File Title
1 Cheerleaders of the Deep: How Pom-Pom Crabs Got Their Name
2 Why Kids Should Pay Attention to Their Mistakes
3 Coffee Drinkers, Beware: Milk, Sugar & Other Add-ins Add Up
4 'Mud Monsters' Galore! Mariana Trench Dive Yields Bizarre Deep-Sea Life
5 Massive Stream of Lava Plunges into Sea in Stunning New Video
6 Slimy Defense: Hagfish-Inspired Slime Could Protect Navy Warships
7 Cosmic Neutrino Detector Reveals Clues About 'Ghost' Particles
8 3-Billion-Year-Old 'Lost Continent' Lurking Under African Island
9 Deadly Fruit: Cause of Mysterious Brain Illness in India is Found
10 4 People with Locked-In Syndrome 'Talk' Using Their Minds
11 Reference: Facts About Porpoises
12 6 Cosmic Catastrophes that Could Wipe Out Life on Earth
13 160-Million-Year-Old Pterosaur Ate like a Flamingo
14 Chimps Kill, Mutilate and Cannibalize Member of Own Group
15 Why Do Groundhogs Emerge on February 2, Really?
16 Oldest Prostate Stones Ever Found Suggest a Man Was in Agony 12,000 Years Ago
17 Scientists Untangle the Soy-Breast Cancer Paradox
18 This State Is the Nation's Happiest, for the 6th Time in Annual Poll
19 'Bat Bot' Can Pull Off Impressive Aerial Acrobatics
20 The Physics of Wall Street Revealed: How to Watch Live
21 New Quantum-Computer Design Could Lead to Practical Hardware
22 Stone Cold Vodka? Drinking Habit 'Calcifies' Man's Pancreas
23 How Dragonfish Open Their Fearsome Mouths So Wide
24 No Hands! Gadget Taps Brain Waves for Netflix Picks
25 Could Wormholes Really Work? Probably Not
26 Punxsutawney Phil Spies His Shadow, Signaling 6 More Weeks of Winter
27 Groundhog Day: How Often Does Punxsutawney Phil Get It Right?
28 How Accurate Are Punxsutawney Phil's Groundhog Day Forecasts?
29 Why Are There 9 Supreme Court Justices?
30 Laundry Pods and Kids: Eye Injuries on the Rise
31 Scientists Plan Washington March in Response to Trump
32 E-Cigarette Smoking May Be Bad for Your Heart
33 Hunting or Angry? Scientists Can't Agree on Odd Octopus Behavior
34 Newfound Asteroid to Buzz Earth Today: See It Live with Slooh
35 Why Young Kids Should Spend Equal Time with Divorced Parents
36 Marijuana Compound Shows Some Potential for Treating Opioid Addiction
37 3,000-Year-Old Tomb of Royal Scribe Uncovered in Egypt
38 Sleeping Shrinks the Brain...and that's a Good Thing
39 Trump's Hair Growth Medicine: What Is Finasteride?
40 RoboDragonfly: Tiny Backpack Turns Insect into a Cyborg
41 Light Strikes Gold
42 Changing Climate Changes Soils
43 Chemistry on the Edge: Study Pinpoints Most Active Areas of Reactions on Nanoscale Particles
44 Tallying the Social Cost of Climate-Changing Carbon Dioxide
45 Release of Water Shakes Pacific Plate at Depth
46 Ants Need Work-Life Balance, Research Suggests
47 Sketching Out Magnetism with Electricity
48 Expert on the Ethics that Drive Decisions by Autonomous Vehicles
49 Affordable Water in the US: A Burgeoning Crisis
50 Health Equity Study Compares Segregation, Low Birth Weight in Chicago and Toronto
51 Birmingham Scientists Launch Project to Tackle Global 'Clean Cold' Challenge
52 Finding Diamonds in the Rough
53 Celebrating Climate Data's Wild Blue Yonder
54 Iowa State Engineer Helps Journal Highlight How Pyrolysis Can Advance the Bioeconomy
55 Mount Sinai's Manish Arora, PhD, MPH Receives Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
56 'Shrew'-D Advice: Study of Arctic Shrews, Parasites Indicates How Climate Change May Affect Ecosystems and Communities
