File Title
1 New synthetic spider silk that's almost as strong as the real thing
2 Aches and pains? Don't blame the weather
3 Why you crave hot chips after a night on the town
4 Apollo 14 gems reveal moon is 4.51 billion years old
5 Distant stars in Milky Way may be stolen from another galaxy
6 Bacterial blobs broadcast electrical messages to recruit other species
7 Scientists find and switch on predatory kill instinct in mice
8 Killer whale menopause evolved from mother-daughter conflict
9 Quantum oracle: AI predicts and fixes qubit failure
10 Panda false thumb and taste for bamboo evolved twice
11 Planetary puzzle: what's causing Venus' giant wave?
12 How immune cells squeeze through blood vessel walls
13 Calorie restricted monkeys lead a longer, healthier life
14 Heart-hugging robotic sleeve helps pump blood
15 2016 declared hottest year on record
16 Cool laser writes data in 20 trillionths of a second
17 Geckoes inspire light-activated sticky pads
18 Super-sensitive seal whiskers pinpoint fish breath
19 Microbial 'bodyguard' oozes antibiotics in moth larvae gut
20 Ceres is cloaked in dry asteroid debris
21 Tau tangles damage brain GPS in Alzheimer's disease
22 Light 'sonic boom' filmed in a single shot for first time
23 Why mosquitoes don't die of malaria
24 Physicists make something from nothing with 'virtual' particles
25 Seven elusive dwarf galaxy groups revealed
26 New material switches between rubbery soft and hard as steel
27 Robot swarm measures the motion of the ocean
28 Knitted 'muscles' to get people moving again
29 AI diagnoses skin cancers with dermatologist accuracy
30 Mouse diabetes treated with rat-grown organs
31 Physicists make metallic hydrogen in the lab for the first time
32 Bland tomato? It probably doesn't have tasty genes
33 How acid warps your thoughts and feelings
34 Global warming boosts toxic mercury in lakes and oceans: study
35 Pilgrims may have spread leprosy across medieval Europe
36 Flowing stars in Milky Way's halo point to galactic cannibalisation
37 Blood pressure gene discovery may one day calculate heart disease risk
38 Earth has peppered the moon with oxygen for billions of years
39 An extragalactic void is shoving our galaxy from behind
40 Brain-reading computer gives paralysed patients a voice
41 Modern East Asian people descended from Stone Age residents
42 Fibromyalgia in Men: Symptoms and Treatment
43 Nicotine may help treat schizophrenia, study finds
44 Mother's BMI during pregnancy has little effect on risk of childhood obesity
45 Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: Tips for Recovery from an MS Attack
46 3-D bioprinter produces functional human skin 'suitable for transplant'
47 Red meat: Good or bad for health?
48 Babies with diarrheal infection have shorter telomeres as adults
49 Dawson's Finger and Multiple Sclerosis: What's the Connection?
50 Scientists stop and reverse Alzheimer's-related brain damage in mice
51 Alzheimer's disease: Music, meditation may improve early cognitive decline
52 Famous People with Multiple Sclerosis
53 HIV exploitation of gap in immune cell defenses 'could be barrier to cure'
54 Large study finds 14 new genetic disorders in children
55 Type 1 diabetes: Interspecies transplantation may be a viable treatment
56 Scientists discover why LSD 'acid trip' lasts so long
57 Gut bacteria mediate link between diet and colorectal cancer
58 Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis: Symptoms, Treatment, and Outlook
59 Primary Progressive MS: Symptoms, Treatment, and Outlook
60 Oxygen-starved cancer cells programmed to evade therapy after spreading
61 Vitamin A deficiency may cause Alzheimer's to begin in the womb
62 Could a tuberculosis drug help treat autism?
63 Bulimia symptoms reduced with electrical brain stimulation
64 Stem cell secretions may help treat glaucoma
65 Can Essential Oils Treat Depression?
66 Obesity: Self-stigma may raise risk of metabolic syndrome
67 Scientists inhibit brain tumor cell growth, paving way for new treatment
68 Plaque Psoriasis: Symptoms and Treatment
69 Anti-inflammatory diet reduces bone loss, hip fracture risk in women
70 ADHD in Toddlers: Early Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment
71 Women with noninvasive breast cancer live as long as other women
72 Natural Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis
73 Premature birth risk linked to bacteria in vagina and cervix
74 Brain-stimulating activities reduce risk of cognitive impairment in seniors
75 High blood pressure: More than 100 new genetic risk regions uncovered
76 Regular meal patterns may protect against heart disease
77 People with HIV more likely to develop diabetes, study finds
78 Adjuvant Therapy: What You Need to Know
79 Emu Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects
80 Could physical activity protect children from depression?
81 Coffee and calories: How do your add-ins add up?
82 Low levels of glucose in the brain may trigger Alzheimer's
83 Breakthrough technology enables communication in late-stage ALS
84 Poor sleep contributes to poor sexual satisfaction
85 How to Get Water Out of Your Ear: Six Easy Methods
86 Key Facts and Common Myths About COPD
87 Large studies identify new risk genes for ulcerative colitis and IBD
88 E-cigarettes may increase cardiovascular risk
89 A fifth of dementia cases may be caused by air pollution, study suggests
90 DNA changes that affect human height uncovered
91 Fibula Fracture: Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery
92 Insomnia increases asthma risk in adults
93 What Tests Are Used to Diagnose Multiple Sclerosis?
94 T cell type that promotes damaging immune response discovered
95 Could a Mediterranean diet protect against ADHD?
96 Skin Medication Can Be Lethal for Pets, FDA Warns
97 Why Time Seems to Fly By
98 Boeing Wants to Sell Russian Spaceship Rides to NASA
99 Massive Burial Ground Unearthed at Medieval Monastery in Sudan
100 More than Half of All Primates Threatened with Extinction
101 Heat Record: How NASA Knows 2016 Was the Hottest Year
102 Trump's Inauguration: Why God Plays a Role in the Swearing In
103 Military Mind Control? Psychic Army Division Revealed in CIA Files
104 Gwyneth Paltrow's Jade Eggs Are a Bunch of Baloney
105 Microscopic Look at Seasonal Colors Dazzles the Eyes in Video
106 Italian Avalanche: Complex Situation Makes Rescue Operation Tricky
107 Inauguration Day: Why Presidents Wait 2 Months to Start
108 Most Women Who Freeze Their Eggs Don't Use Them
109 Earthquakes or Snowstorms? Cause of Italy's Deadly Avalanche Debated
110 Nearly Half of US Men Have Genital HPV Infections