File Title
1 New Study Finds Extensive Use of Fluorinated Chemicals in Fast Food Wrappers
2 UF/IFAS Faculty Lead Contest that Connects Insects, Art
3 FAU First to Video Newly Discovered Population of Monkeys Believed to be Nearing Extinction
4 Building Up Biomaterials: Michigan Tech Researchers Lead Forest Bioeconomy Conference
5 Cocktail of Bacteria-Killing Viruses Prevents Cholera Infection in Animal Models
6 Sandia's Solar Glitter Closer to Market with New Licensing Agreement
7 Sandia Receives ENERGISE Award to Study How to Help Utilities Better Manage Power System
8 Coastal Wetlands Excel at Storing Carbon
9 Challenges of Breeding "VIPeas"
10 Scientists Determine Precise 3-D Location and Identity of All 23,000 Atoms in a Nanoparticle
11 Researchers Flip Script for Li-Ion Electrolytes to Simulate Better Batteries
12 Space Travel Visionaries Solve the Problem of Interstellar Slowdown at Our Stellar Neighbor
13 ORNL Researchers Break Data Transfer Efficiency Record
14 Zika: Where Are We Now?
15 UT Southwestern Researchers Identify Gene that Protects Against Inflammatory Bowel Disease
16 Missouri S&T Researcher Works to Develop Nanodiamond Materials
17 Immune System Suppression May Be Related to Problem Drinking
18 Online mapping tool lets Seattle pedestrians avoid hills, construction, accessibility barriers
19 Color-Coded Chemistry Tests Get a Boost
20 Simulations Reveal the Invisible Chaos of Superluminous Supernovae
21 Letting Go
22 Cytotoxins Contribute to Virulence of Deadly Epidemic Bacterial Infections
23 Earth, Wind...and Sand Dunes
24 Wichita State Joins NASA's Advanced Composites Consortium
25 Sandia Battling Corrosion to Keep Solar Panels Humming
26 Wanted: Self-Driving Cells to Pursue Deadly Bacteria
27 SDSC's 'Comet' Supercomputer Surpasses '10,000 Users' Milestone
28 Sleep Deprivation Handicaps the Brain's Ability to Form New Memories, Study in Mice Shows
29 SLAC Study Helps Explain Why Uranium Persists in Groundwater at Former Mining Sites
30 UAH, HudsonAlpha Team as Part of National $31.5 Million Genetics Effort
31 Lab Specializes in Analyzing Brittle Portion of Polar Ice Cores
32 Researchers Trying to Get Handle on Campus Pigeon Population
33 Flipping the Switch on Ammonia Production
34 Missouri S&T Research Team Helps Boeing Set Up Nondestructive Evaluation Laboratory
35 Change in Astronaut's Gut Bacteria Attributed to Spaceflight
36 Hour of Code Sends 45 Argonne, Fermilab and UChicago Computer Scientists to Schools
37 Machine Learning Method Accurately Predicts Metallic Defects
38 Animals Retain Long-Term Memory of the Biggest and Best Sources of Food
39 How Much Drought Can a Forest Take?
40 Cholera Bacteria Stab and Poison Enemies at Predictable Rates
41 More Steps, Faster Results
42 Bacteria's Secret Weapon
43 First Light Shines in Instrument Designed to Solve the Neutrino Controversy
44 Supercomputers for Quantum Computers
45 Methylmercury Sleuths Armed with New Spotlight
46 Battery-Free Technology for Instant Electronic Inventory of Sensitive Items at a Distance
47 A Concussion May Affect Your Driving Even After Symptoms Disappear, Says Study
48 Valentine's Day Means More than Roses; UF/IFAS Breeds, Suggests Other Plants to Give
49 Researchers Identify 'Synthetic Essentiality' as Novel Approach for Locating Cancer Therapy Targets
50 The Power of Tea
51 Fermilab Achieves Milestone Beam Power for Neutrino Experiments
52 Exploring the Matter that Filled the Early Universe
53 Study Sheds Light on How Carnivorous Plants Acquired a Taste for Meat
54 UF/IFAS Researcher: Cats, Dogs Teaming Up Is Best Way to Keep Rodents Away
