File Title
1 Researchers investigate decline in South Africa's forest-birds
2 Number of children emerging as cardiovascular risk factor for both parents
3 Study traces black carbon sources in the Russian Arctic
4 Salicylic acid promotes nasal mucosa colonization
5 Men and women are not that different with respect to age preferences of sexual partners
6 A new study confirms: Pregnant women should avoid liquorice
7 A ground-breaking method for screening the most useful nanoparticles for medicine
8 Surprise finding leads to new insights into splenic B cell differentiation
9 Quantum RAM: Modelling the big questions with the very small
10 Wired for sound: Enraging noises caused by brain connection overdrive
11 Couples with obesity may take longer to achieve pregnancy, NIH study suggests
12 Monoclonal antibody given to preterm babies may reduce wheeze later
13 Thirdhand smoke affects weight, blood cell development in mice
14 'Brute force' can overcome antibiotic resistance
15 Great Barrier Reef building coral under threat from poisonous seaweed
16 Jekyll and Hyde cells: Their role in brain injury and disease revealed
17 China to protect areas of high ecological importance identified by Stanford researchers
18 Full(erene) potential
19 Mathematically optimizing traffic lights in road intersections
20 Investigational mRNA vaccine protects mice and monkeys from Zika virus infection
21 Protein chaperone takes its job seriously
22 Change in astronaut's gut bacteria attributed to spaceflight
23 Brain plasticity: How adult-born neurons get wired-in
24 Nonmedical use of prescription drugs among young people: A growing global concern
25 Loyola study provides new evidence that exercise is not key to weight control
26 Despite Trump's win, polling is a strong elections predictor globally
27 Supercomputing, experiment combine for first look at magnetism of real nanoparticle
28 Over 80% of online ad effect is on offline sales
29 NIH scientists illuminate role of staph toxins in bacterial sepsis
30 Peroxide ingestion, promoted by alternative medicine, can be deadly
31 Wetlands play vital role in carbon storage, study finds
32 TSRI chemists unveil versatile new method for making chiral drug molecules
33 Research pushes concept of entropy out of kilter
34 Precision-medicine approach could revive prostate cancer test
35 Lost songs of Holocaust found in University of Akron archives
36 Scientists report on latest Deepwater Horizon oil spill impacts
37 New skin-graft system a better fix for chronic wounds
38 Study points to a universal immune mechanism as a regulator of sleep
39 Volunteering eases veterans' transition to civilian life
40 Can't get to sleep? Pitch a tent for the weekend
41 The best treatment for laryngeal cancer? This approach helps decide
42 To lose weight, and keep it off, be prepared to navigate interpersonal challenges
43 Political affiliation can predict how people will react to false information about threats
44 Online video blogs (a.k.a. vlogs) as tools for patient engagement: Is seeing engaging?
45 Mayo Clinic: Association between autoimmune disease and bone marrow disorders
46 New research shows Ceres may have vanishing ice volcanoes
47 Growth factor shown to protect the retina in early stage diabetes
48 Unraveling the mechanism of antisense oligonucleotides--research from the Crooke Lab
49 Life-cycle assessment study provides detailed look at decentralized water systems
50 Nixing the cells that nix immune response against cancer
51 Three magnetic states for each hole
52 Defense mechanism employed by algae can effectively inhibit marine fouling
53 Toward all-solid lithium batteries
54 Cancer survivors find online and phone communication with medical professionals beneficial
55 Online scrutiny is stressful for doctors
56 ISBM releases the updated version of Immune Response Template
57 One's ability to make money develops before birth
58 Current UK salt reduction strategies do not address health inequalities
59 Treatment has no sufficient effect in 1 of 5 psoriasis patients
60 A simple, cost-effective method for determining aerobic fitness is proposed
61 Why am I shorter than you?
62 Adults with autism see interests as strengths, career paths
63 1,000 times more efficient nano-LED opens door to faster microchips
64 Easier to let go--can depression help people deal with life?
65 Quantum matter: Shaken, but not stirred
66 How parenting styles influence our attitudes to marriage
67 HKU scientists utilize innovative neuroimaging approach to unravel complex brain networks
68 Tail of stray black hole hiding in the Milky Way
69 Plan to reduce air pollution chokes in Mexico City
70 With mini-vessels, mini-brains expand research potential
71 Thin, flexible, light-absorbent material for energy and stealth applications
72 Research review shows that safety is valued too low
73 Study affirms that cocaine makes users more likely to risk unsafe sex
74 Researchers chart global genetic interaction networks in human cancer cells
75 Patients treated by international doctors have lower death rates
76 Common pain relievers may increase heart attack risk during respiratory infections
77 New Zika vaccine candidate protects mice and monkeys with a single dose
78 Scientists identify two brain networks influencing how we make decisions
79 Quantum phase transition observed for the first time
80 Baltic hunter-gatherers began farming without influence of migration, ancient DNA suggests
81 Why has ENSO been more difficult to predict since 2000?
82 Artificially introduced atomic-level sensors enable measurements of the electric field within a working semiconductor device
83 Lung cancer screening rates remain very low among current and former smokers
84 Majority of Americans say benefits of childhood vaccines outweigh risks
85 Black and low-income New Yorkers largely shut out of major academic hospitals
86 UW scientists find key cues to regulate bone-building cells
87 Evaluating a minimally disruptive treatment protocol for frontal sinus fractures
88 Large increase in eye injuries linked to laundry detergent pods among young children
89 Preterm delivery linked to greater risk of cardiovascular disease later in life
90 Under and misuse of hormone therapy decreasing, but still high
91 Researchers engineer new thyroid cells
92 Low level of oxygen in Earth's middle ages delayed evolution for 2 billion years
93 Researchers outline new policies for earlier detection of autism in children
94 Cytotoxins contribute to virulence of deadly epidemic bacterial infections
95 'In vivo' reprogramming induces signs of telomere rejuvenation
96 Pregnancy and heart disease research highlighted in special women's-focus journal issue
97 The drugs don't work, say back pain researchers
98 Overnights at dad's home benefit divorced mothers, fathers and their babies
99 Zika virus blindfolds immune alarm cells
100 Predator threat boosts friendships among guppies
101 Study: Children, parents over-report leukemia treatment adherence
102 Skin sodium content linked to heart problems in patients with kidney disease
103 Model assesses interventions for bovine tuberculosis in Morocco
104 UW sleep research high-resolution images show how the brain resets during sleep
105 Trouble getting to sleep? Scientists say go camping
106 Sleep deprivation handicaps the brain's ability to form new memories, study in mice shows
107 So-called 'synthetic marijuana' linked to serious health problems
108 Medical marijuana's underexplored potential for helping opioid addiction
109 Scaled-up malaria control efforts breed insecticide resistance in mosquitoes
110 Toxic liver effects of fifteen drugs predicted using computational approach