File Title
1 Study offers new insights into receptor that regulates Staphylococcal virulence
2 New method improves accuracy of imaging systems
3 Material can turn sunlight, heat and movement into electricity--all at once
4 New brain target for potential treatment of social pathology in autism spectrum disorder
5 Critically ill children can still undergo liver transplantation and survive
6 Tarantulas inspire new structural color with the greatest viewing angle
7 Studies point way to precision therapies for common class of genetic disorders
8 Making a scavenger--the meat-thieving traits that have stood the test of time
9 Cyber attacks increase stress hormone levels and perceptions of vulnerability
10 Approach removes thyroid gland with no neck scar or need for special equipment
11 Novel tool informs women about elective egg freezing
12 New species: Gecko with tear-away skin
13 Stars align in test supporting 'spooky action at a distance'
14 New method better predicts the onset of seasonal flu epidemics
15 New study shows GFAP and UCH-L1 are not useful biomarkers for diagnosing mild traumatic brain injury
16 Mixing opioids and alcohol may increase likelihood of dangerous respiratory complication
17 Study outlines steps that growing startups must follow to succeed
18 Portable superconductivity systems for small motors
19 Study: Toxic metals found in e-cigarette liquids
20 16 aplastic anemia patients free of disease after bone marrow transplant and chemo
21 DNA 'barcoding' allows rapid testing of nanoparticles for therapeutic delivery
22 Mysterious white dwarf pulsar discovered
23 Concerns over wasting doctor's time may affect decision to see GP
24 More screen time for kids isn't all that bad
25 Researchers find brief, intense stair climbing is a practical way to boost fitness
26 New research on why plant tissues have a sense of direction
27 Researchers identify protein essential for healthy gut cell development
28 More order with less judgment: An optimal theory of the evolution of cooperation
29 The Potential of automatic word comparison for historical linguistics
30 Dinosaurs: Juvenile, adult or senior?
31 Handedness arises from genes in the spinal cords of embryos
32 The oxygen content increased when the Earth was covered in ice
33 Persistent tropical foraging in the highlands of terminal Pleistocene/Holocene New Guinea
34 Surprising spin behavior at room temperature
35 Mobile phone and satellite data to map poverty
36 Tiny organisms with a massive impact
37 Depressed patients with earlier and more severe symptoms have high genetic risk for major psychiatric disorders
38 How to recycle lithium batteries
39 Malaria control efforts can benefit from forecasting using satellites
40 Detecting early onset of metastatic disease using FAST disc
41 Genetic defects in tooth enamel conducive to development of caries
42 Possible link between early menstruation and stroke risk
43 Departure of migratory birds from stopover sites is hormone-controlled
44 Melanoma research breakthrough gives hope to treatment
45 Rewards treat alcohol abuse in those with mental illness
46 Ground-breaking research on the side effects of therapy
47 Researchers find chemical switch that may decrease symptoms of schizophrenia
48 American Cancer Society endorses two-dose regimen for HPV vaccination
49 New assay shows promise to advance personalized therapy for cancer patients
50 Fiscal incentives may help reduce carbon emissions in developing countries
51 Researchers use tiny 3-D spheres to combat tuberculosis
52 Online weight-loss groups offer valuable support, comfort
53 Exposure of the half-century old misconception removes limits on life extension
54 Bacterial survival strategy: Splitting into virulent and non-virulent subtypes
55 Protostar displays a strange geometry
56 Drought identified as key to severity of West Nile virus epidemics
57 Prenatal bisphenol A exposure weakens body's fullness cues
58 Women's fertility may decrease with physically demanding or shift work
59 Teens who vape at increased risk for future cigarette smoking
60 Teen vaping 'one way bridge' to future smoking among non-smokers, say researchers
61 Physically demanding jobs and shiftwork linked to lowered fertility in women
62 Blue-bellied insects may play a role in the fight against citrus greening
63 Enzyme key to learning in fruit flies
64 Physicians fail to recommend genetic testing to many high-risk breast cancer patients
65 Findings suggest a gap between need, availability of genetic counseling
66 Glucose measurement method may underestimate past glycemia in black patients with sickle cell trait
67 How hydras know where to regrow lost body parts
68 A new immunologic and endocrine syndrome
69 Sickle cell trait may confound blood sugar readings among African-Americans
70 A new species of gecko with massive scales and tear-away skin
71 Less inclusive criteria for lung cancer screening would be cost-effective
72 What happened to the sun over 7,000 years ago?
73 Building a better model of human-automation interaction
74 Powerful change: A profile of today's solar consumer
75 Study: Medicare could overpay medicare advantage plans by $200 billion over ten years
76 UNH researcher discovers a black hole feeding frenzy that breaks records
77 Clinical trial informed consent quality similar in developed, developing countries
78 Change in marital status post-menopause may impact health
79 Study shows planet's atmospheric oxygen rose through glaciers
80 Pride--sin or incentive?
81 Scripps Florida scientists find clue to why Zika, but not its close relatives, causes birth defects
82 Severe newborn jaundice could be preventable, mouse study shows
83 Size matters for marine protected areas designed to aid coral
84 New study finds that yoga can be helpful for low back pain
85 Encouraging clinical results for an antibody drug to prevent or treat HIV
86 Shifting monsoon altered early cultures in China, study says
87 UTSW identifies ion channel necessary for hormone and anti-obesity drug to suppress eating
88 Uterine glands vital for embryo growth, successful pregnancies
89 Santa Fe Institute researchers look for life's (lower) limits
90 Scientists confirm dorado catfish as all-time distance champion of freshwater migrations
91 Surprising health changes among postmenopausal women who marry or divorce
92 Everglades restoration report shows success, but climate change remains a challenge
93 Medicaid waivers help parents of children with autism stay in the workforce
94 Campus natural gas power plants pose no radon risks
95 Myopia cell discovered in retina
96 How geospatial characteristics affect those most affected by HIV
97 Weight-management benchmarks not met in primary care of overweight Latino children
98 Picking teams and picking music in P.E.
99 Mimicking nature's cellular architectures via 3-D printing
100 'I feel for you'--some really do
101 The power of tea
102 Exploring the matter that filled the early universe
103 Building a better microbial fuel cell--using paper
104 Older than the moon
105 Decision-making process of viruses could lead to new antibiotic treatments
106 Is the pain coming from your hip, spine or both?
107 Growing group of women take heart in pregnancy recommendations
108 In crowd wisdom, the 'surprisingly popular' answer can trump ignorance of the masses
109 Pharmaceuticals from a coal mine?
110 Rapid test detects mobile resistance gene mcr-1