File Title
1 'Holy Grail' Hadron: Scientists Are Close to Detecting the Elusive Tetraquark Particle
2 Time to Celebrate: Ancient Sundial Made to Honor Roman Politician
3 Pet Snake Nearly Kills Teen: Why the Inland Taipan Is So Deadly
4 Can You Turn Fat into Muscle?
5 This Week's Strangest Science News
6 Tiny Grasshopper Found Hidden in Van Gogh Painting, 128 Years Later
7 Now Hear this: Ancient Amphitheater Acoustics Weren't So Great After All
8 Chemists May Have Found the 'Missing Link' to the First Life on Earth
9 The Story Behind that Viral Photo of a Lonely Rhino
10 Don't Bug Out! Your Cluttered Home Won't Attract Creepy-Crawlies
11 Gay Lions? Not Quite
12 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
13 What Drives Religious Belief? It's Not Intuition
14 Stellar Zombie: Scientists Discover a Star that Won't Die
15 Aerial Images May Unlock Enigma of Ancient Stone Structures in Saudi Arabia
16 Can Sex Trigger Cardiac Arrest?
17 Letters from Ernest Hemingway Reveal How Author Dealt with Fame
18 Shortest Abstract for Scientific Paper Surfaces on Twitter
19 For Some, a Bit of Chocolate May Help Lower Risk of Heart Problems
20 Wolfing Down Meals May Lead to Weight Gain and Heart Woes
21 What are the health benefits of purple rice?
22 How type 2 diabetes can be reversed with a low-calorie diet
23 Obstructive sleep apnea linked to higher Alzheimer's risk
24 Psychedelic plant brew could improve mental health
25 Study says daytime wounds heal faster, but do the data support the claim?
26 Warm, wet weather: The key to kidney stones?
27 What causes diarrhea after eating?
28 Banana allergy: What you need to know
29 Bugs in the basement? Here's why
30 The legacy of grief: Coping with loss
31 Mushrooms may help you fight off aging
32 Best essential oils for treating cold sores
33 Financial worries may raise heart attack risk by 13-fold
34 Even light drinkers at risk of cancer
35 What is dyslexia in adults?
36 All you need to know about rectal prolapse
37 Tattoo aftercare tips
38 What are the benefits of konjac?
39 What is sacroiliitis?
40 This hormone controls how much you eat
41 How drinking affects brain stem cells
42 What is a sinus arrhythmia?
43 Why does my body ache?
44 No sugar diet plan: What you need to know
45 Can diabetics eat bananas?
46 What is phimosis?
47 E-cigarettes may slow down your heart rate
48 Don't worry, sex is unlikely to trigger cardiac arrest
49 What is chronic diarrhea and how is it treated?
50 What birth control methods take the shortest and longest time to work?
51 How to get rid of a nose piercing bump
52 More TV viewing linked to higher risk of blood clots in veins
53 Hyperarousal: Symptoms and treatment
54 Chronic fatigue syndrome: Changes in brain chemistry found
55 Deadly brain tumors halted by blocking telomere protein
56 What is cervicalgia and how is it treated?
57 Eating too fast may lead to weight gain, heart disease
58 Coffee drinkers at lower risk of heart failure, stroke
59 What is ablutophobia?
60 Do you have high blood pressure? You might, based on new guidelines
61 What are the best ways to increase sperm count?
62 What is a basilar migraine?
63 Diabetes: Sudden cardiac death risk sevenfold higher in young people
64 Ten remedies for canker sores
65 What causes antibiotic resistance?
66 Nuts may protect against heart disease
67 Five life hacks for healthy skin
68 What are binaural beats and how do they work?
69 ACP Welcomes New CMS Anti-Paperwork Initiative
70 Kidney Cancer Patients Take to Twitter for Support, Info
71 APS Carries 2.5x Risk of Subclinical Atherosclerosis
72 Curbing Sexual Harassment
73 Future of Atopic Dermatitis Treatment
74 Meeting the Need for Gender-Affirmation Services
75 Stool Bacteria May Influence Tx Response in RCC
76 First-Ever FDA Approval for Erdheim-Chester Disease
77 MRI Cuts Link Between Obesity, Refractory RA
78 JAK Inhibitors Showing Promise for Many Skin Problems
79 Can Psoriasis Tx Diminish Atherosclerosis?
80 Psoriasis Responds After Biologic Failure
81 New Psoriasis Guidelines Aimed at Improving Outcomes
82 Longer Psoriasis Duration May Mean Higher CVD Risk
83 One in Five Pregnant Women Worldwide Carry Group B Strep
84 Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase Marches on as Rheumatology Target
85 Can Warfarin Protect Against Cancer?
86 Rituxan Has Promise in Idiopathic Nephropathy
87 Lipid Changes with Sirukumab Called 'Anti-Atherogenic'
88 CHIP Extension Mired in Uncertainty
89 Morning Break: $6 Million in Ebola Cash Gone; Postpartum Dads; Urine Tests 'Liquid Gold'
90 Tool Available to Help Rheumatologists Cope with MIPS
91 Does Gut Flora Impact the Response to Cancer Immunotherapy?
92 Biologics During Pregnancy Don't Raise Infection Risk for Infants
93 Assessment by Physical Therapist Boosts PsA Detection
94 NeuroBreak: Two Drugs for SMA; Aducanumab Update; Vivitrol Under Fire
95 WHO: Cut Antibiotic Use in Food Animals
96 The Sweet Smell of Malaria: 'Breath Test' Promising for Dx
97 Perspective: Which Road to Universal Coverage?
98 Faulty Flu Shots? Blame Eggs
99 Breast Cancer: 5-year Update Shows Clinical Benefit for Neratinib Persists
100 Dengue Vax Promising in Phase II Trial
101 Newer CSF Biomarkers Better Match for Visual Amyloid on PET
102 Verma: States Can Impose Medicaid Work Requirements
103 Physician, Brand Thyself
104 CDC Needs Stable Preparedness Fund, Experts Say
105 Mixed Results in Studies of Biosimilar-Originator Switching
106 Who Actually Is Reviewing All Those Preauthorization Requests?
107 Lifestyle Changes, Meds May Prevent Diabetes in Those at Risk
108 Neurological Symptoms of West Nile Virus May Persist Years Later
109 Right Atrial Pressure, WMH Linked in Valvular Heart Disease
110 Device May Ease Fistula Creation
111 The Fight Against the Gluten-Free Fad (Science-Based Medicine)
112 Relieving Paperwork Burden a Top Priority, Says Medicaid Director