File Title
1 Super-Resolution Imaging Offers Fast Way to Discern Fate of Stem Cells
2 Extreme Space Weather-Induced Blackouts Could Cost US More than $40 Billion Daily
3 Heartbeat Could Be Used as Password to Access Electronic Health Records
4 Study Finds New Target for Controlling Cell Division
5 Heat from Earth's Core Could Be Underlying Force in Plate Tectonics
6 Support for Chicago Biomedical Consortium Renewed
7 Vitamin B-12, and a Knockoff Version, Create Complex Market for Marine Vitamins
8 LLNL Researchers Win Presidential Early Career Awards
9 Study Identifies Molecular Signal for Maintaining Adult Neuron
10 Mighty River, Mighty Filter
11 The Tasmanian Tiger Had a Brain Structure Suited to a Predatory Life Style
12 Reading Picture Books with Children Holds Promise for Treating a Common Language Disorder
13 Laws of Nature Trump Politics When It Comes to Climate Change
14 A Quark like No Other
15 Prepare for Turbulence: Improving Long-Range Optics
16 Applications Accepted for 2017 Astronomy in Chile Educator Ambassadors Program
17 UCI Researchers Map Oceanic Troughs Below Ice Sheets in West Antarctica
18 Research Trials Focus on Winter Pasture Stocking Strategies
19 Climate Change Prompts Alaska Fish to Change Breeding Behavior
20 Young Scientists Soar with Help of Florida State Meteorology Professor
21 New Study Reveals that Insects also Migrate
22 Chip-Sized, High-Speed Terahertz Modulator Raises Possibility of Faster Data Transmission
23 Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology Publishes First Five Replication Studies Conducted by Science Exchange
