File Title
1 Groundbreaking gene therapy restores hearing, balance
2 What Does a Coffee Enema Do?
3 Diet Tips for COPD
4 Diet Tips for COPD
5 E-cigarettes safer alternative to smoking combustible cigarettes, study confirms
6 High-risk breast cancer patients fail to receive genetic testing
7 Male contraceptive proves effective as alternative to vasectomy
8 Heavy lifting, shift work may negatively impact women's fertility
9 Harsh parenting may do more harm than good for children's education
10 Best Eye Drops for People with Red Eyes
11 What is the Pathophysiology of COPD?
12 Fetal exposure to bisphenol A disrupts the body's endocrine system
13 Autism more common in people whose brains are anatomically more male-like
14 Whole grains increase metabolism, may help promote weight loss
15 Scientists find chemical pathway responsible for schizophrenia symptoms
16 Five Important Facts About Multiple Sclerosis
17 How to Break a Fever: Treatment Tips for Various Ages
18 Breast cancer: Changes in immune cell composition linked to future risk
19 Whole grains may lead to a healthier gut, better immune responses
20 Cushing's syndrome: Could analyzing hair confirm diagnosis?
21 Why does type 1 diabetes kill some cells but not others?
22 COPD and Pneumonia: What's the Connection?
23 Is Fibromyalgia Real? Common Misconceptions About the Condition
24 Gene discovery suggests new type of congenital muscular dystrophy
25 Eating more fruits, vegetables boosts psychological well-being in just 2 weeks
26 Amphetamine use may 'speed up' heart aging
27 What are the effects of traumatic brain injury in children?
28 Gout and Diet: Nutritional Information and What to Avoid
29 Asthma vs. COPD: Differences and Similarities
30 How eating less can slow the aging process
31 Climate change impacts on endangered wildlife massively under reported
32 Study reveals surprising link between athletics and addiction
33 Team makes planet hunting a group effort, finds more than 100 candidates
34 Penn vet study shows how solid tumors resist immunotherapy
35 How many calories in that tweet?
36 Gluten-free diet may increase risk of arsenic, mercury exposure
37 New study helps explain how garbage patches form in the world's oceans
38 Luminescence switchable carbon nanodots follow intracellular trafficking and drug delivery
39 Researchers discover a new link to fight billion-dollar threat to soybean production
40 TSRI researchers discover how the brain turns chronic stress into pathological anxiety
41 For decision-makers who want the best, focus on the strategy
42 In-depth gene search reveals new mutations, drug targets in rare adrenal tumors
43 Plant-made hemophilia therapy shows promise, Penn study finds
44 Preventing hospital-related deaths due to medical errors--'We can and must do better'
45 New mechanical metamaterials can block symmetry of motion, findings suggest
46 Now you can 'build your own' bio-bot
47 Women's educational attainment and origin are risk factors in abortions
48 Scientists isolate new antibodies to fight human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)
49 Women in academic cardiology are significantly less likely to be full professors
50 Scientists predicted new high-energy compounds
51 Gene that helps form trauma-related memories may also help prevent PTSD
52 Resettlement of internally displaced persons is affected by multiple factors
53 Depression linked to e-cigarette use among college students
54 New study compares bone-inducing properties of 3-D-printed mineralized scaffolds
55 Insurance status impacts complication rates after shoulder replacement surgery
56 Married people have lower levels of stress hormone
57 Home use of hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery system shown safe and effective
58 Simulated ransomware attack shows vulnerability of industrial controls
59 How to be a successful pest: Lessons from the green peach aphid
60 Testosterone therapy provides protection against cardiovascular disease in men with low testosterone
61 Study finds glucose supplementation significantly reduces length of induced labor
62 Altmetric data analysis reveals how Parkinson's disease research affects the world
63 Scientists make huge dataset of nearby stars available to public
64 Understanding enzymes
65 Manchester researchers enter the 'Wild West' of chemistry to reveal a surprise finding
66 The damage of discrimination
67 Epstein-Barr virus and cancer: New tricks from an old dog
68 Will androids dream of quantum sheep?
69 Organo-metal compound seen killing cancer cells from inside
70 Are drones disturbing marine mammals?
71 Success by deception
72 Gene discovery sheds light on growth defects linked to dwarfism
73 New software will standardize data collection for great white sharks
74 Blood test provides clues to bladder cancer patients' prognoses
75 Ovarian hormones awaken newly discovered breast stem cells
76 Superconductivity with two-fold symmetry--new evidence for topological superconductor SrxBi2Se3
77 A kiss of death--mammals were the first animals to produce venom
78 Living standards lag behind economic growth
79 Accelerated chlorophyll reaction in microdroplets to reveal secret of photosynthesis
80 A new platform to study graphene's electronic properties
81 Impact of climate change on mammals and birds 'greatly underestimated'
82 New protein discovery may lead to new, natural antibiotics
83 Microbiomes more in flux in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
84 Making single-cell RNA sequencing widely available
85 Wikipedia readers get shortchanged by copyrighted material
86 Viral charity campaigns have a psychological 'recipe' and all-too-brief lifespan
87 Chemical engineers boost bacteria's productivity
88 UTSA study describes drug that could prevent infertility in cancer patients
89 Study finds that people are attracted to outward signs of health, not actual health
90 Use of multiple brain-affecting drugs is rising among seniors, despite risks, study finds
91 Researchers develop first reliable technique to track web users across browsers
92 The ultimate green technology
93 School vouchers bring more money to Catholic schools--but at a cost, study finds
94 Strong alcohol policies protect against drunk driving deaths among young people
95 Marine bacteria produce an environmentally important molecule with links to climate
96 New discovery could be a major advance for neurological diseases
97 New research shows that proteins are 'virtually' knotted
98 Examining different accountable care organization payment models
99 Low birth weight babies at higher risk for mental health problems later in life
100 Banned chemicals from the '70s found in the deepest reaches of the ocean
101 Cellular quality control process could be Huntington's disease drug target
102 Inducing an identity crisis in liver cells may help diabetics
103 Researchers identify 'Achilles' heel' of PTEN that helps drive prostate cancer progression
104 UBC scientists create mouse that resists cocaine's lure
105 Heavy snowfall, longer duration, associated with higher risk of heart attack
106 Neurons support cancer growth throughout the body
107 Researchers identify 'Achilles' heel' of key anti-cancer protein
108 How evolution alters biological invasions
109 Accelerating low-carbon innovation through policy
110 Link identified between nerve cell proteins and middle-age onset Dementia