File Title
1 Volcano breath: Measuring sulfur dioxide from space
2 Poor sleep in early childhood may lead to cognitive, behavioral problems in later years
3 Illinois researchers create first exact model for diffusion in magnesium alloys
4 Federal agencies need to prepare for greater quantity, range of biotechnology products
5 Study shows how H. pylori causes white blood cells to morph
6 Perovskite edges can be tuned for optoelectronic performance
7 Novel antibiotic combination therapy overcomes deadly drug-resistant bacteria
8 MIPT physicists predict the existence of unusual optical composites
9 American Geriatrics Society addresses American Health Care Act
10 Study: LGBTQ+ individuals at high risk to be victims of violence
11 Study highlights possible Achilles' heel in key immune memory cells
12 Thyroid cancer patients opting for non-intervention report lack of support
13 First global maps of volcanic emissions use NASA satellite data
14 Keeping liquids off the wall
15 Chemical that detects plaques in Alzheimer's brains extends lifespan of roundworms
16 Hubble dates black hole's last big meal
17 Brain is 10 times more active than previously measured, UCLA researchers find
18 Gene found to cause sudden death in young people
19 Researchers flip a magnetic memory cell with a light pulse at record speed
20 Mayo Clinic researchers clarify chemo resistance, and perhaps a new therapy
21 Flame retardant chemicals may affect social behavior in young children
22 Potential drug candidates halt prostate and breast cancer growth
23 Why guillemot chicks leap from the nest before they can fly
24 Too much TV can impact primary school readiness for kids from low-income families
25 Unexpected oxidation state for molecular plutonium discovered
26 Ammonia's role in cardiovascular health tracked in mice, human cells
27 Convergent con artists: How rove beetles keep evolving into army ant parasites
28 Scientists identify a key barrier to proliferation of insulin-producing cells.
29 Guiding light: Sandia creates 3-D metasurfaces with optical possibilities
30 Harnessing ADHD for business success
31 Conformity is not a universal indicator of intelligence in children, study says
32 Optimized sensors to study learning and memory
33 ASHG applauds passage of Canadian Genetic Non-Discrimination Act
34 NIH-funded Antibacterial Resistance Leadership Group details progress, challenges
35 Studying magnetic space explosions with NASA missions
36 Social phobia: Indication of a genetic cause
37 The intestine has a reservoir of stem cells that are resistant to chemotherapy
38 University of Alberta research may provide solutions for the future treatment of diabetes
39 Free lung-cancer screening in the Augusta area finds more than double the cancer rate of previous screenings
40 Could fast radio bursts be powering alien probes?
41 The researchers discovered an unexpected link between cancer and autism
42 University of South Carolina discovery of widespread platinum may help solve Clovis people mystery
43 UT study: Diversity improves problem-solving success. Just ask songbirds.
44 Songs that make robots cry
45 New material helps record data with light
46 Innovative technique greatly increases sensitivity of DNA sequencing
47 Study: Medicare prescription drug benefit reduced elderly mortality by more than 2 percent
48 Pelvic fractures may increase older adults' risk of dying early
49 Study: Health agencies need clear rules for disclosing foodborne illness outbreaks
50 Bilateral tinnitus is hereditary
51 Using nature to build nanomachines
52 Hormonal contraceptives and hair dyes increase breast cancer risk
53 Opioids before surgery means higher costs, more problems afterward, U-M study finds
54 Canada continues to punch above its weight in the field of regenerative medicine
55 Surprise: Transport proteins evolved long before their compounds emerged
56 Alcoholism may be caused by dynamical dopamine imbalance
57 Asthmatics less able to fight off flu
58 Infants are more exposed to harmful pollution on the way to school than on the way home
59 Scientists effectively disrupt communication between parasites that spread disease
60 The prototype of a chemical computer detects a sphere
61 Female pessimism about pay could sustain the gender pay gap
62 'Blurred times' in a quantum world
63 People who trust their doctor tend to feel better
64 Men with impaired glucose metabolism should avoid high-carbohydrate foods in the evening
65 RNA and longevity: Discovering the mechanisms behind aging
66 Iran and Middle East could adopt fully renewable electricity systems
67 To buckle or not to buckle
68 Petrol and jet fuel alternatives are produced by yeast cell factories
69 Single atom memory: The world's smallest storage medium
70 Cannabis use in people with epilepsy revealed: Australian survey
71 Immunotherapy trial cures Tasmanian devils of DFTD
72 Cedars-Sinai neuroscientists pinpoint key gene controlling tumor growth in brain cancers
73 Penn researcher calls on the scientific community to defend individuals with disabilities
74 Cross-species jumps may play unexpectedly big role in virus evolution
75 Hair loss and prostate drug linked to persistent erectile dysfunction in men
76 Fish and mercury: Detailed consumption advisories would better serve women across US
77 Researchers hone in on when, where Zika virus attacks
78 Beyond a reasonable doubt? Study reveals how eyewitness testimonies go wrong
79 NIH-funded study helps explain how zebrafish recover from blinding injuries
80 New indicators to aid Crohn's disease diagnosis and treatment
81 Penn engineers' 'photonic doping' makes class of metamaterials easier to fabricate
82 Study: Soils could release much more carbon than expected as climate warms
83 Brain hardwired to respond to others' itching
84 Targeting cancer stem cells improves treatment effectiveness and prevents metastasis
85 Scientists describe a function for autophagy in germline stem-cell proliferation
86 Funders need to take more responsibility for the efficiency of the research they fund
87 Investment key in adapting to climate change in West Africa
88 GW researchers develop test to study potency for neglected tropical disease vaccine
89 The Lancet: Chinese oldest-old population is growing but individuals have poorer physical and cognitive function
90 Cancer immunotherapy: Revived T cells still need fuel
91 New NHS safety investigator must become fully independent body
92 Additional Arctic weather data raises forecast accuracy of Japan cold waves
93 New way to tune electronic energy levels may lead to valleytronic devices
94 Conquering metal fatigue
95 Researchers discover how neurons tell each other to die under trauma, disease
96 Early pregnancy awareness may be more effective than promoting alcohol abstinence
97 'Recycling protein' shown to affect learning and memory in mice
98 Molecules form gels to help cells sense and respond to stress
99 Greater insight into basic biology of pain will reveal non-addictive remedies
100 Detect. Lock on. Intercept. The remarkable hunting ability of the robber fly
101 RAND study examines 200 real-world 'zero-day' software vulnerabilities
102 Study describes potential clinical test and treatment for preterm birth
103 Why do we develop high blood pressure?
104 Rabbits' detached retina 'glued' with new hydrogel
105 Fish eyes may hold key to regenerating human retinas
106 Researchers identify a new way to promote tissue regeneration
107 Hard choices? Ask your brain's dopamine
108 China faces science reform challenges, including favoritism
109 Levels of ceramides in the blood help predict cardiovascular events
110 Marijuana use associated with increased risk of stroke, heart failure