55 Researchers Identify Ion Channel Necessary for Hormone and Anti-Obesity Drug to Suppress Eating
56 UNH Researcher Discovers a Black Hole Feeding Frenzy that Breaks Records
57 Genomes in Flux: New Study Reveals Hidden Dynamics of Bird and Mammal DNA Evolution
58 Size Matters for Marine Protected Areas Designed to Aid Coral
59 Global Consortium Formed to Educate Leaders on Climate and Health
60 UCI Named as Partner in New Clean Manufacturing Institute
61 Pain During Alcohol Withdrawal: Electroacupuncture May Help
62 More Order with Less Judgement: An Optimal Theory of the Evolution of Cooperation
63 Meeting the Challenge of Diagnostics for Super-Hot Plasmas in Fusion Reactors
64 Mobile Phone and Satellite Data to Map Poverty
65 A New Species of Gecko with Massive Scales and Tear-Away Skin
66 Germanium Tin Laser Could Increase Processing Speed of Computer Chips
67 High-Energy Electrons Probe Ultrafast Atomic Motion
68 Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Announces Partnership with Wichita State University
69 Mysterious White Dwarf Pulsar Discovered
70 Creating Bionic Enzymes
71 Scientists Confirm Dorado Catfish as All-Time Distance Champion of Freshwater Migrations
72 Keep 'Em Separated
73 Portable Superconductivity Systems for Small Motors
74 New Method Improves Accuracy of Imaging Systems
75 Pure as the Driven X-Ray
76 Material Can Turn Sunlight, Heat and Movement into Electricity--All at Once
77 Electricity Costs: A New Way They'll Surge in a Warming World
78 Three New Uranium Minerals from Utah
79 Vietnam Capitalizes on Climate Change with Shrimp
80 Tarantulas Inspire New Structural Color with the Greatest Viewing Angle
81 Making a Scavenger--the Meat-Thieving Traits that Have Stood the Test of Time
82 CWRU Researchers Secure $2 million NIH Grant to Test Portable Sickle Cell Monitor
83 UCI Engineers Develop Powerful Millimeter-Wave Signal Generator
84 How Life Survives: UNC Researchers Confirm Basic Mechanism of DNA Repair
85 Vicious microbial warfare helps bacteria evolve cooperation
86 Internet 'playground' trials new tech to deliver smart cities
87 Health insurer calls analysed for signs of disease in your voice
88 Carnivorous plants repurpose stress genes to digest their prey
89 Flies are spreading antibiotic resistance from farms to people
90 Amputees control virtual prosthetic arm using nerve signals
91 Ocean acidification may be good for thriving marine snails
92 Space junk collector burns up after hitting snag in first test
93 Being friendly puts monkeys at risk in times of revolution
94 N/A
95 Space junk collector burns up after hitting snag in first test
96 Switching from smoking to vaping does reduce your carcinogens
97 Gravitational wave detector prepares to peer into bizarre stars
98 Looking at a virtual hand reduces the pain in your real hand
99 Printed 'lab on a chip' costs a penny and catches disease early
100 Sun's rotation is slowed down by its own photons
101 US conservative bill aims to axe EPA--here's why it won't work
102 Starlight test shows quantum world has been weird for 600 years
103 Blood test could catch pancreatic cancer before it's too late
104 LHC sees matter and antimatter misbehaving in alternate particle
105 Injection could permanently lower cholesterol by changing DNA
106 Here's How Camping Helps You Fall Asleep
107 Here's Why Synthetic Marijuana Isn't Safe
108 Physicists 'See' Location of 23,000 Single Atoms for First Time
109 Is There Equality in Parenting?
110 Watch this Squishy, See-Through Robot Grab a Live Goldfish