File Title
1 Survey of Doctors Reveals the 'Lowest-Value' Treatments
2 Geoengineering Earth's Atmosphere: How It Could Affect Astronomy
3 Lights Out: Asteroid Triggered Freezing Darkness that Killed Dinos
4 #DoesItFart: Database Answers Your Burning Questions About Animal Gas
5 The Science of Being President: Can Trump Make Real Change?
6 Red vs. Blue: Why Necktie Colors Matter
7 Could Eating Chili Peppers Help You Live Longer?
8 Ultrafast Camera Captures 'Sonic Booms' of Light for First Time
9 ISIS Damages Iconic Monuments in Ancient Syrian City, Reports Say
10 Unusual Rat Virus Strikes 8 People in Illinois and Wisconsin
11 'Station Obama' in Antarctica Will Continue Monitoring Climate Changes
12 President Trump's 'Mysteries of Space' Joins Inaugural Speech Tradition
13 Trump Presidency: How US Leaders Stack Up
14 Rare Bird Flu Strikes Cats: What You Need to Know
15 Did Trump Dump Climate Change? White House Website Scrubbed Clean
16 Reference: Facts About Einsteinium
17 Cassini Gets Up Close and Personal with Saturn's 'Wavemaker' Moon Daphnis
18 Reference: Facts About Baboons
19 Bizarre Caterpillar that Makes Own Leafy 'Armor' Seen for 1st Time
20 Evolution, Climate and Vaccines: Why Americans Deny Science
21 Lost Dark Ages Fort Found in Scotland
22 Possible Medieval 'Synagogue' Uncovered Near Sea of Galilee
23 Adorable Terror: Wolf-Size Otter Hunted in Ancient China
24 Huge Under-Ice Valleys Are Melting Antarctic Glaciers from Below
25 Earth from Space: New 'Blue Marble' Photo Is Jaw-Dropping
26 Astronomers to Search for Alien Life at Nearby 'Habitable' Exoplanet
27 Accio Crab! Newfound Crab Honors Harry Potter and Professor Snape
28 Beer Recall: Sierra Nevada Pulls Bottles Due to Chipped Glass Risk
29 Hidden Heart Risks? Masked Hypertension May Affect 17 Million
30 Why 'Dumpster Fire' Was 2016 Word of the Year
31 Which Personality Types Are Most Likely to Be Happy?
32 Cicadas Are Coming! Brood VI Returns After 17 Years
33 'Twilight' Star Kristen Stewart Co-Authors Artificial-Intelligence Paper
34 Tiny, Underwater Robots Offer Unprecedented View of World's Oceans
35 Trump Signs Orders Advancing Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines
36 Why Do Men Gain Weight in Their Bellies
37 Is Burnt Toast Bad for You? The Science of Cancer and Acrylamide
38 Speedy TB Treatment Could Combat Drug Resistance
39 Is There an Element Zero?
40 Fake News 'Vaccine' Could Stop Spread of False Information
41 Log On, Sleep Better? Online Therapy for Insomnia Shows Promise
42 Meditation Really Does Lower Body's Stress Signals
43 Sportscaster's Surprise Cancer Reveal: 5 Cervical Cancer Facts
44 Reference: What Is Fascism?
45 Reference: Facts About Gophers
46 Early Menopause Linked to a Woman's Reproductive History
47 Did Mount Everest Really Shrink? Scientists Measure Peak Again
48 'Crypt-Keeper Wasp' Turns Its Host into a Self-Sacrificing Zombie
49 NASA's Aurora-Watching Rocket Campaign Blasts Off
50 Early Meteorite Bits Reveal Clues About Solar System's Evolution
51 NASA Science Continues as Usual
52 Stink Bugs Could Add Cilantro Flavor to Red Wine
53 Why Fancy Baby Monitors Aren't Needed for Healthy Babies
54 New Exosuit Fabric Could Boost Mobility in People with Disabilities
