File Title
1 Large scale antibiotic resistant genes found in estuarine wetland due to human activity
2 The firefly among fish
3 Life begets life: The diversity of species on Earth is generating itself
4 Noradrenaline enhances vision through beta-adrenergic receptors
5 ANU scientists make new high-tech liquid materials
6 Digital photography could be a key factor in rural health care
7 Potential breakthrough for treating hypertension with ultra low-dose combinations
8 Despite few taste genes, honey bees seek out essential nutrients based on floral resources
9 Wave of the future: Terahertz chips a new way of seeing through matter
10 Broken pebbles offer clues to Paleolithic funeral rituals
11 Stanford researchers among those discussing the future of conservation
12 How best to treat infections and tumors
13 New engineered material can cool roofs, structures with zero energy consumption
14 Lost in translation: Parkinson's disease research undercut by study design
15 MBL study illuminates the origin of vertebrate gills
16 From brouhaha to coordination: Motor learning from the neuron's point of view
17 Chemicals hitch a ride onto new protein for better compounds
18 Research reveals novel quantum state in strange insulating materials
19 Evidence points to fish oil to fight asthma
20 Study examines how behavioral science can help tackle problem of idling engines
21 Big data for the universe
22 In-cell molecular sieve from protein crystal
23 New research to help preserve the benefits people receive from nature
24 Researchers show how Lou Gehrig's disease progression could be delayed
25 Fossil record should help guide conservation in a changing world
26 Scientists estimate solar nebula's lifetime
27 Recreational amphetamine use may hasten biological aging of the heart
28 Allow some people to continue to self-injure as part of harm minimization, says researcher
29 Deeper origin of gill evolution suggests 'active lifestyle' link in early vertebrates
30 GW researcher finds genetic cause of new type of muscular dystrophy
31 New study identifies organic matter composition as a critical factor controlling mercury methylation
32 Hair analysis may help diagnose Cushing syndrome, NIH researchers report
33 Bacteria sleep, then rapidly evolve, to survive antibiotic treatments
34 Researchers optimize the assembly of micro-/meso-/macroporous carbon for Li-S batteries
35 Newly discovered beetle species catches a ride on the back of army ants
36 Less driving linked to a decrease in roadway fatalities
37 New mechanobiology technique to stop cancer cell migration
38 Dual-function nanorod LEDs could make multifunctional displays
39 Staying cool without an air conditioner
40 The Deccan Traps: Double, double magma trouble
41 Women who have a false positive screening mammogram more likely to delay next screen
42 Researchers identify new cause of brain defects in tuberous sclerosis patients
43 Fossil treasure-trove reveals post-extinction world ruled by sponges
44 Genetic 'switch' in animals offers clues to evolutionary origins of fine motor skills
45 Language barriers may interfere with access to kidney transplantation
46 Doctors create 'MAGIC algorithm' to predict bone marrow transplant patients' risk of dying
47 New drug screening system could help speed development of a cure for HPV
48 Researchers model impact of vaccine campaigns on invasive Salmonella
49 Climate change and fishing create 'trap' for penguins
50 Sticky gels turn insect-sized drones into artificial pollinators
51 Bacteria fed synthetic iron-containing molecules turn into electrical generators
52 Yale scientists study how some insulin-producing cells survive in type 1 diabetes
53 Endangered African penguins are falling into an 'ecological trap'
54 Emphysema treatment could be optimized using network modelling
55 Genetics of both virus and patient work together to influence the course of HIV infection
56 How best to treat infections and tumors: Containment versus aggressive treatment
57 Most stretchable elastomer for 3-D printing
58 Orexin as a potential drug for treating septic shock
59 IFT20 protein's role in helping cancer cells to invade
60 Genetic profiling can guide stem cell transplantation for patients with myelodysplastic syndrome
61 Anti-cell death agent a potential treatment for vision loss associated with MS
62 Older adults who exercise regularly may lower chances for severe mobility problems
63 Study finds naps may help preschoolers learn
64 America's youngest children most likely to live in poor economic conditions
65 Silver ion-coated medical devices could fight MRSA while creating new bone
66 A trust gap may hinder academic success for minorities
67 New species of amoeba is named after a character in the Lord of the Rings
68 Decoding ocean signals
69 Scientists identify mechanisms driving gut bacterial imbalance and inflammation
70 Poor and less educated suffer the most from chronic pain
71 Study sheds light on the biology of progressive form of multiple sclerosis
72 Syracuse University geochemist breathes new life into 'Great Oxidation Event'
73 Better scaffolds help scientists study cancer
74 Believe in the American dream?
75 Hospice caregivers should be screened early to prevent depression, anxiety
76 Want to help your mate beat the blues? Show them the love
77 Grow, mow, mulch: Finding lawn's value
78 UCI scientists create organs-on-chips for large-scale drug screening
79 Designer compound may untangle damage leading to some dementias
80 Archaeologists find 12th Dead Sea Scrolls cave
81 CU Anschutz research investigates role of protein in obesity among Latin American women
82 Data on blue whales off California helps protect their distant relatives
83 New Oxford University study shows some animal welfare issues get more media
84 Youth soccer coaches can prevent injuries with just 90 minutes of training
85 Study of complex genetic region finds hidden role of NCF1 in multiple autoimmune diseases
86 An alternative theory on how aspirin may thwart cancer
87 Study provides new insight into different forms of heart failure
88 Deep groundwater aquifers respond rapidly to climate variability
89 Chimpanzee feet allow scientists a new grasp on human foot evolution
90 How to decrease the mass of aircrafts
91 Hidden lakes drain below West Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier
92 Troubling inconsistency found in dialysis testing methods--with patient care implications
93 Large groups of photons on demand--an equivalent of photonic 'integrated circuit'
94 Refined method offers new piece in the cancer puzzle
95 UTMB researchers discover reason for permanent vision loss after head injury
96 How does brain functional connectivity change from the awake to unconscious state?
97 NIH study reveals how melanoma spreads
98 Flat lens opens a broad world of color
99 Mayo Clinic researchers quantify immune cells associated with future breast cancer risk
100 'Who needs a flu shot?--not me'
101 Diesel trains may expose passengers to exhaust
102 Spanish-speaking and non-citizen Latino parents half as likely to feel docs are listening
103 PTSD symptoms may be prevented with ketamine
104 CWRU researcher finds fish uses sneaking behavior as stealth mating strategy
105 Pioneering chip extends sensors' battery life
106 Giving the messages from fat cells a positive spin to prevent diabetes
107 Can parental education improve effectiveness of school-based BMI screening?
108 Daylight savings time impacts miscarriage rates among select IVF patients, study finds
109 Key friendships vital for effective human social networks
110 Math learned best when children move