File Title
1 Translocated hawks thrive in Hispaniola
2 No dog's life for elderly animals in Singapore Zoo
3 Scientists explore national security implications of gene editing
4 North Atlantic right whale carcass spotted in Massachusetts
5 Study finds increase of herbicide in older adults
6 Under the sea ice, behold the ancient Arctic jellyfish
7 Solving how a complex disease threatens oak trees
8 EU parliament votes to ban controversial weedkiller by 2022
9 Electronic entropy enhances water splitting
10 Austrian researchers facilitate lipid data analysis
11 Scientists develop new theory of molecular evolution
12 Closer looks reveals axial filaments in sea sponge spicules made up of proteins
13 Miniature droplets could solve an origin-of-life riddle
14 Close up view of growing polymer chain show jump steps
15 Microfluidics devices clarify how dispersants modify asphaltene to keep pipes open
16 The birth of a new protein
17 Team determines first high-resolution structure of dopamine receptor
18 Renewable resource: To produce vital lipoic acid, sulfur is used, then replenished
19 Liquid metal discovery ushers in new wave of chemistry and electronics
20 Discovery lights path for Alzheimer's research
21 Last unknown structure of HIV-1 solved, another step in efforts to disarm the AIDS virus
22 Scientists solve a magnesium mystery in rechargeable battery performance
23 A better way to produce metal-organic frameworks
24 Researchers observe individual cellular receptors at work
25 Researchers demonstrate new ways to achieve selectivity for biomarkers in bioelectronics
26 Integrated lab-on-a-chip uses smartphone to quickly detect multiple pathogens
27 Discovery of a new structure family of oxide-ion conductors 'SrYbInO4'
28 Plastic and metal-organic frameworks partner for sensing and storage
29 Fuel from diamonds?
30 Self-assembly of highly-porous crystalline particles into novel photonic materials for sensing applications
31 Adhesives and composite materials made from Swiss tree bark
32 Physicists use mathematical algorithms to examine experimental 3-D structures of chromosomes
33 Green functionalisation of carbon-hydrogen bonds
34 Turning a material upside-down can sometimes make it softer
35 Finding wood alternatives for endangered ebony
36 Polymers that kill germs rapidly and effectively will help in the fight against multidrug-resistant microbes
37 Electric field boost to water flow potentially offers alternative water treatment technology
38 Improving gene delivery methods
39 Screening for disease or toxins in a drop of blood
40 Novel process for producing high-voltage cathodes for lithium-ion batteries
41 Reducing power plants' freshwater consumption with new silica filter
42 Ferroelectric self-assembled molecular materials
43 Scientists explain the pseudocapacitance phenomenon in supercapacitors
44 Chemists develop a promising drug synthesis method
45 Passive solar windows heat up in cold weather
46 Scientists write 'traps' for light with tiny ink droplets
47 Transparent solar technology represents 'wave of the future'
48 When words, structured data are placed on single canvas
49 New simulation technology to predict refugee destinations could improve aid efforts
50 Enhancing solar power with diatoms
51 Researchers developing autonomous snake-like robots to support search-and-rescue teams
52 Not at home? Amazon wants to come in and drop off packages
53 New software lets your car tell you what it needs
54 Among 'green' energy, hydropower is the most dangerous
55 Science walden 'waterless toilet' displayed at DDP
56 New fractal-like concentrating solar power receivers are better at absorbing sunlight
57 Design team has revealed new self-charging electric bike
58 Researchers develop highly stable perovskite solar cells
59 Self-driving bus to shuttle Bavarian townsfolk
60 How virtual reality can defuse conflicts over building projects
61 Racial profiling by retailers creates an unwelcome climate for black shoppers, study shows
62 Students fortify concrete by adding recycled plastic
63 Kaspersky: We uploaded US documents but quickly deleted them
64 Companies in Ukraine, Russia come under new cyberattack
65 Slurp alert: Japanese fork masks noodle-sucking noise
66 Nissan executive bows to apologize for inspections scandal
67 Twitter increase ad transparency to foil politics meddling
68 Five things to see at the Tokyo Motor Show
69 Google's parent sends Internet balloons to reconnect Puerto Rico cell phones
70 Unconfirmed exomoon could be unlike any of those in our solar system
71 Monster image of the Fornax Galaxy Cluster
72 Wave nature of delocalized electrons in defective hydrocarbons at the origin of cosmic infrared emission
73 Spots on supergiant star drive spirals in stellar wind
74 Formation of magma oceans on exoplanet
75 Astronomers observe unusual outburst activity of binary star AG Draconis
76 Artificial intelligence finds 56 new gravitational lens candidates
77 Researchers reveal insights into the nature of an extremely massive galaxy cluster
78 The atmospheres of water worlds
79 Spacewalking astronaut copes with frayed tether, bad jetpack (Update)
80 Scientist sees evidence of planet formation in narrow rings of other solar systems
81 Dawn mission extended at Ceres
82 MAVEN mission finds Mars has a twisted tail
83 New NASA study improves search for habitable worlds
84 Self-portrait of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope marks critical test
85 Deep space communications via faraway photons
86 Samples brought back from asteroid reveal 'rubble pile' had a violent past
87 Sentinel-1 sees through hurricanes
88 What is an electric sail? Another exotic way to explore the solar system
89 The Rosetta spacecraft recorded the eruption of jets of dust on 67P/Chruyumov-Gerasimenko
90 Fireworks in space: NASA's twins study explores gene expression
91 Stronger tests of Einstein's theory of general relativity with binary neutron stars
92 Thruster for Mars mission breaks records
93 Project Blue and the quest to photograph exoplanets
94 Juno probe discovers surprising activity in Jupiter's interior
95 Image: The grace of Saturn
96 Coated mirrors achieve record-setting far ultraviolet reflectance levels
97 Galileo in place for launch
98 Mars rover mission progresses toward resumed drilling
99 Image: Hubble captures collision of two galaxies
100 Image: The color sphere of the sun
101 First joint France-China satellite to study oceans
102 Take a walk on Mars--in your own living room
103 Image: Jovian moon shadow
104 Laser beams for superconductivity: Research sheds light on unexpected physical phenomena
105 Piezoelectrics stretch their potential with a method for flexible sticking
106 New 3-D models illustrate the effect of material roughness on electrons emitted from the surface of a photocathode
107 Scientists find a new way to transform ambient heat into motion in nanoscale devices
108 Extraordinarily strong nonlinear optical graphene-like material could renovate nonlinear photonics
109 Materials with a special kind of boundary between crystal grains can deform in unexpected ways
110 Einstein note on happy living sells for $1.56 million