File Title
1 New study shows preferred spots for household insects
2 Men with cardiac arrest more likely than women to receive CPR in public: Study
3 Binge-watching television may increase risk for dangerous blood clot
4 Cardiac arrest during sex exceedingly rare, researchers report
5 Longer breast feeding may lower risk for eczema in teen years
6 Nearly half of all Americans have high blood pressure under new guidelines
7 Study: Knowing genetic risk for disease may put people at greater risk
8 Study: Electric cars don't harm cardiac implants
9 Uninsured heart patients often face daunting bills
10 Study: Eating nuts can reduce risk of heart disease
11 Online quit-smoking groups more effective with commitment
12 FDA approves 'digital pill' to allow doctors to track patient compliance
13 FDA issues warning on potential harm from kratom
14 Excess screen time linked with depression, suicidal behaviors in teens
15 Love for sugary sodas starting to fade among U.S. consumers, study says
16 Powerful psychedelic drug may ease symptoms of depression, alcoholism
17 Low-dose aspirin can reduce risk of post-op heart problems
18 Weighing too much or too little when pregnant can be risky
19 Swings in blood pressure can pose long-term dangers
20 Treating gum disease may help lower blood pressure, study says
21 Millions in U.S. could miss out on a potential Alzheimer's disease breakthrough
22 Insurance, tumor characteristics cause disparity in colon cancer survival rate: Study
23 Expensive tests for chest pain at emergency room often not needed
24 Scientists discover why headaches are emotionally draining
25 Virtual reality therapy can help stroke patients
26 U.S. seniors struggle more to pay for healthcare compared to other countries
27 Staying active may lower odds for glaucoma
28 Study: Delays to treating colon cancer not cause for concern
29 Researchers: CTE was detected in living former NFL player
30 Children still receiving codeine for pain after tonsillectomy, researchers report
31 Study: Heavy drinking, smoking make people look prematurely old
32 New drug approved by FDA to stem bleeding in hemophilia patients
33 CDC wants America to eat its fruits and veggies
34 FDA seeks to speed development of 'regenerated' organs for medical use
35 One type of diet can add years to your life
36 Calm parents can help kids with ADHD master their emotions, behaviors
37 Baby boomers avoiding macular degeneration better than previous generations
38 Office workers say they want more time standing, doing physical activity
39 Research refutes theory linking family income, genetics, brain development
40 'Brain training' program may help prevent dementia, scientists say
41 Obamacare may have helped increase number who quit smoking
42 Many hospice workers lack their own end-of-life directives
43 Discoveries may help treat Gulf War illness, chronic fatigue syndrome
44 Study: Adopting a dog may help single people extend lifespan
45 Study shows importance of early treatment for diabetic foot ulcers
46 Twice-dead star explodes 50 years later
47 Experiment on Earth suggests microbes could survive on Mars
48 Science has more impact when researchers travel, collaborate
49 Study details massive haul of ancient primate finger, toe bones from China
50 Unlucky dinosaurs: Scientists say asteroid had 13% chance of triggering extinction
51 NASA shares new JunoCam image
52 Historic data proves ice sheets can melt fast when climate warms
53 Ancient Egyptian scribes mixed copper in their ink
54 Sunshine encourages more aggressive bidding at auctions
55 How to watch the Taurid meteor shower this weekend
56 Biologist records rare sighting of giant crab hunting, killing bird
57 Scientists make progress in quest for fusion energy
58 Rare, ancient life form found in Tasmania's wetlands
59 Urban trees are growing faster than their rural peers
60 Climate change is destroying Earth's natural wonders, UN report warns
61 ALMA details merger of two massive, super bright galaxies
62 New graphene filter turns whiskey clear
63 Archaeologists find buried treasure at Abbey of Cluny in France
64 NASA tests parachute for 2020 Mars rover mission
65 Artificially cooling Earth is a 'highly risky strategy,' researchers warn
66 NASA readies for another JPSS-1 launch attempt
67 Warning letter to humanity on climate change signed by 16,000 scientists
68 Newly discovered Earth-sized planet looks to be life-friendly
69 Generous people are more in touch with their heart, research shows
70 Japanese flower attracts pollinators by pretending to be a mushroom
71 Chimps alarm their friends when poisonous snakes are nearby
72 Satellite spots springtime phytoplankton bloom off New Zealand coast
73 SpaceX delays launch of mysterious Zuma spacecraft
74 NASA considers which cities will flood as ice sheets melt
75 NASA scientists reveal how high-energy particles penetrate Earth's atmosphere
76 Northern species most vulnerable to global warming, temperate species most adaptable
77 Scientists develop reliable kill switches--in case bioengineered microbes go rogue
78 Analysis of King Tut's treasure shows aesthetic influence of Levant
79 Sunrise colors space station image of approaching cargo ship
80 Watch: Boston Dynamics robot leaps, does back flips
81 Whether for recreation or sustenance, seagrass proves vital to fishing around the globe
82 Ring-tailed lemurs engage in stink-flirting to attract mates
83 Norway's economy facing petroleum-related headwinds
84 Oklahoma still scrambling with budget despite oil price trends
85 An Iranian benchmark for oil just topped $60 per barrel
86 More oil expected from offshore West Africa
87 U.S. LNG faces headwinds in Asian markets
88 More shale oil production expected, Continental Resources says
89 Europe tightens rules on natural gas pipelines
90 Korea Power pushes for grid connecting South Korea, Russia
91 Conoco pegs spending plan to $50 per barrel oil
92 Waning risk premium, more U.S. production pushes oil prices lower
93 China examines LNG potential in Alaska
94 House committee passes bill to unlock more U.S. offshore areas to drillers
95 Shale-rich Oklahoma fails to pass budget measure
96 EV corridor will stretch from Norway to Italy
97 Commitment questions surface over Keystone XL
98 Vehicle emissions per driver on the rise, study finds
99 Oil prices flat, but still seeing a geopolitical risk premium
100 U.S. committed to Paris deal even if Trump isn't, parties say
101 Russian oil company eying Gulf of Mexico opportunities
102 Oil price response to OPEC report on demand muted
103 Michigan incensed over Enbridge pipeline integrity
104 Emirati oil production could increase by 1 million barrels per day
105 Don't buy the tight-market hype, IEA says
106 Gas prices unseasonably high, but relief coming
107 Oil prices drift lower on future production expectations
108 U.S. sees LNG as a way to contain Russia
109 BP learning to do more with less
110 End tax credits for wind energy now, Tennessee Republican says
111 Alaska tries again with ANWR drilling
112 High U.S. oil exports the new normal under right conditions
113 Shale-rich Oklahoma facing uphill budget battle
114 Production enthusiasm drags oil prices lower
115 Texas jobs, shale production increasing
116 U.S. wants input on Alaskan oil production proposal
117 Libyan wealth is wasted, U.N. envoy says
118 Pipeline leak raises questions over fate of Keystone XL