File Title
1 The perils of business ethics facing the UK's SME jewellery producers comes under scrutiny
2 The skinny on lipid immunology
3 Global CO2 emissions stalled for the third year in a row
4 Swansea University's physicists develop a new quantum simulation protocol
5 To vape or not to vape? Probably: Not to vape
6 Chromosomes may be knotted
7 Audit uncovers concerns about the use of electroconvulsive therapy in England
8 Fewer stillbirths at East African hospital following introduction of childbirth guidelines
9 Apixaban--metabolism, pharmacologic properties and drug interactions
10 'Antelope perfume' keeps flies away from cows
11 How the smallest bacterial pathogens outwit host immune defenses by stealth mechanisms
12 RANKL expressed by osteocytes has an important role in orthodontic tooth movement
13 How obesity promotes breast cancer
14 Gamma rays will reach beyond the limits of light
15 High field magnet at BER II: Insight into a hidden order
16 Novel 'converter' heralds breakthrough in ultra-fast data processing at nanoscale
17 New function in gene-regulatory protein discovered
18 Dartmouth to debut wearables that warn and wow at UIST 2017
19 Experts recommend fewer lab tests for hospitalized patients
20 New IOF Compendium documents osteoporosis, its management and global burden
21 Cool roofs have water saving benefits too
22 The end of pneumonia? New vaccine offers hope
23 Carbon coating gives biochar its garden-greening power
24 E-cigarettes may trigger unique and potentially damaging immune responses
25 'Selfish brain' wins out when competing with muscle power, study finds
26 Prozac in ocean water a possible threat to sea life, PSU study finds
27 Delayed word processing could predict patients' potential to develop Alzheimer's disease
28 Life goes on for marine ecosystems after cataclysmic mass extinction
29 Waterside lighting drastically disrupts wildlife in the surrounding ecosystem
30 Personal omics data informative for precision health and preventive care
31 Physical inactivity and restless sleep exacerbate genetic risk of obesity
32 Researchers quantify breast cancer risk based on rare variants and background risk
33 Barrow researchers use novel imaging to predict spinal degeneration
34 How solar peaker plants could replace gas peakers
35 Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's researchers laud FDA approval of CAR T-cell therapy
36 'Y' a protein unicorn might matter in glaucoma
37 Maternal diet may program child for disease risk, but better nutrition later can change that
38 The microbial anatomy of an organ
39 Infidelity can be forgiven--but at a cost
40 NASA's MAVEN mission finds Mars has a twisted tail
41 New gene editing approach for alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency shows promise in UMMS study
42 New NASA study improves search for habitable worlds
43 Climate shifts shorten marine food chain off California
44 Two-dimensional materials gets a new theory for control of properties
45 Eye-catching labels stigmatize many healthy foods
46 Expert: Be concerned about how apps collect, share health data
47 The birth of a new protein
48 Newly discovered viral marker could help predict flu severity in infected patients
49 IU business law scholars: Leidos case shouldn't have reached Supreme Court
50 Sequencing of stevia plant genome revealed for first time by Purecircle Stevia Institute
51 Field trips of the future?
52 Number of newly diagnosed cancer patients without insurance drops in first year of ACA
53 Using optical chaos to control the momentum of light
54 Researchers pinpoint causes for spike in breast cancer genetic testing
55 Researchers find evidence of DNA damage in veterans with Gulf War illness
56 Metallic nanoparticles will help to determine the percentage of volatile compounds
57 Research yields test to predict bitter pit disorder in Honeycrisp apples
58 The blob that ate the tokamak: Physicists gain understanding of bubbles at edge of plasmas
59 New tyrannosaur fossil is most complete found in southwestern US
60 Suicide molecules kill any cancer cell
61 New mapping tool tracks elk migration to reduce brucellosis risk
62 Study reveals key molecular link in major cell growth pathway
63 Scientists map monogamy, jealousy in the monkey mind
64 CCNY psychologists develop new model that links emotions and mental health
65 Rheumatoid arthritis linked to an increased risk of COPD
66 Creating a better RNA switch
67 NRL clarifies valley polarization for electronic and optoelectronic technologies
68 Veterans study reports reduction in suicide ideation after HBOT
69 How genes and environment interact to raise risk of congenital heart defects
70 BU: More permissive concealed-carry laws linked to higher homicide rates
71 Researchers find shifting relationship between flexibility, modularity in the brain
72 Specialized communication narratives help couples deal with miscarriage
73 Terahertz spectroscopy goes nano
74 Fundamental research enhances understanding of major cancer gene
75 Insulin signaling molecule in liver controls levels of triglyceride in blood
76 Cleaning up? Not without helpers
77 What the Balkans can teach other states in conflict
78 Strange but true: Turning a material upside down can sometimes make it softer
79 Self-portrait of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope marks critical test
80 Study examines the effects of sexual harassment, assault on researchers' careers
81 Itsy bitsy spider: Fear of spiders and snakes is deeply embedded in us
82 Solid or liquid? Researcher proposes a new definition of glass
83 Early data shows nearly 2x prolonged median survival for inoperable pancreatic cancer
84 Too many care practitioners guilty of applying traditional values to same-sex adoption
85 International patients increasingly seek in vitro fertilization treatment in US
86 Help sought from complementary and alternative medicine to remedy health problems
87 Six degrees of separation: Why it is a small world after all
88 Logged tropical rainforests still support biodiversity even when the heat is on
89 Researchers 'drug the undruggable' through unique collaboration
90 An international consortium identifies the breast cancer patients who would benefit from a treatment
91 Parents have an even greater impact on the well-being off young people than expected
92 Space greens beat the blues
93 Patients suffering injuries in low & middle-income countries have higher prevalence of HIV
94 Curve-eye-ture: How to grow artificial corneas
95 Impact of Amazonian hydropower is 'significantly underestimated,' study finds
96 Chaos reigns even in simple electronics
97 A solar flare recorded from Spain in 1886
98 What characteristics do school shooters share?
99 White working-class Americans feel in nation's 'slow lane,' new study shows
100 Ice stream retreats under a cold climate
101 Forest fires on the rise as JRC study warns of danger to air quality
102 Mapping migrant communities across Europe to support local integration
103 Want to control your dreams? Here's how you can
104 Phones keeping students from concentrating during lectures
105 Scientists reveal 'superbug's' artillery
106 World first: scientists find where HIV 'hides' to evade detection by the immune system
107 A surprise new butterflyfish is described from the Philippine 'twilight zone' and exhibit
108 Scientists solve a magnesium mystery in rechargeable battery performance
109 Mutant gene found to fuel cancer-promoting effects of inflammation
110 Ben-Gurion U. introduces Israel's first underwater robotic vehicle