File Title
1 Nearby pulsars shed light on the antimatter puzzle
2 Why do employees cheat? Too much pressure
3 Spanking linked to increase in children's behavior problems
4 Math gets real in strong, lightweight structures
5 When vegetables are closer in price to chips, people eat healthier, Drexel study finds
6 Listening to the patient's voice: A more patient-centered approach to medication safety
7 To trim away a protein
8 NIST scientists discover how to switch liver cancer cell growth from 2-D to 3-D structures
9 Can a common ingredient in laundry detergent help advance diabetes research?
10 Study: For older women, every movement matters
11 UT Dallas study tackles the divide over NFL players' protests
12 David Bowie & the art of slow innovation: A new strategy for global precision medicine
13 NIST's next-generation atomic clocks may support official timekeeping
14 Groundwater recharge in the American west under climate change
15 Study shows therapy improves quality of life in people who have sleep apnea
16 The stacked color sensor
17 Naturally occurring molecule may help prevent and treat atherosclerosis and gum disease
18 Secrets of succulents' water-wise ways revealed
19 Russian scientist determined the normal content of boron in the human body
20 UNN scientists are studying the problem of modeling the cognitive dissonance phenomenon
21 How Snapdragons keep their color: Signposting trick reveals evolutionary mechanism
22 Researchers find diffusion plays unusual signaling role in drosophila embryos
23 Why are minorities underrepresented in genetic cancer studies?
24 A study proposes to elaborate the term 'parental abuse by children'
25 Tooth cavities can be fought 'naturally'
26 Andalusian experts discover new procedures for DNA stability
27 Species in the north are more vulnerable to climate change
28 Climate change impacts already locked in--but the worst can still be avoided
29 'The Brazilian Zika outbreak could end soon'
30 Methodologies in orthodontic pain management: A review
31 NUS researchers develop smart, ultra-thin microfibre sensor for real-time healthcare monitoring and [diagnosis]
32 Veni vidi vici: How natural killer cells conquer the superbug Klebsiella
33 School exacerbates feelings of being 'different' in pupils with autism spectrum conditions
34 Ceria nanoparticles: It is the surface that matters
35 Newly found immune defense could pave way to treat allergies
36 Down and dirty: Cleaning Okinawan pig farm wastewater with microbial fuel cells
37 Neuroscience research provides evidence the brain is strobing not constant
38 AMP Iissues consensus guideline recommendations for NGS bioinformatics pipelines
39 Old World monkeys could be key to a new, powerful rheumatoid arthritis therapy
40 New research could predict La Nina drought years in advance
41 A structural clue to attacking malaria's 'Achilles heel'
42 Large decrease in age-related macular degeneration in baby boomers compared to previous generations
43 New painkillers reduce overdose risk
44 Kill switches for engineered microbes gone rogue
45 Study raises possibility of naturally acquired immunity against Zika virus
46 A new window into electron behavior
47 Midwifery care at hospitals is associated with fewer medical interventions
48 Report suggests association between coffee and up to 70 percent reduced risk of liver disease
49 Study reveals how the songbird changes its tune
50 In the heart of devastating outbreak, research team unlocks secrets of Ebola
51 How the immune system identifies invading bacteria
52 Stress can lead to risky decisions
53 Yale team's advance allows gene editing with surgical precision
54 Intervention becomes first to successfully reduce risk of dementia
55 Additive manufacturing and sustainability: The environmental implications of 3-D printing
56 Molecular guardian defends cells, organs against excess cholesterol
57 More than a numbers game: New technique gauges microbial communities by biomass
58 Epigenetics help keep the immune system running
59 Genomic study explores evolution of gentle 'killer bees' in Puerto Rico
60 Employees want to sit down less and walk more during work days
61 Renaissance of the iron-air battery
62 Ancient enzyme could boost power of liquid biopsies to detect and profile cancers
63 An update on the road to better plastics for a sustainable future
64 Discovery of a promising medication for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
65 Black box warning slows, but doesn't stop, codeine for kids after tonsil removal
66 Microbial resident enables beetles to feed on a leafy diet
67 Micro-spectroscopy opens new routes for diagnostics
68 High-altitude observatory sheds light on origin of excess anti-matter
69 Passenger pigeon genome shows effects of natural selection in a huge population
70 Progression from infection to pulmonary tuberculosis follows distinct timeline
71 Prior asymptomatic Zika infection protects against reinfection in pregnant mice
72 New model estimates odds of events that trigger sudden cardiac death
73 On the origins of star stuff: HAWC collaboration sheds light on origin of anti-matter
74 Chance discovery of forgotten 1960s 'preprint' experiment
75 Gene drive technologies for ecosystem conservation: Use with care!
76 Reversing opioid overdose: Concentrated naloxone nasal spray as good as injection
77 Stopping the dengue threat
78 Spinning cylinders to recreate nature's patterns
79 An internal fountain of youth: Why these Amish live longer and healthier
80 Shape of Lake Ontario generates white-out blizzards, study shows
81 Desert solar to fuel centuries of air travel
82 UT study iDs potential cell receptors to reduce antibiotic resistance
83 Study finds higher rates of sexual violence among bisexual women
84 Aging tests yield varying results
85 Salt pond in Antarctica, among the saltiest waters on Earth, is fed from beneath
86 Kevlar-based artificial cartilage mimics the magic of the real thing
87 First transcatheter implant for diastolic heart failure successful
88 Study urges global-change researchers to embrace variability
89 Protein synthesis machinery from bacterial consortia in one shot
90 What is the computational power of the universe?
91 A polymer 'love hormone' sensor for the early detection of autism
92 Linking heart attack damage to the spleen and kidney, an integrated study of heart failure
93 Study reveals structure and origins of glacial polish on Yosemite's rocks
94 Molecular pathway offers treatment targets for pulmonary fibrosis, related conditions
95 Pacific Island countries could lose 50-80 percent of fish in local waters under climate change
96 Genome of wheat ancestor sequenced
97 Wider sampling of tumor tissues may guide drug choice, improve outcomes
98 New guidelines issued for diagnosis and care of LAM, a rare lung disease
99 Colorado River's connection with the ocean was a punctuated affair
100 What counts as 'nature'? It all depends
101 New study underpins the future of Person Centred Care
102 Manganese-based MRI contrast agent may be safer alternative to gadolinium-based agents
103 Serious health risks associated with energy drinks
104 Head injury does not worsen drinking behavior in heavy drinkers
105 Floating droplets
106 Water baths as good as bleach baths for treating eczema
107 Parent-supplied photos allow pediatric dermatology diagnoses with no office visit in most cases
108 UTEP team advances in developing vaccine for cutaneous leishmaniasis
109 The rhetorical signature of Donald J. Trump
110 Targeting cancer without destroying healthy T-cells