File Title
1 Bird lookouts make alarm calls to save themselves, not the group
2 Women with a thicker brain cortex are more likely to have autism
3 Massive lake drained for hydropower leaves dry bed and no fish
4 Rare mid-weight black hole found at heart of bright star cluster
5 More than 100 tech firms sign letter opposing Trump travel ban
6 Antibiotics might kill gut bacteria that protect newborn lungs
7 Glass from nuclear test site shows the moon was born dry
8 Primitive plants survive almost two years in outer space
9 Synchronised swimming seems to make dolphins more optimistic
10 Endangered snow leopards dine on livestock like goats and horses
11 NASA wants to put a lander on Europa's surface to look for life
12 How a raised hand from a pedestrian could stop driverless cars
13 Magnetic meteorites narrow down solar system's birthdate
14 AI learns to solve quantum state of many particles at once
15 Why grey wolves kill less prey when brown bears are around
16 Starlight test shows quantum world has been weird for 600 years
17 New beetle species bites army ant's butt and hitches a ride
18 Monkeys and dogs judge humans by how they treat others
19 Stinky armpits? Bacteria from a less smelly person can fix them
20 Software helps musicians stop slouching by ruining their music
21 Foxes seen climbing trees at night to track down and eat koalas
22 400 pilot whales stranded on New Zealand's 'whale trap' beach
23 Secrets of Earth's birth carried in lava jets from planet's core
24 New talk of warming pause just another faux climate controversy
25 Robotic bee could help pollinate crops as real bees decline
26 Deep-sea squid points a big, bulging eye up and a tiny eye down
27 Australia's extreme heatwave is a preview of things to come
28 Virtual reality weather add-ons let you feel the sun and wind
29 Climate change is already battering hundreds of animal species
30 NHS to start prescribing health apps that help manage conditions
31 Mars landing sites for 2020 NASA mission down to the final three
32 More people now believe human-made climate change is happening
33 Metadating helps you find love based on your everyday data
34 Female shark learns to reproduce without males after years alone
35 Sex and dentistry: I made a fellatio prosthetic for my mouth
36 Human genome editing shouldn't be used for enhancement--yet
37 Crews race to fix California dam before more rain falls
38 Junk food tax and veg subsidies could add 500,000 years of life
39 Metabolic switch may bring on chronic fatigue syndrome
40 Emergency clause lets European countries beat bee pesticide ban
41 Dormouse might be first tree-climbing mammal shown to echolocate
42 Universes that spawn 'cosmic brains' should go on the scrapheap
43 Seagrass meadows help remove dangerous bacteria from ocean water
44 Honeybees let out a 'whoop' when they bump into each other
45 Screening soldiers doesn't protect them from mental illness
46 Ant odd couple work together to build and keep a healthy nest
47 Microsoft app helps people with ALS speak using just their eyes
48 Hens that can lay eggs from other species could save rare birds
49 Mars might already be building rings from its moons
50 You are what you eat: Old food shortens lifespan in animals
51 New NASA teams will make human Mars missions light and efficient
52 Vitamin D supplements may prevent millions of winter infections
53 Two new drug therapies might cure every form of tuberculosis
54 More Order with Less Judgement: An Optimal Theory of the Evolution of Cooperation
55 Meeting the Challenge of Diagnostics for Super-Hot Plasmas in Fusion Reactors
56 Mobile Phone and Satellite Data to Map Poverty
57 A New Species of Gecko with Massive Scales and Tear-Away Skin
58 Germanium Tin Laser Could Increase Processing Speed of Computer Chips
59 High-Energy Electrons Probe Ultrafast Atomic Motion
60 Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Announces Partnership with Wichita State University
61 Mysterious White Dwarf Pulsar Discovered
62 Researchers Find that Some Feel an Invisible Touch
63 Creating Bionic Enzymes
64 Scientists Confirm Dorado Catfish as All-Time Distance Champion of Freshwater Migrations
65 Keep 'Em Separated
66 Portable Superconductivity Systems for Small Motors
67 New Method Improves Accuracy of Imaging Systems
68 Pure as the Driven X-Ray
69 Material Can Turn Sunlight, Heat and Movement into Electricity--All at Once
70 Electricity Costs: A New Way They'll Surge in a Warming World
71 Three New Uranium Minerals from Utah
72 Vietnam Capitalizes on Climate Change with Shrimp
73 New Structural Color Inspired by Tarantulas
74 Making a Scavenger--the Meat-Thieving Traits that Have Stood the Test of Time
75 CWRU Researchers Secure $2 million NIH Grant to Test Portable Sickle Cell Monitor
76 UCI Engineers Develop Powerful Millimeter-Wave Signal Generator
77 How Life Survives: UNC Researchers Confirm Basic Mechanism of DNA Repair
78 UF/IFAS Researchers to Launch New Plants-in-Space Mission
79 Compound from Deep-Water Marine Sponge Could Provide Antibacterial Solutions for MRSA
80 First Worldwide Patient-Powered Research Tool Launched by AARDA Heralds March as National Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month
81 UChicago Receives $2.4 Million NIH Grant to Build Visual Prosthesis
82 CWRU Researcher Discovers Fish Uses Sneaking Behavior as Stealth Mating Strategy
83 Largest Undersea Landslide Revealed on the Great Barrier Reef
84 Chimpanzee Feet Allow Scientists a New Grasp on Human Foot Evolution
85 Grow, Mow, Mulch: Finding Lawn's Value
86 Scientists' Computational Models Predict Mutations' Effect on Proteins
87 Researchers Invent a Breakthrough Process to Produce Renewable Car Tires from Trees and Grasses
88 New Ludwig Research Will Shift How Cancer Diversity and Resistance Are Understood and Studied
89 ADA Funds Kostic Lab to Create Model Linking the Microbiome to Type 1 Diabetes
90 Reforestation in Urban Landscapes
91 First Nuclear Explosion Helps Test Theory of Moon's Formation
92 Hidden Lakes Drain Below West Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier
93 Meta-Lenses Bring Benchtop Performance to Small, Hand-Held Spectrometer
94 Mosquito Research Receives $2 Million Grant to Speed the Development of New Vector Control Products
95 Researchers Develop Device that Emulates Human Kidney Function and Could Replace Animal, Human Testing
96 Hubble Witnesses Massive Comet-Like Object Pollute Atmosphere of a White Dwarf
97 A New Sensitive and Stable Self-Powered Photodetector
98 Chemicals Hitch a Ride onto New Protein for Better Compounds
99 UGA Scientists Use Robots and Drones to Accelerate Plant Genetic Research, Improve Crop Yield
100 River Research Project at California Campus Gets $250,000 Keck Grant
101 Johns Hopkins APL Plays Key Role as US, Japan Conduct First SM-3 Block IIA Intercept Test
102 New Supercomputer Triples Earth System Science Capability with Greater Efficiency
103 Biomimic Batteries: Lucia Gauchia Wins NSF CAREER Award
104 UCI, NASA Reveal New Details of Greenland Ice Loss
105 Music Professor Receives Patent to Help Fight Bark Beetles Ravaging Western Forests
106 Giant Flying Reptile Ruled Ancient Transylvania
107 Heart-Shaped Cells
108 How About Another Sweet, Juicy Strawberry, Courtesy of UF/IFAS?
109 New Study of Ferroelectrics Offers Roadmap to Multivalued Logic for Neuromorphic Computing
110 Scientists Estimate Solar Nebula's Lifetime