File Title
1 ISS Live Feed Was Cut to Cover Up Alien UFO Passing by, Alien Hunters Say
2 Water Found in the Atmosphere of Exoplanet 51 Pegasi b
3 Private International Space Station to Replace ISS?
4 NASA's Astronaut Twin Study Results Out
5 Baring the Spectacular Images of Cat's Paw, Lobster Nebulae
6 Has NASA Recovered from the Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster Impact?
7 Astronomers Plan on Slowing Down Spacecraft in Alpha Centauri
8 Alien Hunter Captures 'UFO' Inside NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory?
9 A Stray Black Hole Is Hiding Somewhere in the Milky Way
10 Ice Volcanoes on Ceres May Have Disappeared to Oblivion
11 Meteorite Proves Mars Had Volcanoes for 2 Billion Years
12 Do Astronauts Age Faster in Space or on Earth?
13 NASA's New Tool Can Help in Finding Aliens on Europa
14 The Universe Is a 'Vast and Complex' Hologram, According to Study
15 NASA Finds Universe's Biggest Ancient Black Holes, Can Change Everything People Know About Them
16 Police Officers and Alien Patrolling Together, a Photo Captured in Santiago Shows
17 Space Junk Crowds Earth's Orbit Yet People Don't See It in Photos of Earth, Here's Why
18 Billionaires Are Mining the Moon for Trillions of Dollars Worth of Gold and Platinum
19 Is NASA Hiding a 'Flying Saucer' at Its Space Laboratory? Google Earth Images Allegedly Show UFO
20 Take a Look at the Swirling Spirals of Mars' North Pole
21 Hubble Spotted a Star About to Die in a 'Rotten Egg Nebula'
22 Is NASA Hiding a UFO in One of Its Laboratories?
23 UAE to Be First Islamic Nation to Launch Mars Mission
24 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Successfully Completed Its Fourth Flyby of Jupiter
25 Latest UFO News: An Army of Six UFOs Deployed Near Colima, Mexico
26 UAE Mars mission: First Arab Nation to Join the 'Fight for Space' Alongside Japan
27 NASA Turned Super Bowl Live Houston into a Space Flight Center
28 Ultrafast Camera Captures Light for the First Time
29 Scientists Prove Mathematician's Theory on the Existence of God
30 Physicists Get Major Breakthrough On 'Star Wars' Holograms
31 Take Home Albert Einstein for Just US$249
32 Underwater Drone Swarms Used to Study Plankton Mating
33 'Smart Glasses' Discovered, Could Eliminate the Need for Bifocals, Reading Glasses
34 The Paper that Could Print Images, Texts Using Light Discovered
35 Research Center for Renewable Energy Mapping Assessment (ReCREMA) Advances UAE's Renewable Energy and Environmental Monitoring Goals through Satellite Remote Sensing
36 Astronomers Measure Universe Expansion, Get Hints of 'New Physics'
37 Twitter Data Could Improve Subway Operations During Big Events
38 Food and Antibiotics May Change Microorganisms in Gut, Causing IBS
39 Trying to Tango with More than 2: Extra Centrosomes Promote Tumor Formation in Mice
40 Three Masdar Institute Students Experience Zero Gravity at JAXA-Hosted Training in Japan
41 ReCREMA Research Scientist Wins MESIA Woman of the Year 2017 Award
42 Deep Mantle Chemistry Surprise: Carbon Content Not Uniform
43 Coral Reefs Grow Faster and Healthier When Parrotfish Are Abundant
44 Penn Computational Geneticist Receives Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
45 Professors Ateshian and Myers Win ASME Honors for Bioengineering Research
46 Study: How Climate Change Threatens Mountaintops (and Clean Water)
47 For this Metal, Electricity Flows, but Not the Heat
48 UF/IFAS Breeder Develops Genetic Path to Tastier Tomatoes
49 Climate Change Helped Kill Off Super-Sized Ice Age Animals in Australia
50 Andean Bear Survey in Peru Finds Humans Not the Only Visitors to Machu Picchu
51 Artificial Intelligence Uncovers New Insight into Biophysics of Cancer
52 Don't 'Bee' Worried: Researcher Says Endangered Bumblebee Populations Will Rise Again
53 A New Kind of Responder Brings Special Expertise to Disasters
54 Anthropologists Uncover Art by (Really) Old Masters--38,000 Year-Old Engravings
55 PPPL Scientist Uncovers Physics Behind Plasma-Etching Process
56 Scientists Develop New Flu Vaccines for Man's Best Friend
57 Toxic Mercury in Aquatic Life Could Spike with Greater Land Runoff
58 WVU's Alternative Fuels Program Joins Efforts with Earth Day TX to Conduct Odyssey Kickoff Event and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Summit
