File Title
1 Quantum in the Real World: Scientists Are Able to See Quantum Effects with Naked Eye for the First TIme
2 ALERT: Superbug Resistant to 26 Antibiotics Killed a Woman in Nevada
3 Japanese Orbiter Captures Strange Atmospheric Phenomenon in Venus, Find Out What It Is
4 Malaria Drug Successfully Treated Chemotherapy-Resistant Brain Cancer
5 Scientists Have Finally Solved the Mystery Behind Namibia's Strange Fairy Circles
6 New Moth Species with Yellowish-White Scales, Small Genitals Named After Donald Trump
7 Shocking: Sitting for More than 10 Hours a Day Could Make You Age Faster
8 WARNING: Almost Half of Men in the US have Genital HPV Infections
9 Bill Gates Warns About the Potential Damage of Bioterrorism
10 Life on Wolf 1061: Closest Extrasolar System Yet, Is It Habitable?
11 WARNING: Sea Levels 6 to 9 Meters Higher the Last Time the Earth was this Warm
12 Bigger is NOT Always Better: Man with More than Half a Meter Penis Considers His Manhood Size a Disability
13 Ancient Poop Reveals the Main Culprit Behind the Extinction of Australian Megafauna
14 China Set to Launch a Mission to Bring Back Lunar Samples Back to Earth
15 Scientists Create First Organism with Expanded Genetic Code
16 Hannibal Lecter Debunked: Real Psychopaths are Not that Smart, Here's How to Know One
17 New Crab Genus, Species Named After 'Harry Potter' Character--Find Out Who!
18 Woke Up in the Wrong Side of the Bed? Here are Some Key Indicators of Good Sleep Quality
19 This New Periodic Table Shows the Cosmic Origin of Everything
20 Florida Recruits Indian Snake Trackers to Hunt Everglades Pythons
21 'Brain Viagra' Could Soon Help Older Males in Regaining Their Sex Drives
22 Poop Science: Fecal Transplants Could Improve Behavioral Symptoms in Children with Autism
23 Deep Learning Algorithm Could Soon Turn Smartphones into Powerful Detection Tool for Skin Cancer
24 Doomsday Clock Now Two and a Half Minutes Closer to 'Midnight' Because of Donald Trump
25 The Rise of Chimeras: Scientists Successfully Created First Ever Human-Pig Embryo
26 SHOCKING: 6-Foot Long Tapeworm Removed from an Indian Man Through His Mouth
27 Scientists Confirm Existence of Time Crystals: Implications to Technology, Quantum Computing Explained
28 Success! Scientists Transform Hydrogen to Metal; Could Revolutionize Spaceflight, Computers
29 ALERT: Mumps Outbreak in Washington Continue to Take Toll, Nearly 300 Confirmed Cases
30 New 'Semi-Synthetic' Organism Formed Under Unique 6-Letter Genetic Code
31 Greenpeace Releases Stunning Image of Unique Coral Reef System at the Mouth of the Amazon
32 Existing Anti-Gout Medication Effective in Reducing Symptoms of Opioid Withdrawal
33 Gene-Edited Animals, CRISPR, Face Danger Under Trump Administration? Potential Impacts Explained
34 Lost Continent Found? Scientists Reveal Existence of Ancient Continent Deep Under the Indian Ocean
35 This Wrinkly Bag-Like Sea Creature Was Humans' Oldest Known Ancestor
36 Empty Region in the Universe Responsible for Pushing Away Milky Way Through Space
37 Rare Ice that Sparkles like Diamonds Found in Japan
38 Brain Scans of Newborns Could Be Used to Detect Early Signs of Depression, Anxiety
39 Chimeras and How They Work: What It Meant When Researchers Built the First Human-Pig Hybrid
40 MIT Develops Wearable AI System that Can Detect the Tone of the Conversation
41 Scientists Design First Blueprints for an Ultra-Powerful Quantum Computer to Solve Currently Unsolvable Problems
42 Apparently, Cooking Oil is 200 Times Stronger than Steel
43 This New Hand-held Device Can Detect Flu Virus by Analyzing Patient's Breath
44 Shocking! Tiny Brain with Skull and Hair Found in Teen's Ovary
45 Obese Mice Refuse to Move, Even if They Can--Scientists Unveil Big Mystery Behind Weight Gain
46 Amazing! Scientists Create Antibiotic Spider Silk for Treating Wounds via 'Click-Chemistry'
47 Yes to Flawless! Scientists Figure Out How to Heal Wound Without Leaving Scar
48 Surgery Gone Wrong: Girl Dies After Routine Tonsillectomy that Lasted for Hours
49 Researchers to Use Smart Discs to Combat Cancer Tumors
50 Pointless Organ No More: Appendix Biological Function Discovered
51 Research Figures Out the Most Effective Song to Combat Anxiety
52 Bacteria that Commonly Cause Food Poisoning to be Used to Fight Most Aggressive Form of Brain Cancer
53 Scientists Attempt Ultra-Safe Brain Tests with Ultra-Thin Electrodes
54 Mini-brains Made from Teeth Reveal New Discoveries on Human Interaction, Neurology
55 No More Scars: Researchers Crack Code to Regenerate Human Skin
