File Title
1 New partnership on Mars drone applications research
2 China Expected to Complete First Sea Launch for Commercial Payloads in 2018
3 Astronaut meets volcano
4 Space launch plans tour the UK
5 European Space Week starts in Estonia
6 Diagonal methods for expensive global optimization developed by Russian scientists
7 Tech increases microfluidic research data output 100-fold
8 China maintains reign over world supercomputer rankings
9 Lockheed Martin Achieves Long Range Discrimination Radar Critical Design Review On-Schedule
10 Leonardo tapped by British Royal Air Force for radar testing equipment
11 Study explains how droplets can levitate on liquid surfaces
12 Building better silk
13 A new way to mix oil and water
14 Our Living Planet Shapes the Search for Life Beyond Earth
15 NASA plans mission to study why planets lose their atmospheres
16 Pluto's hydrocarbon haze keeps dwarf planet colder than expected
17 Watching Jupiter's multiple pulsating X-ray Aurora
18 Juno Aces 8th Science Pass of Jupiter, Names New Project Manager
19 Help Nickname New Horizons' Next Flyby Target
20 Nepal scraps mega hydropower deal with Chinese firm
21 China's BeiDou Navigation Satellite System Expands into a Global Network
22 New islands could solve Bangladesh land crisis: experts
23 How a 'shadow zone' traps the world's oldest ocean water
24 How a 'shadow zone' traps the world's oldest ocean water
25 Researchers use forensic science to track turtles
26 Harris develops fully digital navigation payload for future GPS III sats
27 Better rubidium clocks increase BeiDou satnav accuracy
28 China launches two BeiDou-3 navigation satellites on single carrier rocket
29 Russia tests new spaceship set to deliver people, cargo to moon
30 NASA Team Studies CubeSaturday, Mission to Measure Water on the Moon
31 China and the US are both shooting for the moon
32 Russia locks up six for Moon flight simulation
33 Low-cost clocks for landing on the Moon
34 Unlucky dinosaurs: Scientists say asteroid had 13 percent chance of triggering extinction
35 Dinosaur-killing asteroid impact cooled Earth's climate more than previously thought
36 Ancient meteorite impact triggered highest surface temperature in Earth's history
37 Site of asteroid impact changed the history of life
38 Dawn Explores Ceres' Interior Evolution
39 Astronomers Complete First International Asteroid Tracking Exercise
40 NASA Evaluates Use of a Coin-Sized Thermometer to Characterize Comets and Earthbound Asteroids
41 Dawn Finds Possible Ancient Ocean Remnants at Ceres
42 Asteroid Luca
43 Samples brought back from asteroid reveal 'rubble pile' had a violent past
44 Asteroid Tracking Network Observes Close Approach
45 Return of the Comet: 96P Spotted by ESA, NASA Satellites
46 ROSINA Spectral Measurements Bring Comet's Chemistry to Life
47 Small Asteroid or Comet 'Visits' from Beyond the Solar System
48 Spinning comet rapidly slows down during close approach to Earth
49 Team led by UCLA astrophysicist observes primitive comet 2 billion kilometres from the sun
50 Unexpected Surprise: A Final Image from Rosetta
51 Close encounters of the stellar kind
52 Ozone ups and downs
53 Warm Air Helped Make 2017 Ozone Hole Smallest Since 1988
54 Study reveals new threat to the ozone layer
55 NASA readies for another JPSS-1 launch attempt
56 NASA CubeSaturday, to Test Miniaturized Weather Satellite Technology
57 FIREBIRD II and NASA mission locate whistling space electrons' origins
58 Proposed NASA mission would investigate where space weather begins
59 View the 2019 solar eclipse from La Silla Observatory
60 Parker Solar Probe Comes to NASA Goddard for Testing
61 UK space science mission SMILE gets first round of funding
62 Neutron star with strong magnetic field may still launch jets
63 Star kills its 'congenial' to form together a dwarf-binary system
64 The star that would not die
65 Shocking results of galaxy-cluster collisions
66 Forest of molecular signals in star forming galaxy
67 Premature Death of Star is Confirmed by Astronomers
68 New Insight into Nature's Own "Death Star" Beams
69 Spots on supergiant star drive spirals in stellar wind
70 Artificial Intelligence Finds 56 New Gravitational Lens Candidates
71 Heavy elements in neutron star mergers detected
72 Violent helium reaction on white dwarf surface triggers supernova explosion
73 Scientists still confounded by Milky Way's most mysterious star
74 Astronomers detect Freon-40 around infant stars, comet
75 Hitomi mission glimpses cosmic 'recipe' for the nearby universe
76 How physicists turned Antarctica into particle detector
77 CALET makes first direct measurements of high energy electrons in space
78 Experiment Provides Deeper Look into the Nature of Neutrinos
79 Scientists prove extragalactic origin of high-energy cosmic rays
80 Astronomers use IAC instrument to probe the origins of cosmic rays
81 Detecting cosmic rays from a galaxy far, far away
82 Stellar Corpse Sheds Light on Origin of Cosmic Rays
83 Astrophysicists explain the mysterious behavior of cosmic rays
84 ALMA captures duo of titanic galaxies in extreme starbursting merger
85 HAWC collaboration sheds light on origin of anti-matter
86 The unbelievable speed of electron emission from an atom
87 A quasiparticle quest
88 Physicists: The wave properties of particles can manifest in collisions
89 Quantum dots visualize tiny vibrational resonances
90 Bringing the atomic world into full color
91 Swansea University's physicists develop a new quantum simulation protocol
92 Spotting the spin of the Majorana fermion under the microscope
93 JILA's 3-D quantum gas atomic clock offers new dimensions in measurement
94 Generating terahertz radiation from water makes 'the impossible, possible'
95 Electron backscatter diffraction yields microstructure insights
96 Breast cancer recurrence risk can linger for decades
97 HPV vaccine linked to drop in cases of childhood respiratory disease
98 Nanoshells could deliver cancer drugs directly to tumors with fewer side effects
99 Study: Spanking children may increase risk for mental health problems as adults
100 Heatwaves can kill you 27 different ways
101 CDC: 1 in 5 people in U.S. use tobacco products
102 Lungs transplanted from 60-year-old as good as from younger donors, study says
103 Low-fat diet may cut pancreatic cancer risk for overweight older women
104 Menus with calorie counts seem to be paying off in war on obesity
105 Could fish oil, vitamin D help ease lupus?
106 Smog may harm bones in older adults, study suggests
107 Sleep apnea may increase risk for Alzheimer's disease
108 Study links obesity to rise in knee dislocations
109 Switching to whole grain pasta may reduce weight, risk for type 2 diabetes
110 Doctors overprescribe opioid painkillers after nose jobs, study says