File Title
1 PCI, drugs equally beneficial for treating fully blocked arteries
2 No evidence of cognitive issues when evolocumab added to statin therapy
3 No Increase in Bleeding Complications with Rivaroxaban Post-ACS
4 Lifestyle intervention leads to 10-point drop in systolic blood pressure
5 No benefit of synthetic HDL-C on arterial plaque
6 Rivaroxaban reduces VTE recurrence compared with aspirin
7 PCSK9 inhibitor evolocumab not associated with decline in memory or cognitive function
8 African-Americans may receive different advice on statin therapy
9 New blood thinner better at preventing recurrent blood clots than aspirin
10 High-risk pulmonary embolism patients often go without most effective treatments
11 Guidelines differ on recommendations of statin treatment for African-Americans
12 Combining risk score tools improves stroke prediction for atrial fibrillation patients
13 Study finds new markers associated with recurrence of AFib in previously treated patients
14 New study finds potential breakthrough in determining who's at risk for heart attacks
15 Heads up tackling program decreases concussion rates, say researchers
16 Study shows surgery reverses pseudoparalysis in patients with rotator cuff tears
17 Levels of biomarkers after ACL surgery may signal severity of osteoarthritis later in life
18 Surgery may not offer additional benefit to patients with tennis elbow, study shows
19 Correlation between second ACL reconstruction and physical therapy utilization noted
20 Shoulder injuries in professional baseball players: A continuing puzzle
21 Current jellyfish sting recommendations can worsen stings
22 Research proposes new theories about nature of Earth's iron
23 For female mosquitoes, two sets of odor sensors are better than one
24 First global guidance for HPV vaccination for cervical cancer prevention
25 Drosophila effectively models human genes responsible for genetic kidney diseases
26 Study IDs link between sugar signaling and regulation of oil production in plants
27 Silk sensor could speed development of new infrastructure, aerospace & consumer materials
28 Advanced form of proton therapy shows promise for treating lung cancer recurrence
29 CD4+ T-cell count useful to assess antiretroviral therapy response in HTLV-1/HIV patients?
30 Hubble discovery of runaway star yields clues to breakup of multiple-star system
31 What does that sentence say?
32 Happy spouse, happy house
33 Highly contagious infection threatens endangered San Joaquin kit fox population
34 New Hubble mosaic of the Orion Nebula
35 TGen study of ASU football team produces largest known dataset for concussion diagnostics
36 Human skull evolved along with two-legged walking, study confirms
37 Support people with asthma to manage their illness, researchers say
38 Scientists make the case to restore Pluto's planet status
39 Human brain networks developing in adolescence related to evolutionary expansion
40 Moderate exercise may be beneficial for HCM patients
41 Pharmacist medicines reconciliation reduces likelihood of patient harm
42 New 'gene silencer' drug reduce cholesterol by over 50 percent
43 Penn researchers find patients' annual financial burden under Medicare Part D is 'too much too soon'
44 Osteoporosis drug found safe in long-term trial
45 Transcatheter aortic valve replacement as effective as surgery in intermediate patients
46 Study: More than half of college football athletes have inadequate levels of vitamin D
47 Nanotube film may resolve longevity problem of challenger solar cells
48 Flexibility is key in mechanism of biological self-assembly
49 PCSK9 inhibitior bococizumab produces varying results
50 Self-expanding TAVR as good as surgery in intermediate-risk patients
51 PCSK9 inhibition with bococizumab yields mixed results
52 Evolocumab significantly reduces risk of cardiovascular events
53 PCSK9 inhibitor evolocumab reduces adverse cardiovascular events
54 Study suggests new drug alongside statins can significantly cut cholesterol
55 Wi-fi on rays of light: 100 times faster, and never overloaded
56 Why water splashes: New theory reveals secrets
57 Skilled workers more prone to mistakes when interrupted
58 Can quantum theory explain why jokes are funny?
59 The discovery of Majorana fermion
60 Nano-polycrystalline film leads to stronger magnetism compared to single-crystal films
61 Identification of molecular origins underlying the interfacial slip
62 Children who play outside more likely to protect nature as adults
63 Sexual assault victimization disproportionately affects certain minority college students
64 Atrial fibrillation patients may safely discontinue blood thinners after successful ablation
65 Transparent ceramics make super-hard windows
66 Abnormal development of the brain in an intractable disease, thanatophoric dysplasia
67 One in 4 elderly Australian women have dementia
68 First steps in human DNA replication dance captured at atomic resolution
69 Palliative care consults for advanced cancer patients reduces hospitalization and improves care
70 The Lancet: Indigenous South American group has healthiest arteries of all populations yet studied, providing clues to healthy lifestyle
71 Untreated sleep apnea in children can harm brain cells tied to cognition and mood
72 New role for immune cells in preventing diabetes and hypertension
73 Women, particularly minorities, do not meet nutrition guidelines shortly before pregnancy
74 Tighten the grip on metastasis
75 For a modest personality trait, 'intellectual humility' packs a punch
76 Extensive ice cap once covered sub-antarctic island of South Georgia
77 New study finds people who have high levels of two markers at high risk of adverse heart events
78 Degree of spinal deformity affects hip replacement surgery success
79 Routine blood tests can help measure a patient's future risk for chronic disease, new study finds
80 New study finds antithrombotic therapy has no benefit for low-risk atrial fibrillation patients
81 Mount Sinai researchers review progress of treating glutamate signalling in depression
82 Scientists reveal open-ringed structure of Cdt1-Mcm2-7 complex
83 Link between Vitamin D treatment and autism prevention
84 A multi-channel nano-optical device dramatically increases the parallel processing speed
85 Stanford scientists reveal how grass developed a better way to breathe
86 Astronomers observe a dying red giant star's final act
87 Fat cells step in to help liver during fasting
88 AGS raises concerns on cuts to training, research in president trump's proposed budget
89 Ligament reconstruction effective in treating kneecap instability from trochlear dysplasia
90 Paleozoic echinoderm hangover: Waking up in the Triassic
91 Scripps Florida scientists develop new drug delivery method for cancer therapy
92 Electroacupuncture releases stem cells to relieve pain, promote tissue repair, study finds
93 Symphonizing the science: NASA twins study team begins integrating results
94 A blood test for autism
95 Animal behaviorist looks through the eyes of peafowl
96 'Do no harm' vs. 'legitimate use of force'
97 How improved valves let grasses 'breathe,' cope with climate change
98 Empathy from the sick may be critical to halting disease outbreaks
99 Workers' compensation claims offer insight into seafood processing injuries in Oregon
100 Water conservation messaging effectiveness during California's ongoing drought
101 Dietary anti-cancer compound may work by influence on cellular genetics
102 Genetic association with aggressive prostate cancer discovered
103 Hawaiian biodiversity has been declining for millions of years
104 Prostate cancer trial shows treating with precision radiotherapy cuts course of treatment by 50 percent
105 Study: Challenges veterans face when transitioning from the battlefield to the classroom
106 The carbon dioxide loop
107 UC researchers use gold coating to control luminescence of nanowires
108 Is spring getting longer? UNH research points to a lengthening 'vernal window'
109 The fed's bank bailout
110 Preventing lead spread