File Title
1 Brain potassium channels may unlock future precision medicine approaches for alcoholism
2 Smoke-free policy cuts nicotine detected in Philadelphia public housing in half: Study
3 Understanding breakups
4 Misdiagnosed foot, ankle injuries may result in arthritis, chronic pain and disability
5 Study tallies extra calories Americans consume in their coffee, tea
6 Move over Bear Grylls! Academics build ultimate solar-powered water purifier
7 World Heritage sites getting hammered by human activities
8 Radio devices to save rare species from poachers
9 Recent upsurge of a (H7N9) cases in China, updated ECDC rapid risk assessment
10 Model shows female beauty isn't just sex appeal
11 First-ever GPS data release to boost space-weather science
12 Epigenetic diversity in childhood cancer
13 Study reveals evidence that the universe is a hologram
14 Where the cladocerans came from
15 New study shows mindfulness motivates people to make healthier choices
16 Newborn screening for severe immunodeficiency: Advantage in the case of early treatment
17 High-altitude living decreases the risk of heart disease
18 A new path to fixing genes in living organisms
19 Keeping antennas at peak performance
20 Prediction of large earthquakes probability improved
21 Kids should pay more attention to mistakes, study suggests
22 Researchers develop wearable, low-cost sensor to measure skin hydration
23 Nature-based sunscreens
24 Bone markers as screening strategy for patient adherence to osteoporosis medications
25 Fluorescence dyes from the pressure cooker
26 Study reveals substantial evidence of holographic universe
27 How to to bring lithium-air batteries closer to practice
28 Lost in translation: Traffic noise disrupts communication between species
29 Discovery of new fossil from half billion years ago sheds light on life on Earth
30 Acupuncture boosts effectiveness of standard medical care for chronic pain and depression
31 Where are the tools for scientific writing?
32 The attraction effect: How our brains can be influenced
33 Cosmic dust that formed our planets traced to giant stars
34 Anticancer properties of mono/di-halogenated coumarins
35 Micro-bubbles and frequency combs
36 DNA analysis of seawater detects 80 percent of fish species in just 1 day
37 New study shows how plants fight off disease
38 New genome-mapping technique opens new avenues for precision medicine
39 UTHealth study: 78 percent of hospital workers in Houston are overweight or obese
40 We dislike hypocrites because they deceive us
41 Scientists illuminate the neurons of social attraction
42 Fighting age-related fibrosis to keep organs young
43 Shootings in US schools are linked to increased unemployment
44 Prior DUIs predict future criminal activity among firearm owners
45 Researchers identify drug that alleviates opioid withdrawal
46 Unraveling the mystery of why cancer cells survive and thrive
47 Heart failure survival rates show no improvement
48 Scientists uncover possible therapeutic targets for rare autism spectrum disorder
49 Online database aims to collect, organize research on cancer mutations
50 Patient study suggests broader genetic testing for colorectal cancer risk
51 Both push and pull drive our galaxy's race through space
52 Scientists unravel the process of meltwater in ocean depths
53 Antibiotics can boost bacterial reproduction
54 Certain heart fat associated with higher risk of heart disease in postmenopausal women
55 Largest genetic study of inflammatory bowel disease provides clues on new drug targets
56 Role of terrestrial biosphere in counteracting climate change may have been underestimated
57 Milestone for the analysis of human proteomes
58 Over 100 new blood pressure genes could provide new targets for treating hypertension
59 People infected with HIV may be more susceptible to diabetes
60 Smoking gobbles up almost 6 percent of global health spend and nearly 2 percent of world's GDP
61 A glitch in 'gatekeeper cells' slowly suffocates the brain
62 Don't be so hard on yourself! UBC study on first-year student stress
63 Super-sizing world's nature havens would add people to valued species list
64 URMC drug extends effectiveness of HIV therapy
65 Report describes VHA clinical demonstration project for lung cancer screening
66 Action is needed to make stagnant CO2 emissions fall
67 Can mentally stimulating activities reduce the risk of MCI in older adults?
68 Cardiovascular disease-related hospital admissions jump on second day after major snowfall
69 Why the bar needs to be raised for human clinical trials
70 Trials examine immune drug's potential to treat different forms of vasculitis
71 Bag-like sea creature was humans' oldest known ancestor
72 Gulf shrimp prices reveal hidden economic impact of dead zones
73 School bullying linked to lower academic achievement, research finds
74 Researchers identify mechanism in chikungunya virus that controls infection and severity
75 Very low levels of bad cholesterol well-tolerated in heart disease patients
76 Rule could take one-third of chest pain patients off emergency department heart monitors
77 500-million year-old species offers insights into the lives of ancient legged worms
78 Deciphering the emergence of neuronal diversity
79 Vitamin B12: Power broker to the microbes
80 Regular exercise may reduce high blood pressure risk in African-Americans
81 Meal planning, timing, may impact heart health
82 Hormone may offer new contraceptive that protects ovaries from chemotherapy
83 Researchers shed light on how viruses enter the intestine
84 'Mini-guts' offer clues to pediatric GI illness
85 Low back pain in school-aged children a common occurrence
86 Practice makes perfect, and 'overlearning' locks it in
87 Genomic tools for species discovery inflate estimates of species numbers, U-Michigan biologists contend
88 New research may pave the way for peripheral nerve damage repair
89 Computer work dominates physician workday
90 Laser excites antimatter atoms for first time
91 The faces of remote sensing innovation at UNE
92 Top 10 science stories of 2016
93 Satellites help improve Australian tree crop management
94 Pregnancy remodels a mother's brain for up to two years
95 Neolithic veggie meal scraps found in ancient pottery
96 CRISPR, cancer and constipation: top medical stories of 2016
97 Robo-ray and deep space travel: top 10 tech stories of 2016
98 Quantum quandaries and time travel: top physics stories of 2016
99 Juno arrived but Rosetta died: our top space stories of 2016
100 Get your fossil fix with our favourite palaeontology stories
101 Exercise before breakfast to lose more weight
102 Top 10 chemistry stories you loved in 2016
103 Gold untold: trees and termite mounds hold clues to riches below
104 Get to know the ancestors with our top archaeology stories of 2016
105 How vitamin D helps prevent and relieve chronic diseases
106 Bionics advanced in leaps and bounds in 2016
107 Enigmatic fast radio bursts traced to dim dwarf galaxy
108 From micromonsters to mole rats: best of the animal world
109 Short-term greenhouse gases cause long-term sea level rise
110 Many mini moonlets merged to make the modern moon--maybe