55 Can a Roommate's Genes Influence Your Health?
56 Elon Musk Sees Brain-Computer Systems in Humans' Future
57 X-Ray Video Captures Maggot Metamorphosis
58 Scientists Grow Mouse Pancreas Inside a Rat
59 Doctors Remove 6-Foot-Long Tapeworm from Man's Gut
60 Reference: Facts About Zirconium
61 Sweet-Tooth Nation: US Can't Kick Soda Habit
62 Buried Treasure: Ancient Grave Found Brimming with Jewels
63 Grisly Find: Roman-Era Man May Have Had Tongue Cut Out
64 Some Parts of Body Stay 'Alive' After Death, Evidence Suggests
65 Doomsday Clock Ticks Half-Minute Closer to Midnight in Historic Move
66 The Universe Is Expanding Surprisingly Fast
67 Human-Pig Chimeras Created, Could One Day Aid in Organ Transplants
68 Paris and Michael Jackson: Does Depression Run in Families?
69 100-Mile-Long Crack in Antarctic Ice Shelf Keeps Growing
70 Lab-Made 'Metallic Hydrogen' Could Revolutionize Rocket Fuel
71 Big, Red and Tasteless: Why Tomatoes Lost Their Flavor
72 Pilgrim's Burial: Medieval Man with Leprosy Honored at Death
73 Sigmund Freud Collectibles Could Fetch More than $100,000 at Auction
74 'Rogue' Science Agencies Take to Twitter
75 Cluster of Mysterious Amnesia Cases Puzzles Researchers
76 Reference: Lake Baikal: World's Largest, Deepest Lake
77 Reference: Facts About Jackals
78 Tiny Satellites to Make Big Contributions to Science
79 Grand Illusion: Enter the World of 'The Magicians' at NYC Exhibit
80 Extended Trip: Why LSD's Effects Last So Long
81 Trump's Wall Could Have Unexpected Victims: Wildlife
82 Secret Room in UK Mansion Tied to King James I Assassination Attempt
83 Can Mom's Blood Pressure Affect the Sex of a Baby?
84 Splitsville: 2-Mile-Long Crack Opens in Arizona Desert
85 Mary Tyler Moore's Life Offers Hope for People with Type 1 Diabetes
86 How NASA's Satellite Data Could Help Protect Chimps
87 LSD May Help Reveal What Makes Music Meaningful
88 Reference: Facts About Muskrats
89 Are Earth's Magnetic Poles About to Flip?
90 Year of the Rooster: How Kauai's Feral Chickens Do It
91 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
92 Hurricane Season: Here's What to Expect
93 Animal Electrocuted at Atom Smasher Gets New 'Life' in Morbid Exhibit
94 The West's Largest Coal Plant May Close
95 Tiny, 540-Million-Year-Old Human Ancestor Didn't Have an Anus
96 Looking for Dr. Right? Check Yelp
97 38,000-Year-Old Rock Art Discovered in France
98 Butt-First, Ants Have No Problem Navigating Backward
99 SpaceX's Elon Musk Seeks Twitter Help to Change Trump Immigration Order
100 'Alien' Life Could Exist High in Earth's Atmosphere
101 Help Me, Obi-Wan! New Hologram Technology Mimics 'Star Wars'
102 Be a Space Archaeologist! Explore Sites with Online Platform
103 Brain-Stimulating Activities May Keep Seniors Sharp
104 Ancient 'Naked' Worm Did a Little Dance to Catch Seafood
105 Reference: Facts About Manganese
106 These Powerful Blazars Are the Most Distant Ever Seen
107 Egg-Hibernating Technique Could Keep Women's Eggs Fresh
108 Maps Show Where Melting Glaciers Will Reveal Cold-War-Era Nuclear Waste
109 Computer Diagnoses Cataracts as Well as Eye Doctors Can
110 'Gateway to Hell': Volcano Caught Spewing Lava in Satellite Image