File Title
1 A new index for the diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
2 UNIST researchers get green light to commercialize metal-air batteries
3 Living environment a powerful factor in the lives of Rwanda's orphans
4 Forests 'held their breath' during global warming hiatus, research shows
5 Scientists spin artificial silk from whey protein
6 Hormone can enhance brain activity associated with love and sex
7 How plant cells regulate growth shown for the first time
8 Mummy visualization impresses in computer journal
9 Online media use shows strong genetic influence
10 Transplanted neurons incorporated into a stroke-injured rat brain
11 Strategies designed to reduce excessive body temperature during exercise are explored
12 Where belief in free will is linked to happiness
13 Getting closer to treatment for Parkinson's
14 Codes of ethics cause problems for overseas operations
15 Switching off the brain
16 Conserved role for Ovo protein in reproductive cell development in mice and fruit flies
17 Can the donut-shaped magnet 'CAPPuccino submarine' hunt for dark matter?
18 Smoking increases substantially during military service, Israeli research shows
19 Serum micoRNAs may serve as biomarkers for multiple sclerosis
20 CU Boulder research targets cookstove pollution using supercomputers and NASA satellites
21 New research on wine fermentation could lead to better bouquet
22 Experiment resolves mystery about wind flows on Jupiter
23 Evaluation of recombinant antithrombin vs. placebo in preterm preeclampsia
24 Scientists discover large extinct otter
25 Breaking the optical bandwidth record of stable pulsed lasers
26 Patients with severe chronic rhinosinusitis show improvement with Verapamil treatment
27 Identifying early markers of cardiac dysfunction in pregnancy
28 Regulating 'gasotransmitters' could improve care for sleep apnea
29 Coral reefs grow faster and healthier when parrotfish are abundant
30 Today's rare meteorites were once common
31 New tools developed to help clinicians predict risk of cardiovascular disease
32 Study reveals new genetic mechanism driving breast cancer
33 Autism symptoms improve after fecal transplant, small study finds
34 Noninvasive ultrasound pulses used to precisely tweak rat brain activity
35 Breast cancer drugs stop working when tumors 'make their own fuel'
36 Low-cost therapy produces long-lasting improvements for stroke survivors
37 New crab species shares name with 2 'Harry Potter' characters and a hero researcher
38 Immune defense without collateral damage
39 Big Brother will have some difficulty 'watching you' in future
40 What is good quality sleep? National Sleep Foundation provides guidance
41 TCGA study identifies genomic features of cervical cancer
42 ASU gut microbe study shows promise as a potential treatment for autism
43 Research helps explain how B cell metabolism is controlled
44 Affordable Care Act helped the chronically ill, but many still can't get care they need
45 Research leads to new treatment recommendations for a high-risk pediatric leukemia
46 Study finds parrotfish are critical to coral reef health
47 Cookware made with scrap metal contaminates food
48 Diabetes medication adherence, language, glycemic control in Latino patients
49 Comparing skin closure options for cesarean delivery
50 Survey: Most women don't know age heart screenings should begin
51 Evaluation of the use of human umbilical cord for in-utero spina bifida repair
52 Evaluation of the effects of laser tissue welding for spina bifida repair
53 Study finds an association between day of delivery and maternal-fetal mortality
54 Reduction of the most common cause of maternal death worldwide
55 Study finds recurrent hypertensive disease of pregnancy associated with early mortality
56 Skin closure options for cesarean delivery: Glue vs. subcuticular sutures
57 Glucose supplementation significantly reduces length of induced labor in childbirth
58 Cervical cancer death rates higher among older and black women
59 Study looks at a new method for filtering results from genetic studies
60 A network of molecular interactions in brain cells infected by Zika virus reveals new therapeutic targets
61 Melting solid below the freezing point
62 Standard of care anti-clotting drugs may be unnecessary for most surgery patients
63 E-cigarettes are expanding tobacco product use among youth
64 Use of fetal genetic sequencing increases the detection rate of genetic findings
65 Limiting gestational weight gain did not improve pregnancy complications
66 Blacks experience more family member deaths than whites, on average
67 Cervical cancer mortality rates may be underestimated
68 Medical assistance in dying will not increase health care costs in Canada
69 ACA increased coverage for chronically ill, but many still can't get needed care
70 Engaging fathers in parenting intervention improves outcomes for both kids and fathers
71 Psychological 'vaccine' could help immunize public against 'fake news' on climate change
72 Sepsis trumps CMS's 4 medical conditions tracked for readmission rates
73 Meditation and music may help reverse early memory loss in adults
74 New inverse algorithm for CO2 retrieval from satellite observations
75 For health and happiness, share good news
76 Facts, beliefs, and identity: The seeds of science skepticism
77 Genetic risk factors for autism, MS and other diseases differ between the sexes
78 Oceanographic analysis offers potential crash site of MH370
79 Finding a needle in the ocean
80 ACOs serving high proportions of minority patients lag in quality performance
81 New design strategy for longer lasting batteries
82 Opportunities for addiction care and HIV prevention in Russia
83 System for handling database caching yields faster websites
84 To find disease risk, genetics provides mother of all shortcuts
85 Student-athletes not sleeping enough, intervention could help
86 Provocative prions may protect yeast cells from stress
87 UTMB researcher is co-inventor of a faster and more accurate test for diagnosing Zika
88 Study identifies brain's connections which keep related memories distinct from each other
89 In African 'fairy circles,' a template for nature's many patterns
90 Calabrese says mistake led to adopting the LNT model in toxicology
91 When non-adherence to guidelines is a good thing: Study on COPD yields surprising results
92 Measurement of fractional flow reserve offers advantages for certain patients with CHD
93 Cholesterol--good for the brain, bad for the heart
94 Geriatrics experts highlight how Trump and Congress can support older adults
95 Trusting relationship with counselor vital to successful alcohol treatment
96 Bacterial discovery solves 20-year-old molecular paleontology mystery
97 A new principle for epigenetic changes
98 Study reveals areas of the brain impacted by PTSD
99 Can the comorbidity of depression and psychopathy be the devil's work?
100 Renoprotective effects of sglt2 inhibitors: Beyond glucose reabsorption inhibition
101 Scientists develop first catalysed reaction using iron salts
102 Stop smoking services may boost mental health of people with depression
103 The role of size in development of mucosal liposome-lipopeptide vaccine
104 Snap, digest, respire
105 Discovered one of the brightest distant galaxies so far known
106 Pre-operative liquid feeding reduces complications following Crohn's disease surgery
107 A new invisibility cloak to conceal objects in diffusive atmospheres is devised
108 Humans, not climate change, wiped out Australian megafauna
109 New genetic engineering technique could help design, study biological systems
110 Tracking movement of immune cells identifies key first steps in inflammatory arthritis