56 Man's Best Friend: Dog Stayed with Paralyzed Owner for Nearly 20 Hours in Freezing Snowbed
57 UPDATE: Warnings, FAQs Issued After Woman Dies of Antibiotic-Resistant Superdrug
58 Coffee Slows Down the Effects of Aging
59 Malaria Drug Successfully Treated Chemotherapy-Resistant Brain Cancer
60 Scientists Create Genetically-Modified Salmonella to Eat Cancer Tumors
61 Vampire Therapy: 'Young Blood' Transfusion Is Creepy, New Technique to Fight Aging
62 'Nightmare Bacteria' Spreads Fear in US Hospitals
63 Shocking: Sitting for More than 10 Hours a Day Could Make You Age Faster
64 Natural Selection Causes Drop in Human 'Education Gene' Over the Years
65 FDA: Exposure to Skin Cancer Cream Could Endanger Your Pet's Life
66 It's a Girl! World's First Three-Parent Baby Using New Technique Born in Ukraine
67 Goodbye Herpes! Powerful Vaccine in the Works, Shows Promise in Trials
68 Genetics Reveal Women Regret One-Night Stands, but Men like Them
69 Ugandan Engineers Create 'Smart Jacket' that Detects Pneumonia
70 Man vs. Superbugs: New Molecule Designed to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
71 Scientists Crack Teeth-Regeneration Code, Solution to Dentist Drill?
72 Poop Science: Fecal Transplants Could Improve Behavioral Symptoms in Children with Autism
73 Rare Relative of Flesh-Eating Parasite Discovered in Australia
74 Mysterious 'Education Gene' Explained: How Genetics Affect Intelligence of Offsprings, Humanity
75 'Enhanced Humans' Now Wearing Implants for Diabetes Courtesy of Biohacking Company
76 ALERT: Mumps Outbreak in Washington Continue to Take Toll, Nearly 300 Confirmed Cases
77 Woman Survives 6 Days Without Lungs--How?
78 Mind-Reading Machine Decodes the Thoughts of Paralyzed Patients
79 Simple Toothache Turns Deadly, Killing a Young Father from Sacramento
80 Chimeras and How They Work: What It Meant When Researchers Built the First Human-Pig Hybrid
81 Can't Sleep? Scientists Say Camping is the Solution
82 NASA Shows How Space Changes Human Genes in Twin Astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly
83 Skin Cancer: Experts Suggest Teaching Tattoo Artist How to Identify Skin Lesions Can Help Detect Skin Cancer
84 HIV News: People with Mental Illness Have Low Number of HIV Testing; Researchers Suggest to Have Them Tested
85 'I Shouldn't Have Done that' 35% of Women Think After a One-Night Stand, Study Reveals
86 Sexual Minority Has Greater Risk of Suicidal Behavior, Survey Finds
87 Attention Pet Lovers: Smoking Does Not Only Affect Children but It also Affects Pets, New Study Suggests
88 World's Smallest MRI Used to Scan the Brains of Newborns
89 Hepatitis C Treatment Drugs to Decide the Share Prices of Gilead Sciences Inc.
90 Abortion in Texas Has a Decrease in Number; Further Travel Distance to Abortion Clinics Plays a Role
91 Maryland Mom Furious After School Removes Three of Her Son's Teeth
92 Cause of Obesity and Cardiovascular Diseases: It Is Not Just Eating Potatoes but It Is also the Things People Do Everyday
93 Cannabis Health Effects: The Good, the Bad and the Uncertain Consequences
94 Are We Eating Fish or Plastic? Scientists Found High Amount of Micro Plastic in Fish and Other Sea Food Items
95 Scientists Successfully Grow Hybrid Rat Organs
96 Hormone that Can Boost Love and Sex Has Been Studied, Hopefully Can Heal Sexual Problems, Research Shows
97 Researchers Find Gene Variant that May Help Opioid Addiction Therapy; Personalized Treatment May Be Possible
98 Deaths of Americans: Diabetes Increases in Number, Ranks 3rd in the Cause of Death
99 Human-Pig Embryos May Pave Way for Interspecies Organ Transplants
100 Human-Pig Hybrid Hoax Is Real; Pig-Men Will Be Used as Organ Donors in the Future
101 Brain Hormone that Could Drive Fat Loss Identified
102 Cancer-Causing Food List Is Growing; Burnt Toast and Deep-Fried Potatoes Are the Newest Members
103 'Addiction to Mobile Phones' Is a Deadly Disease, Spreads like Epidemic
104 Fecal Transplant Could Be a Promising Treatment for Autism
105 No More Soda Fountains in Paris; France Bans Refill of Soft Drinks in Schools, Restaurants, Fast Food Joints
106 Talking to Completely Locked-In Family Members Is Possible; New Brain Computer Interface Device Developed by Scientists
107 Do You Know Your Blood Pressure? Most Americans Don't, American Heart Association Says
108 Here's How Space Travel Could Affect an Astronaut's Health
109 Antibiotic-Resistant Neisseria Strain on the Loose; Gonorrhea Treatment Antibiotics Not Working Any More
110 Astronauts' Health: Researchers Might Found a Way to Prevent the Vision Deterioration Found on Astronauts