57 Perfect Powder: Ames Laboratory Perfects Metal Powders for Manufacturing
58 Fast Track Control Accelerates Switching of Quantum Bits
59 $10.5 Million Gift Funds Center for Human Milk Research at UC San Diego
60 Ocean Acidification to Hit West Coast Dungeness Crab Fishery, New Assessment Shows
61 UTHealth Study Outlines Framework for Identifying Disease Risk in Genome Sequence
62 Blended Galaxies
63 Found: Neurons that Orient Bats Toward Destination
64 Why Lyme Disease Is Common in the North, Rare in the South
65 Classic Video Game System Used to Improve Understanding of the Brain
66 TSRI Scientists Discover Master Regulator of Cellular Aging
67 Why Are Australia's Shrublands like 'Knee-High Tropical Rainforests'?
68 Vader Systems Creates Liquid Metal 3-D Printer for Manufacturing
69 National Geographic Supports Volcano Research in Chile
70 U of a Chemist Develops New Theory for Explaining the Function of Proteins
71 UF/IFAS Experts to Stress Environment, Immigration, Production at AG Policy Conference
72 Scientists Engineer Animals with Ancient Genes to Test Causes of Evolution
73 NUS Researchers Achieve Major Breakthrough in Flexible Electronics
74 Biofuel Matchmaker: Finding the Perfect Algae for Renewable Energy
75 Malene Hansen Receives Mentor Award from National Postdoctoral Association
76 Exeter Research Helps Protect Loggerhead Turtles
77 How the Darkness and the Cold Killed the Dinosaurs
78 Are Herders and Livestock Bad for Rare Wildlife? It's Complicated.
79 Study of Microbes Reveals New Insight About Earth's Geology and Carbon Cycles
80 CSU Channel Islands Environmental Scientist says VW and Chrysler/Fiat vehicle emissions scandal points to a systemic problem in auto industry.
81 Diversification Key to Resilient Fishing Communities
82 The First Humans Arrived in North America a Lot Earlier than Believed
83 Undergrads Lend a Hand in Unlocking Universe's Secrets
84 Tracking Antarctic Adaptations in Diatoms
85 Notre Dame Astrophysicists Discover Dimming of Binary Star
86 For First Time Ever, X-Ray Imaging at Argonne Captures Material Defect Process
87 New Study Reveals the Structure of DNA Helicase at the Replication Fork
88 SNEB Presents the 2017 Spring Journal Club Webinar Series
89 Fossils Found Reveal Unseen 'Footprint' Maker
90 Cellular Podiatry
91 Tigers Could Roam Again in Central Asia, Scientists Say
92 UF/IFAS Celebrates Arbor Day with Research, Extension Activities, Including Tree Giveaways
93 Image Release: ALMA Reveals Sun in New Light
94 WVU Researcher Uncovers Influence of Microorganisms on Soil Carbon Storage
95 UAH Lab Uses Predictive Analysis to Determine Electrical Insulator Failures
96 When It Comes to Mating, Fruit Flies Can Make Rational Choices
97 Calorie Restriction Lets Monkeys Live Long and Prosper
98 First Study to Measure Effectiveness of NFL PLAY 60 Program Shows Positive Results on Youth Fitness
99 Biophysics Plays Key Role in Immune System Signaling and Response
100 Discovery Adds Rock Collecting to Neanderthal's Repertoire
101 Discovery Could Lead to Jet Engines that Run Hotter--and Cleaner
102 UT Southwestern Researchers Find Likely Cause--and Potential Way to Prevent--Vision Deterioration in Space
103 Largest Populus SNP Dataset Holds Promise for Biofuels, Materials, Metabolites
104 Researchers Zero-in on Cholesterol's Role in Cells
105 '5-D Protein Fingerprinting' Could Give Insights into Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
106 Citizen-Science Pioneer, Project FeederWatch Soars into 30th Year
107 Conditions Right for Complex Life May Have Come and Gone in Earth's Distant Past
108 UF/IFAS Model Delivers Growers Severe Weather Data Specific to Their Farms
109 Researchers Develop Ways to Improve Machining, Milling Processes
110 Researchers Use Weather Radar to Track Migrating Waterfowl, Avian Influenza