24 NASA Reviewing $239 Million UAH-Led Proposal for Lunar Astrophysics Mission
25 Regional Sea-Level Scenarios Will Help Northeast Plan for Faster-Than-Global Rise
26 Of Mutualism and Lipid Metabolism in Fungi
27 MEDIA ADVISORY: What Happens When Hackers Hijack Our Smart Devices?
28 Caves in Central China Show History of Natural Flood Patterns
29 As Cells Age, the Fat Content Within Them Shifts
30 You Are in Command as NRAO's 'Orion Explorer' Tours this Iconic Constellation
31 New Theory May Explain Mystery of Fairy Circles of Namibia
32 Scientists Initiate First Ethical Guidelines for Organs Cultivated in Vitro
33 Seeking Structure with Metagenome Sequences
34 Neutrons and a 'Bit of Gold' Uncover New Type of Quantum Phase Transition
35 UF/IFAS Findings Could Help Prevent Crop-Killing Pathogen from Coming to U.S.
36 Viruses Overheard Talking to One Another
37 Four Faculty Honored with Presidential Early Career Awards
38 Nanoscience Expert Receives 2016 Dickson Prize in Science
39 New Low-Cost Technique Converts Bulk Alloys to Oxide Nanowires
40 Think Binge Drinking Is Safer for Your Liver than Regular Heavy Drinking? Think Again.
41 New Genetic Engineering Technique Could Help Design, Study Biological Systems
42 Space-Age Challenge: Healing Broken Bones, Wounds and Internal Organs
43 NAU Researcher Discovers Key to Fighting Autism May Lie Not in the Mind, but in the Gut
44 Noninvasive Ultrasound Pulses Used to Precisely Tweak Rat Brain Activity
45 Using Sunlight to Activate the Flow of Electrical Current in a New Material
46 The Future Is Now for Robot Cars
47 Engineers Eat Away at Ms. Pac-Man Score with Artificial Player
48 A Gene's Journey from Covert to Celebrated
49 Melting Solid Below the Freezing Point
50 Big Wheels in Motion
51 Choreographing the MicroRNA-Target Dance
52 Astronomers Find Seven Dwarf-Galaxy Groups, the Building Blocks of Massive Galaxies
53 Road Map to Help Northern California Fishing Communities Thrive
54 Arctic Melt Ponds Form When Meltwater Clogs Ice Pores
55 New Technique Identifies Micropollutants in New York Waterways
56 80-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Collagen Confirmed
57 Jet Lag Impairs Performance of Major League Baseball Players
58 BREAKING SCIENCE NEWS: Wildlife-Snaring Crisis in Asian Forests
59 New Tools Will Drive Greater Understanding of Wheat Genes
60 PPPL Physicist Uncovers Clues to Mechanism Behind Magnetic Reconnection
61 TSRI Scientists Create First Stable Semisynthetic Organism
62 Texas Tech University Has Experts Available as Tornado Season Makes Early and Deadly Entrance.
63 Nanocavity and Atomically Thin Materials Advance the Technology for Chip-Scale Light Sources
64 Undergraduates to Explore Precision Livestock Production
65 Study: Voters Want to Preserve Forests, Water
66 Gender Diversity in STEM: 'Let's Change the World Together'
67 WFU Taps NSF's Olga Pierrakos as Founding Engineering Chair
68 Can Prostate Cancer Metastasis Be Stopped Before It Starts? Research Team Identifies Role for Particular MicroRNA
69 Your (Social Media) Votes Matter
70 Study Suggests Color of Sweetener Packet Impacts Sweetness Perception and Liking
71 Food Scientist Shares Insights on How to End Food Waste
72 WIU Professor Part of Groundbreaking Trilobite Research Team
73 New Review Article Suggests Sheep Milk May Be the Next Functional Dairy Food
74 Little Tortoise, Big Range
75 Surprising Results Found in the Swimming Mechanism of Microorganism-Related Model
76 Modeling the Rhythmic Electrical Activities of the Brain
77 Designing Diagnostic Labs that Are Safe, Specific and Sustainable
78 Predator or Not? Invasive Snails Hide Even When They Don't Know
79 IU Study Finds Fly Growth Mimics Cancer Cells, Creating New Tool in Fight Against Disease
80 Watching Gene Editing at Work to Develop Precision Therapies
81 The Contradictory Catalyst
82 Bursts of Methane May Have Warmed Early Mars
83 Researchers from New Mexico and Australia Collaborate on GPS Tracking Technology to Ensure Animal Welfare
84 Pope Spurs Republicans to Shift Climate Views
85 How Does Noise During Games Affect Players and Fans?
86 I Can See Clearly Now
87 Prized Fossil Find--the Oldest, Most Complete Iguanian in the Americas--Illuminates the Lives of Lizards in the Age of Dinosaurs
88 MSU 'Rethinks Hydropower' with $2.6 million National Science Foundation Grant
89 Danforth Center Expands Major Research Program to Benefit Farmers in the Developing World
90 Center for the Built Environment at UC Berkeley Celebrates 20 Years of Collaborative Research
91 Texas Biomed Scientist Receives 5-Year, $4.6 Million Merit Award from NIH for Malaria Research
92 Virginia Tech Hyperloop Team Heads to California for Second Phase of Global Competition
93 Prepare for Self-Driving Cars or Become Obsolete
94 Physicists Patent Detonation Technique to Mass-Produce Graphene
95 'Protective' DNA Strands Are Shorter in Adults Who Had More Infections as Infants
96 New Genome Browser Product Gives Freedom to Collaborate in the Cloud
97 National Academy of Sciences Honors Prof. Sian Beilock for Psychology Research
98 Connecting the Bytes
99 New Clues on the Base of Parkinson's Disease and Other "Synucleinopathies"
100 Floating Towards Water Treatment
101 Study Reveals that Climate Change Could Dramatically Alter Fragile Mountain Habitats
102 Imaging Technique Measures Tumor Stiffness to Aid Surgical Planning
103 A Rising Peptide: Supercomputing Helps Scientists Come Closer to Tailoring Drug Molecules
104 On Target: UNC Researcher Arms Platelets to Deliver Cancer Immunotherapy
105 The Strings that Bind Us: Cytofilaments Connect Cell Nucleus to Extracellular Microenvironment
106 Isotopic Similarities Seen in Materials that Formed Earth, Moon
107 Advanced Materials Power Next-Generation Molecular Separations
108 Taking Materials into the Third Dimension
109 Consumer Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Website Completed
110 Antidote for Partisanship? In Science, Curiosity Seems to Work