File Title
1 Landscape Ecologist to Research, Teach Dryland Ecology
2 NMSU Expert Gives Tips on Safe Water Storage, Treatment in Case of Crisis
3 Organ-on-a-Chip Mimics Heart's Biomechanical Properties
4 S&T Researcher Studies Next Generation Phones, Cars
5 Oil and Gas Wastewater Spills, Including Fracking Wastewater, Alter Microbes in West Virginia Waters
6 Titan Shares Her Journey as a 'Black Girl Scientist'
7 How Migratory Birds Respond to Balmier Autumns?
8 Tiny Cavefish May Help Humans Evolve to Require Very Little Sleep
9 Anti-Aging Gene Identified as a Novel Promising Therapeutic Target for Older Melanoma Patients
10 Science Exchange Online Marketplace Now Offers Eurofins Services for Drug Development
11 Electrical Grid Could Use Offshore Wind for 10 Million Homes
12 New Gene Sequencing Software Could Aid in Early Detection, Treatment of Cancer
13 Wayne State Vision Researchers Show Zika Virus Can Damage Retina and Cause Blindness
14 Playing Favorites: Brain Cells Prefer One Parent's Gene Over the Other's
15 Researchers Uncover a Role for HSP90 in Gene-Environment Interactions in Humans
16 FDA Study Offers Food Establishments Better Methods for Preventing Norovirus Outbreaks
17 American Society for Cell Biology Officially Partners with March for Science Organizers
18 Government of Myanmar Unveils New Plan to Protect Marine Wildlife and Resources
19 The Brown Rot Two-Step
20 New Polymer Additive Could Revolutionize Plastics Recycling
21 Nano-Sized Hydrogen Storage System Increases Efficiency
22 The Dawn of a New Era for Supernova 1987A
23 Study Catalogs the Complex Flavors of American-Made Goat Cheese
24 Iowa State University Researchers Detail Genetic Mechanisms that Govern Growth and Drought Response in Plants
25 A Novel DNA Vaccine Design Improves Chances of Inducing Anti-Tumor Immunity
26 Study Shows Ancient Humans Arrived in South America in Multiple Waves
27 Diamonds that Deliver
28 Super Resolution Imaging Helps Determine a Stem Cell's Future
29 IU Biologists Reveal Ways Powerful 'Master Gene' Regulates Physical Differences Between Sexes
30 Controlling the Stiffness of a Material at the Nanoscale
31 Hedgehog, Cancer, and Zinc
32 Triboelectric Nanogenerators Boost Mass Spectrometry Performance
33 New Tool for Combating Mosquito-Borne Disease: Insect Parasite Genes
34 $2.5 million Fund Available for Climate Change Adaptation Projects
35 Coming Soon: Oil Spill-Mapping Swarms of Flying Drones
36 Collaborative Research Shows Finer Raw Cotton Best for Oil Spill Remediation
37 Preserving Vision for Astronauts
38 Manufacturing Jobs Plentiful, but Trained Workers, Not So Much: Manufacturing Expert Available to Comment on Factory Tech Trends and Worker Training
39 Puzzle of the Maya Pendant
40 Program Prepares Nation's Future Researchers
41 New Study Tests Potential Treatment to Combat Gulf War Illness
42 Acidification of Arctic Ocean May Threaten Marine Life, Fishing Industry
43 Volcanic Hydrogen Spurs Chances of Finding Exoplanet Life
44 Matching Up Fruit Flies, Mushroom Toxins and Human Health
45 New Droplet-on-Tape Method Assists Biochemical Research at X-Ray Lasers
46 Genetic 'Balance' May Influence Response to Cancer Treatment
47 Secrets of the Calcerous Ooze Revealed
48 The Heat Is On
49 Improving the Biodiversity of Green Roofs
50 Miniature Organisms in the Sand Play Big Role in Our Oceans
51 FSU Researcher to Lead U.S.-Russia Project on Health, Space Travel
52 Grapefruit for Dessert? South Korea Could Be a Lucrative Market for Florida Growers
53 More Mosquito Species than Previously Thought May Transmit Zika
54 UVA, Virginia Tech Seek Ways to Assist Drivers with Autism
55 Exploring the Mysteries of Supercooled Water
56 Breakthrough Research for Testing and Arranging Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
