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1 Ocean clams, worms release surprisingly large amounts of greenhouse gas
2 Mimetic Martian water is highly pressurized, experiments show
3 As ice sheet melts, Greenland's fjords become less salty
4 Study reveals secrets of planet formation
5 Genome of a 40,000-year-old man in China reveals region's complex human history
6 Gravitational wave scientists observe collision of neutron stars
7 Lake waves penetrate, disturb the surrounding earth, according to seismic study
8 Whales, dolphins form 'human-like' societies and cultures, scientists say
9 Harvey runoff is threatening coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico
10 Ancient sea turtle reveals pigment-based survival trait at least 54 million years old
11 Scientists discover the Lewis and Clark of corals
12 Scientists explain world's largest mud eruption
13 Mars Express' webcam helps ESA scientists study high-altitude clouds
14 Saturn's A ring contained by not one, but seven moons
15 Canadian scientists claim first science paper on marijuana cultivation
16 Plasma technology could supply Mars mission with oxygen
17 Archaeologists find 4,000-year-old wooden statue head in Egypt
18 Duplications of noncoding DNA could help explain human-primate split
19 German nature preserves have lost 75 percent of their flying insects
20 After sex, female jumping spiders get shy
21 Watch live: SpaceX's Falcon 9 to launch satellite, land on droneship
22 Google honors astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar with new Doodle
23 Lunar lava tube could be used as a moon mission base
24 Adaptation never stops: Study challenges long-established evolutionary theory
25 Dogs are more expressive when you're paying attention
26 Coral study: Previous warming period inspired sea level rise in fits and starts
27 Primate study offers insights into relationship between of jealousy and monogamy
28 Orionid meteor shower to peak this weekend
29 Most complete tyrannosaur fossil in Southwest excavated in Utah
30 Global carbon emissions stall for third year straight, according to new report
31 Set of 9 million-year-old teeth suggests earliest human relatives could have lived in Europe
32 More lenient concealed carry laws linked with increases in homicide rate, study finds
33 Birds help raise other's offspring with the expectation of future benefits
34 Humans altered the evolution of crops 10,000 years earlier than previously thought
35 Prozac is polluting waterways, potentially impacting marine life
36 Google Earth helps researchers identify 400 ancient stone gates in Saudi Arabia
37 Michigan State scientists develop transparent solar cell technology
38 Shrews shrink their heads in preparation for winter, study finds
39 Scientists surprised to find jellyfish under Arctic sea ice
40 Acoustic gravity waves help scientists pinpoint spot, time objects hit the ocean surface
41 Study: Millions of miles of planned roads shouldn't be built
42 Watch live: SpaceX's Falcon 9 to launch satellite, land on droneship
43 Levels of microplastics in the Baltic have remained constant for 30 years
44 Study links rapid ice sheet melting with distant volcanic eruptions
45 Early results from NASA's Twins Study: Space encourages gene expression
46 ESO releases massive image of nearby Fornax Cluster
47 Palm oil production, deforestation blamed for rising temperatures in Indonesia
48 It's science: Men, women both attracted to arched backs
49 To survive, marine microbes living beneath the seabed must resort to cannibalism
50 Investment in conservation pays dividends, research shows
51 Ancient footprints reveal new megatheropod dinosaur species from southern Africa
52 New technology can weigh single cells, measure mass fluctuation in real time
53 Urban cooling study: When surrounding farms get hot and dry, cities cool off
54 Peak of fall foliage can be seen from space
55 New study details bacteria's 'sense of touch'
56 Astronomers detect comets outside the Milky Way
57 Winters leave marks on Mars' sand dunes
58 New map identifies vulnerable mammals, conservation priorities
59 New research shows how plants decide what shape to grow new leaves
60 Astronomers may have found solar system's first observed interstellar object
61 WMO: Atmospheric CO2 surged to record high in 2016
62 FDA approves new gene therapy for blood cancer
63 Non-opioid treatment more effective for migraine at emergency room
64 Study finds even regular walking can lower mortality risk
65 Study highlights possible effect of lying down after an epidural
66 Study suggests 'ideal' nose jobs make patients more attractive
67 Level of preventive screenings, care similar regardless of mental health condition: Study
68 New study finds HPV vaccine to be safe for adult women
69 State laws help reduce concussions in youth sports
70 Is a dangerous bird flu on the horizon?
71 Could too much exercise be bad for men's hearts?
72 Rate of self-harm among teen girls rose 68 percent from 2011 to 2014
73 New neural network restores diaphragm function after spinal cord injury
74 Scientists reveal e-cigarettes may trigger unique immune responses
75 New pneumonia vaccine protects against dozens of additional forms
76 Aspirin may reduce risk for liver cancer in hepatitis B patients, study says
77 One in six deaths worldwide in 2015 were tied to pollution: Report
78 Yoga and aerobics may help with heart disease risk factors
79 Depression can shave a decade or more off average lifespan, study says
80 Patients using less opioids after hip, knee replacement surgery
81 More symptoms mean greater risk of readmission for cancer patients: Study
82 More than half of patients denied by insurance for new cholesterol drug
83 Study: Medical marijuana effective for limited number of children's conditions
84 Irregular heartbeat may be tied to elevated thyroid levels
85 Teens unaware Adderall is an amphetamine, underreport use
86 Researchers find lung cancer driver in non-sun melanoma
87 Poverty does no favors for health
88 Throw rugs result in increased falls for seniors, study shows
89 Tighter rules on arsenic in water saved lives
90 Heart disease, stroke cutting black lives short
91 New drug may block muscle scarring linked to heart failure
92 Arsenic in drinking water may cause cancer decades after exposure
93 Do statins raise odds for type 2 diabetes?
94 Trauma takes toll on half of U.S. kids
95 Many cancer patients skimp on treatment due to cost
96 Herbicide 'Roundup' detected in Californians urine at increasing levels
97 Retailer, insurance company move to tackle opioid crisis
98 Weight loss from bariatric surgery improves heart health
99 Study finds gaps in care for Rhode Island hepatitis C patients
100 Nearly 40 percent of tanning salons ignore state laws governing teen use
101 Timing of treatment may predict cancer cell response
102 Hockey study suggests injured kids sent back on ice too soon
103 More than half of patients denied by insurance for new cholesterol drug
104 Controversial chemical can linger on your toothbrush
105 Gifts from drug companies may affect doctor prescriptions, study says
106 CDC: Americans getting a handle on cholesterol
107 Outpatient antibiotics increase risk for C. difficile in the community
108 Survey: At least one-quarter of American workers go to work sick
109 Education may help HPV vaccination rate in college men
110 Many high-risk women skip breast cancer screenings, even if they're free
111 Survival odds improving for lung cancer patients
112 Blood thinners may also protect brains of A-fib patients
113 CDC recommends new shingles vaccine for people over 50
114 Heart surgery more successful in the afternoon, study says
115 Newer eczema treatments offer relief for itchy rash
116 Half of food allergies in adults begin in adulthood
117 Men face higher risk of nursing home placement if lacking a caregiver
118 Researchers map advanced artificial limbs in the brain
119 Newly discovered molecule may hold promise in HIV vaccine
120 Researchers use patients' DNA to inform treatment decisions
121 Fall a good time to start exercising, medical experts say
122 New guidelines urge doctors to discuss cord blood donations with new parents