File Title
1 Ludwig research will shift how cancer diversity and resistance are understood and studied
2 Media research: For readers, print has priority
3 Scientists argue current climate change models understate the problem
4 NYU researchers study patients' genetic and susceptibility risk factors for lymphedema
5 Recycling yogurt waste to produce electricity, nutrients and more dairy foods
6 NASA finds planets of red dwarf stars may face oxygen loss in habitable zones
7 Commercial weight-loss drug could help treat opioid addiction
8 The origin of stem cells
9 'Corrective glass' for mass spectrometry imaging
10 Towards equal access to digital coins
11 New study explores disparities between researchers who publish in high-and low-impact journals
12 To make Medicare better for all, take social risk factors into account, experts recommend
13 Beliefs about better treatment for HIV leads gay men to engage in riskier sex
14 Turning off the protein tap-- a new clue to neurodegenerative disease
15 Digital relay baton enables remote crowd cheering of athletes
16 Educational psychology: Finding the fun in maths
17 New evidence in favor of dark matter: The bars in galaxies are spinning more slowly than we thought
18 Carnivores more seriously threatened by roads than previously acknowledged
19 Function of olfactory receptor in the human heart identified
20 New study reinforces the contribution of S6K1 kinase in obesity and aging
21 Real-time feedback helps save energy and water
22 UNIST engineers oxide semiconductor just single atom thick
23 Record-breaking material that contracts when heated
24 UNIST to engineer dream diodes with a graphene interlayer
25 Collapsed chloroplasts are targeted in self-eating process
26 Pure iron grains are rare in the universe
27 New species discovered in Antarctica
28 New stem cell technique shows promise for bone repair
29 Horror movie scenes help UCI team identify key brain circuits for processing fear
30 Why nature restoration takes time
31 Compound from deep-water marine sponge could provide antibacterial solutions for MRSA
32 NICU study highlights need to reduce loud noises, boost beneficial sounds
33 Measuring time without a clock
34 Patient self checks are critical to avoid potentially deadly melanoma recurrence
35 A 'release and kill' strategy may aid treatment of tuberculosis
36 New system makes it harder to track Bitcoin transactions
37 Office-based test developed to identify amyloidosis-related heart failure
38 Calcified plaque raises heart disease risk for young adults
39 A middleweight black hole is hiding at the center of a giant star cluster
40 Rethink needed to save critically endangered black rhinoceros
41 Excessive antibiotic use in newborns can permanently damage lungs' defenses
42 Innovative procedure to measure cell energy production developed
43 Research reveals contaminated machines used in cardiac surgery cause infection in patients
44 First nuclear explosion helps test theory of moon's formation
45 New study finds that eating whole grains increases metabolism and calorie loss
46 Eating whole grains led to modest improvements in gut microbiota and immune response
47 Presence of coronary artery calcium among younger adults associated with increased risk of fatal heart
48 Typical male brain anatomy associated with higher probability of autism spectrum disorder
49 How can marijuana policy protect the adolescent brain?
50 Stem-cell-derived cells flag a possible new treatment for rare blood disorder
51 Hijacking bacteria to kill cancer
52 'Goldilocks' genes that tell the tale of human evolution hold clues to variety of diseases
53 Rising inequalities to blame for many of world's ills, say experts
54 Is it time for a dedicated tax to fund the NHS?
55 Study: Analyzing gut microbes and their byproducts essential to understanding human health
56 Blood test may help differentiate Parkinson's from similar diseases
57 Sex, drugs, and rock and roll chemistry in the brain
58 Analysis uncovers racial bias in fatal shootings by police
59 Study provides insights on optimal treatment of Paget's disease of bone
60 Many older adults with epilepsy may not be receiving optimal care
61 Gold standard monitoring of HCC in patients with cirrhosis is cost-effective
62 Study provides clues to the sex difference in dyslexia
63 Poor thigh muscle strength may increase women's risk of knee osteoarthritis
64 Are antivirals a cost-effective therapy during severe flu seasons?
65 Men experience greater cognitive impairment and short-term death following hip surgery
66 How Thailand eliminated mother-to-child HIV transmission
67 Quinoa genome accelerates solutions for food security
68 Lack of transportation limits healthy food access among Washington State residents
69 Exposure to a newer flame retardant has been on the rise
70 Dietary protein associated with musculoskeletal health regardless of food source
71 How African salmonella strains are evolving to become more dangerous
72 Snow leopard and Himalayan wolf diets are about one-quarter livestock
73 Splitfin flashlight fish uses bioluminescent light to illuminate plankton
74 Host birds reject brown parasitic eggs more often the blue-green eggs
75 For youth of color, losing trust in teachers may mean losing the chance to make it to college
76 One year of high-quality early education improves outcomes for low-income infants, toddlers
77 Students who enjoy or take pride in math have better long-term math achievement
78 Harsh parenting predicts low educational attainment through increasing peer problems
79 Combined count data reveals shifts in hawks' migratory behavior
80 Allen's Hummingbird boom missed by breeding bird surveys
81 Greater sage-grouse more mobile than previously suspected
82 Stanford research shows that anyone can become an Internet troll
83 Pervasive chemicals pose threats for pregnant women and their offspring
84 Study shows exercise, sleep are key to keeping employees from bringing home work frustrations
85 Largest undersea landslide revealed on the Great Barrier Reef
86 Teachers may be cause of 'obesity penalty' on girls' grades
87 Why male immune cells are from Mars and female cells are from Venus
88 Study shows vital role ARMC5 protein plays in development and immunity
89 Researchers add human intuition to planning algorithms
90 How life survives: UNC researchers confirm basic mechanism of DNA repair
91 Research reveals vital links between brain tumors and epileptic seizures
92 Coal ash selenium found in fish in N.C. lakes
93 New scientific approach assesses land recovery following oil and gas drilling
94 Advanced EEG analysis reveals the complex beauty of the sleeping brain
95 Breast cancer patients with dense breast tissue more likely to develop contralateral disease
96 Broader updrafts in severe storms may increase chance of damaging hail
97 Air pollution linked to heightened risk of type 2 diabetes in obese Latino children
98 Findings: Induced pluripotent stem cells don't increase genetic mutations
99 Method to identify bacteria in blood samples works in hours instead of days
100 A new way to discover structures of membrane proteins
101 Overcoming hurdles in CRISPR gene editing to improve treatment
102 A bridge of stars connects 2 dwarf galaxies
103 New study is an advance toward preventing a 'post-antibiotic era'
104 Three new uranium minerals from Utah
105 Restrictions to clothing and freedom clash
106 NREL research pinpoints promise of polycrystalline perovskites
107 Bacterium lassoes its way from the mouth to the heart to cause disease
108 Why we underestimate time when we're having fun on Facebook
109 Wolfing it down: Brown bears reduce wolf kill rates says USU ecologist
110 Fast food packaging contains potentially harmful chemicals that can leach into food