57 Optical Generation of Ultrasound via Photoacoustic Effect
58 New Report Says St. Barthelemy's Ecosystems Are Reaching Critical Thresholds
59 Road Salt Alternatives Alter Aquatic Ecosystems
60 Lab Researchers 3D Print with High-Performance Carbon Fiber
61 The 20th Anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope's STIS Instrument
62 SNAPP Announces Four New Partnerships to Tackle Global Issues
63 National Academies Report Calls for More Research on Undergraduate Research Experiences
64 Super Plants Need Super ROOTS
65 Differences in Sex and Running Ability Influence Declines in Marathon Performance, Study Finds
66 Microbiology Expert Available to Discuss Use of Glass to Limit Spread of Drug-Resistant Bacteria
67 Role of Cytokine Interleukin-10 in Suppressing Antibody Production in Certain Autoimmune Disorders Focus of NIH Grant Research
68 Hudson Canyon Added to U.S. Government's Inventory for Potential National Marine Sanctuary Sites
69 Researchers Coax Particles to Form Vortices Using Magnetic Fields
70 Chiral Metamaterial Produces Record Optical Shift Under Incremental Power Modulation
71 NASA's Journey to Mars Includes Pathways to Learning
72 New TB Drug Candidates Developed from Soil Bacteria
73 Aging Faces Could Increase Security Risks
74 Microgrids Could Pave the Way for Future Energy Distribution
75 Brain-Machine Interfaces: Bidirectional Communication at Last
76 Automated Measurement System Enhances Quality, Reduces Handling in Pu-238 Production
77 Research Shows Nature Can Beat Back Scientific Tinkering with Genes of Entire Species
78 Tweaking Electrolyte Makes Better Lithium-Metal Batteries
79 Singing Posters and Talking Shirts: UW Engineers Turn Objects into FM Radio Stations
80 Magic Cover Crop Carpet?
81 Corrective 'Eyeglasses' Now Available for X-Ray Research Facilities
82 Food Subsidies and Taxes Significantly Improve Dietary Choices
83 Iowa State University Agronomists Show Nitrogen Fertilizer Feeds Healthy Soil in Corn and Soybean Production
84 LED Lighting May Now Shine Brighter
85 Concurrent Heat Waves, Air Pollution Exacerbate Negative Health Effects of Each
86 Is Anything Tough Enough to Survive on Mars?
87 Scientists Discover Magnetic "Persuasion" in Neighboring Metals
88 From Finding Nemo to Finding Patents--Adventures in Biomimetics
89 Virginia Tech Expert: Executive Order Rolling Back Clean Water Rule Could Hurt Drinking Water Quality, Hamper Economy
90 Smaller Is Not Always Better for Radiation Resistance
91 Snowpack Water Hack
92 Separation of Electron's Intrinsic Properties Revealed
93 Water-Repellent Nanotextures Found to Have Excellent Anti-Fogging Abilities
94 Researchers Can Predict Terrorist Behaviors with More than 90% Accuracy
95 How to Fix Blinking Light-Emitting Nanoparticles
96 New Molecule Predicted that Could Make Safer Batteries
97 New Thin Membranes Can Self-Repair Following Damage
98 Faculty to Share Helpful Information at UF/IFAS Urban Landscape Summit
99 Novel Calculator More Easily Identifies Patients Who Will Benefit from Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation
100 Evaluating Nuclear Weapons: Sandia Labs Taking a Modern Approach
101 How to Achieve Unconventional Superconductivity in a Heavy-Electron Metal
102 Sugar Hitches a Ride on Sea Spray
103 Ion-Electron Collisions Can Heal Material Defects
104 UAB Study Shows Link Between Microbiome in the Gut and Parkinson's
105 Earth's Viral Diversity Unveiled
106 Professor Collaborates on Research of Dryland Mosses
107 Most Complex Nanoparticle Crystal Ever Made by Design
108 Life and the Art of Physics
109 Khodakovskaya Co-Edits Book on Benefits of Nanotechnology for Crops
110 Social Rejection by Those Closest to You Can Lead to Subsequent Drinking