File Title
1 SpaceX launches, lands rocket after four-month hiatus
2 Japan's miniature rocket crashes, but may hold hints of the future
3 What's causing that massive wave in the atmosphere of Venus?
4 Can scientists crack the case of an Antarctic ice shelf's growing rift?
5 NASA hails 'patriot and a pioneer' Eugene Cernan, the last man on the moon
6 Scientists tie the world's tightest knot
7 Endangered zebra shark hatches fatherless babies (+video)
8 Machines learn to find patterns in quantum chaos
9 Miniature moth with fancy pompadour to be named after Donald Trump
10 Is that cracked mud on Mars? Curiosity closes in to investigate.
11 Ski-mounted research station deemed too dangerous for winter study
12 What is causing Namibia's mysterious fairy circles?
13 Able navigators: How desert ants know which way to go when walking backward
14 With satellite launch, US has new eyes to watch for missile threats
15 Cassini spies shy moon nestled among Saturn's rings
16 NASA researchers prepare for life on Mars...under a dome in Hawaii
17 Another Earth just 14 light years away? Maybe not, says new study
18 What drove the extinction of really big Australian animals?
19 Researchers calculated the economic cost of a major solar storm--and it's big
20 No landing: SpaceX to retire this model of the Falcon 9 rocket
21 Wolf-sized prehistoric otter: You really oughter check out this critter
22 Lunar ambitions: Why China wants to fetch rocks from the moon
23 How a few millimeters of Russian rock helped unwind a meteorite mystery
24 How did galaxies like ours form? Elusive galaxy gangs offer clues
25 Japan's military launches its first communications satellite
26 In Trump's America, we may see more scientists running for office
27 Why Elon Musk wants to dig a tunnel under Los Angeles
28 Moon race: final five teams will compete for Google's Lunar XPrize
29 Tim Peake announces surprise encore mission to space
30 Next-gen spacesuit: Boeing unveils astro-hoodie with touchscreen gloves
31 Could the greenhouse effect have made early Mars habitable?
32 Are women scientists overlooked by journals as peer reviewers?
33 As 'Doomsday Clock' ticks closer to midnight, atomic scientists urge citizen action
34 Study: 6-year old girls say they are less 'brilliant' than boys. Why?
35 Tired of tasteless grocery store tomatoes? Scientists are on it.
36 Solved? Scientists may have cracked the code of metallic hydrogen
37 'Alien' insect in amber prompts scientists to add whole new branch to family tree
38 Faulty engine parts ground Russia's Proton-M heavy lift rocket
39 Signatures of Earthly life may be etched in moon rock
40 This tiny 'wrinkled bag' might be humans' earliest known ancestor
41 How a 195-million-year-old dinosaur bone could still have soft tissue in it
42 Time crystals realize new order of space-time
43 Science of spit: How versatile saliva helps frogs catch and deliver a meal (+video)
44 How zircon led scientists to 'Mauritia,' a lost continent under the Indian Ocean
45 Working together
46 What can a Martian meteorite tell us about volcanism on the Red Planet?
47 Next-gen drones: 'Bat-bot' makes the Batmobile look obsolete
48 GAO safety concerns may delay first SpaceX crewed spaceflight
49 Recycle, reuse: How cheap can SpaceX make space?
50 Could the universe actually be a flat hologram?
51 Why is Google selling off its satellite fleet?
52 Foxes may confuse predators by rubbing themselves in puma scent
53 Smart buildings predict when critical systems are about to fail
54 Parasite turns wasp into zombie then drills through its head
55 The folds in your brain may be linked to how neurotic you are
56 Starting periods at a young age is linked to early menopause
57 Hit threatening asteroids' bright spots to deflect them
58 New hermit crab has candy-stick legs and a giant spoon-like claw
59 Vacuum transfer advance will help redefine kilogram next year
60 AI rivals dermatologists at spotting early signs of skin cancer
61 Dried-up slime could help microbes survive briny waters on Mars
62 Animals that grow designer organs for humans are a step closer
63 Earth's water must have arrived here earlier than we thought
64 Gene editing has saved the lives of two children with leukaemia
65 Gene-blocking therapy reverses Alzheimer's-like symptoms in mice
66 Giant flying reptile was top predator like a winged T. rex
67 AI agony aunt learns to dole out relationship advice online
68 How LSD affects the brain and creates its trippy effect
69 Uber hasn't taken taxi drivers' jobs but has slashed their wages
70 Metallic hydrogen finally made in lab at mind-boggling pressure
71 Genetic fix can make mass-produced tomatoes taste great again
72 Memories can be disconnected--and it could help those with PTSD
73 How almost-impossible video games can create euphoric moments
74 Yellow fever outbreak is killing off rare monkeys in Brazil
75 Goat plague wipes out 10 percent of endangered antelopes
76 Higher unemployment linked to more shootings at schools
77 Voice-checking device stops hackers hijacking your Siri or Alexa
78 Oxygen ions sent from Earth have been spotted on the moon
79 AI just won a poker tournament against professional players
80 Chimps beat up, murder and then cannibalise their former tyrant
81 Pom-pom crabs prune their living decorations like bonsai trees
82 Planet Earth makes its own water from scratch deep in the mantle
83 Completely paralysed people use thoughts to say they are happy
84 Being 'hangry' exists: why a lack of food can change your mood
85 Ancestor of all vertebrates was a big mouth with no anus
86 Ant choosiness reveals they all have different personalities
87 Tiny spacecraft could brake at exoplanet using alien starlight
88 1 million pounds prize for engineers who invented digital camera tech
89 What Trump's US Supreme Court pick means for women's health
90 Tiny spacecraft could brake at exoplanet using alien starlight
91 World's first time crystals cooked up using new recipe
92 Clinic claims it has used stem cells to treat Down's syndrome
93 Water spotted in the atmosphere of nearby hot Jupiter exoplanet
94 Bat-inspired robot swoops and dives like the real thing
95 AI tracks your every move and tells your boss if you're slacking
96 Powerful Zika vaccine protects mice and monkeys from the virus
97 Why the sound of noisy eating fills some people with rage
98 Long-lost continent found submerged deep under Indian Ocean
99 ALERT: Large-Scale Tornado Outbreak Becoming More Frequent in the US
100 Powerful Solar Storms Could Vaporize, Melt Soil in Moon's Polar Regions
101 The Rise of Weekend Warrior: Exercising 1 or 2 Times a Week Can Still be Beneficial
102 Terrifying: Large Tarantula Devours a Foot-long Snake
103 Prominent Childhood Vaccines Skeptic to Lead Trump's Vaccine Safety Panel
104 No More Fillings? Scientists Discover a Drug that Regenerates Damaged Teeth
105 L'Oreal Releases Under $200 Smart Hairbrush that Helps Track Hair Quality
106 Bacteria that Commonly Cause Food Poisoning to be Used to Fight Most Aggressive Form of Brain Cancer
107 Is the Superhero Culture More Villain than Hero? Kids Tend to Focus on Aggressive Behavior, Study Says
108 This Tiny Egyptian Mummy Thought to be a Bird is Hiding a Dark Secret
109 Chemists Just Tied the Tightest Knot of All Time
110 Scientists Find the Kill Switch in Mice's Brains that Turns Them into Zombie-Like Predators