59 Microgel Composite Could Overcome Fibrin Blockade to Accelerate Healing
60 Posttraumatic Stress and Alcohol Use Disorders Hit American-Indian and Alaskan-Native Men the Hardest
61 Combined Use of Alcohol and Cocaine May Play a Unique Role in Suicide Risk
62 How Much Drought Can a Forest Take?
63 Sharks Show Novel Changes in Their Immune Cancer-Related Genes
64 New International Study Paves the Way for Better Understanding of Diagnostic Categories of Eating Disorders in Children
65 Study Reveals Substantial Evidence of Holographic Universe
66 FAU and Sancilio & Company, Inc. Collaborate to Further Develop Treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa
67 UF/IFAS Citrus REC Starts Centennial Celebration
68 Cornell Chemists Use Their Own 'Toolset' to Probe Responses
69 Move Over Bear Grylls! Academics Build Ultimate Solar-Powered Water Purifier
70 Scientists Unravel the Process of Meltwater in Ocean Depths
71 Shootings in U.S. Schools Are Linked to Increased Unemployment
72 Scientists Illuminate the Neurons of Social Attraction
73 Iowa State Scientist Receives Grants to Improve Glacier-Flow Models, Sea-Level Predictions
74 World Heritage Sites Getting Hammered by Human Activities
75 Understanding Breakups
76 Study Identifies the Southeast's Most Diverse and Imperiled Waterways
77 Researchers Watch in 3D as Neurons Talk to Each Other in a Living Mouse Brain
78 Researcher Finds Limited Sign of Soil Adaptation to Climate Warming
79 Kansas State University Is the 'Silicon Valley for Biodefense,' According to Blue Ribbon Study Panel
80 A New World Discovered Underground
81 Genomic Tools for Species Discovery Inflate Estimates of Species Numbers, U-Michigan Biologists Contend
82 Vitamin B12: Power Broker to the Microbes
83 Personalized Cancer Therapy on the Horizon Thanks to New Genomic Cancer Research Partnership
84 Viral Protein Transforms as It Measures Out DNA
85 Green Rust in the Early Ocean?
86 Scientific Societies Send "Scientific Integrity" Letter to President Trump
87 Lost in Translation: Traffic Noise Disrupts Communication Between Species
88 NUS Engineers Develop Low-Cost, Flexible Terahertz Radiation Source for Fast and Non-Invasive Screening
89 Cancer Research Institute Awards Grant to Develop Powerful Genomic Data Resource for Cancer Immunotherapy Researchers
90 Chimps' Behavior Following Death Disturbing to ISU Anthropologist
91 Four with UF/IFAS Ties to Be Inducted into Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame
92 How a Bacterial Protein's Structure Aids Biomedical Studies
93 Spider Silk Demonstrates Spider Man-Like Abilities
94 Queen's University Belfast Expert Leads International Study to Improve Safety of Carbon Fibre Aircraft and Vehicles
95 Iowa State University Scientists Design Electricity Generator that Mimics Trees
96 Researchers Explore Essential Cell Behavior with Crystal Sensor
97 Mind Reader: A Consumer EEG Device Serves Up Rich New Troves of Scientific Data
98 American Physiological Society and ADInstruments Announce Partnership to Provide Enhanced Support for Scientific Community
99 Tracing the Cosmic Web with Star-Forming Galaxies in the Distant Universe
100 UNH Research Finds White Mountain National Forest Home to Nearly 140 Species of Bees
101 Astronauts' Brains Change Shape During Spaceflight
102 New Study Connects Running Motion to Ground Force, Provides Patterns for Any Runner
103 Penn State Engineer Michael Tonks Named Presidential Early Career Award Winner
104 Brain-Computer Interface Allows Completely Locked-in People to Communicate
105 Increasing Factory and Auto Emissions Disrupt Natural Cycle in East China Sea
106 Architecture Professor, Students Reduce Structural Vibrations with Simple, Groundbreaking Device
107 Oil Production Releases More Methane than Previously Thought
108 High-Resolution Imaging Reveals New Understanding of Battery Cathode Particles
109 UNMC Research Team Discovers Novel Pharmaceutic Action for HIV/AIDS
110 Fast Food Packaging Contains Potentially Harmful Chemicals that Can Leach into Food