File Title
1 Tough early life makes wild animals live longer
2 UMD physicist improves method for designing fusion experiments
3 Passengers take mobile measure of comfort for railway companies
4 'Anti-aging' hormone could unlock new treatments for kidney and heart disease
5 Mismatched eyes help squid survive ocean's twilight zone
6 Nicotine exposure during and after pregnancy can cause hearing problems in children
7 Couples, friends show similarity in personality traits after all
8 Beijing MST Radar detection of the lower, middle and upper atmosphere
9 Scientists discover an unexpected influence on dividing stem cells' fate
10 Nano-level lubricant tuning improves material for electronic devices and surface coatings
11 Four decades of evidence finds no link between immigration and increased crime
12 50+ year-old protein volume paradox resolved
13 New data from NOAA GOES-16's Space Environment in-Situ Suite (SEISS) instrument
14 University incubators may lead to lower-quality innovation, new study shows
15 USU researchers develop genetic tool to improve arsenic studies
16 Discovering what shapes language diversity
17 X-ray to study micronutrients in human minibrains
18 Newfound effect of cancer drug may expand its use
19 Minorities, Latino immigrants face greatest risk of injury, disability on the job
20 Surrounding real estate shows increase in value if near transit station
21 Hubble sees spiral in Andromeda
22 Epilepsy drug discovered in fish model shows promise in small pediatric clinical trial
23 Researchers solve fish evolution mystery
24 Stressed out interferons reveal potential key to alternative lupus treatment
25 Alzheimer's may be linked to defective brain cells spreading disease
26 Protecting bulk power systems from hackers
27 A new open source dataset links human motion and language
28 Scientists estimate solar nebula's lifetime
29 New study of ferroelectrics offers roadmap to multivalued logic for neuromorphic computing
30 Laser-based camera improves view of the carotid artery
31 Progress toward HIV cure highlighted in issue of AIDS Research & Human Retroviruses
32 Cold plates and hot melts
33 Gaining an edge in head-to-head competition
34 Ancient signals from the early universe
35 HSE experts investigate how order emerges from chaos
36 Research suggests wearing a police uniform changes the way the brain processes info
37 Quest to settle riddle over Einstein's theory may soon be over
38 Taming complexity
39 Bluebells may fail to flourish as warmer days speed start of spring
40 New method reduces adverse effects of rectal cancer treatment
41 Highlighting the clinical complications associated with ART in HIV/TB coinfected patients
42 Gut bacteria may play a role in Alzheimer's disease
43 Pre-eclampsia deaths are avoidable--new comment in The Lancet
44 Traffic light in the brain
45 Litter levels in the depths of the Arctic are on the rise
46 Prebiotics may help to cope with stress
47 Developmental biology: Life support for precursor cells
48 Mitochondrial lipids as potential targets in early onset Parkinson's disease
49 Monkey fights help explain tipping points in animal societies
50 Brazilian peppertree packs power to knock out antibiotic-resistant bacteria
51 Lecithin enhances antimicrobial properties of the essential oil, eugenol
52 Falsifying Galileo satellite signals will become more difficult
53 Increasing the sensitivity of next-generation gravitational wave detectors
54 One step closer to personalized antibiotic treatment
55 Plasmas promote protein introduction in plants
56 Malaria vaccine target's invasion partner uncovered
57 A warm relationship between corals and bacteria
58 Chinese air pollution linked to respiratory and cardiovascular deaths
59 Sea-level change in Southeast Asia 6,000 years ago has implications for today
60 Studies uncover long-term effects of traumatic brain injury
61 Poverty and high neighborhood murder rates increase depression in older adults
62 Matters of the heart: YorkU researchers create 3-D beating heart
63 VA-Defense study aims to track mild traumatic brain injury over decades
64 Gas hydrate breakdown unlikely to cause massive greenhouse gas release
65 High-throughput, in vivo validation of candidate congenital heart disease genes
66 Older adults embracing 'living apart together'
67 New, long-lasting flow battery could run for more than a decade with minimum upkeep
68 New method of genetic engineering indispensable tool in biotechnological applications
69 UCI, NASA reveal new details of Greenland ice loss
70 Neural network learns to select potential anticancer drugs
71 Dwarf star 200 light years away contains life's building blocks
72 Scientists identify aggressive pancreatic cancer cells and their vulnerability
73 A new sensitive and stable self-powered photodetector
74 Methane levels have increased in Marcellus Shale region despite dip in well installation
75 New study links brain stem volume and aggression in autism
76 The Internet and your brain are more alike than you think
77 Why malaria mosquitoes like people with malaria
78 Gene variant identified for Kawasaki disease susceptibility
79 Antibiotic use for travelers' diarrhea favors particularly resistant super bacteria
80 Research uncovers bacteria linking Crohn's disease to arthritis
81 NASA team looks to ancient earth first to study hazy exoplanets
82 Researchers cast into doubt a tenet of the dominant evolutionary biology model
83 Sorting machine for atoms
84 University of Maryland researchers make strides in schizophrenia diagnosis research
85 We like taking selfies but not looking at them
86 Rice takes deeper look at unconventional oil and gas
87 New data reveal aging experiences of LGBT Americans
88 Dial-an-interpreter can help docs get patients' consent
89 Researchers develop device that emulates human kidney function
90 Hubble witnesses massive comet-like object pollute atmosphere of a white dwarf
91 NASA spacecraft prepares to fly to new heights
92 An 'ignition key' revs up DNA shuffling to make antibodies
93 Hubble finds big brother of Halley's Comet ripped apart by white dwarf
94 Two investigational antitumor agents work better together against MPNST and neuroblastoma
95 Infection defense: Call for support by the killer cells
96 Direct radiolabeling of nanomaterials
97 Computer trained to predict which AML patients will go into remission, which will relapse
98 New simple method quickly reveals kidney damage
99 Words can sound 'round' or 'sharp' without us realizing it
100 Brain damage is not always damaging
101 Infectious outbreak in critically ill children leads to recall of contaminated medication
102 Meta-lenses bring benchtop performance to small, hand-held spectrometer
103 Extended lactation does not impair the quality or cheese-making property of milk
104 Footballing success in the young can be measured in the brain
105 Climate change responsible for the great diversity in horses
106 Metamaterial: Mail armor inspires physicists
107 International team of researchers develop new model for earlier treatments for AMD
108 Subsea mining moves closer to shore
109 Support for health professionals reduces unnecessary use of antibiotics in hospitals
110 Malaria mosquitos sensitive to horseradish