More Penguins than Thought
64 Man's Rare Case: How Does a Strep Infection Lead to Amputations?
65 'Gilded Lady' and Other Exquisite Mummies on Display in NYC
66 These 3 Superbugs Pose the Greatest Threat to Human Health
67 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
68 Trump's NASA Budget Would Cancel These 4 Earth Science Missions
69 'Alternative facts': A Psychiatrist's Guide to Distorted Reality
70 Do Bugs Poop?
71 What's Behind Phantom Cellphone Buzzes?
72 Most Teens Who Abuse Opioids 1st Got Them from a Doctor
73 Mysterious 'Plastic Plankton' Art Exhibit Reveals Extent of Ocean Pollution
74 Mount Etna Glows Hot in New Satellite Image
75 Here Comes the Sun: Spring Equinox Arrives Today in the Northern Hemisphere
76 Antioxidants May Not Ward Off Dementia After All
77 Driving on Eggshells: Researchers Turn Food Waste into Tires
78 Fowl Play? Nope, Giant Chicken in Viral Video Is Real
79 Watch Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Control a Giant Mech Robot
80 Is 90 the New 80? Most 90-Somethings Feel Healthy
81 Teen-Programmed AI Spits Rhymes like Kanye West
82 Reference: Facts About Warthogs
83 Neanderthal tooth plaque hints at meals--and kisses
84 The quest to crystallize time
85 Magnetic hard drives go atomic
86 The quest to reveal science's hidden female faces
87 Synthetic yeast chromosomes help probe mysteries of evolution
88 Trump and Republicans take aim at environmental agency
89 Physician with drug-industry ties is Trump's FDA pick
90 First fluorescent frog found
91 Earth's lost history of planet-altering eruptions revealed
92 CRISPR, microbes and more are joining the war against crop killers
93 Fossil algae hold clues to origin of modern photosynthesis
94 Chinese mountain observatory to probe cosmic-ray origins
95 'Zombie' patent fights over mutant mice return
96 A makeover for the world's most hated crop
97 Space ravioli, coral bleaching and a LIGO pioneer dies
98 Hidden HIV reservoirs exposed by telltale protein
99 US science agencies face deep cuts in Trump budget
100 Pasteur Institute's scientists make last-ditch plea to keep their president
101 Genome-based cholesterol drug boosts heart health
102 Jailed Iranian researcher's health worsening rapidly
103 South Africa's San people issue ethics code to scientists
104 Announcement: Transparency upgrade for Nature journals
105 The FDA chief must not be a proxy for industry
106 Trump faces backlash on health-agency cuts
107 How dare you call us diplomats
108 Mildred S. Dresselhaus (1930-2017)
109 Show drugs work before selling them
110 The business case for soil