File Title
1 New drug enables infants with genetic disorder to live longer, gain motor function
2 Breast cancer patients forego post-surgery treatment due to mistrust, study suggests
3 Time to rewrite the dinosaur textbooks? Not quite yet!
4 A new way to get a drug molecule into the cell?
5 Largest ever collection of patient data of inherited epilepsy conditions
6 Almost half of those who resolve a problem with drugs or alcohol do so without assistance
7 Scientists create magnetic system that transforms heat into motion
8 Mandated coverage for fertility preservation featured in NEJM
9 Metal-silicone microstructures could enable new flexible optical and electrical devices
10 Chimpanzees shown spontaneously 'taking turns' to solve number puzzle
11 Zebra 'poo science' improves conservation efforts
12 Gold nanoantennas help in creation of more powerful nanoelectronics
13 Treatment for dogs alleviates fear of noisy fireworks
14 Brain tumour's 'addiction' to common amino acid could be its weakness
15 Riding the bike to work is just as effective as leisure time exercise
16 It is time for a concerted European approach to defeat cancer
17 Feral animals pose major threat to Outback, climate change study finds
18 The fingerprints of coastal carbon sinks
19 New SOFT e-textiles could offer advanced protection for soldiers and emergency personnel
20 Scientists develop groundnut resistant to aflatoxin
21 APA Stress in America survey: US at 'lowest point we can remember'
22 Babies can use context to look for things, study demonstrates
23 Intensifying winds could increase east Antarctica's contribution to sea level rise
24 Transgender women take triple the number of HIV tests as trans men
25 Your bones affect your appetite--and your metabolism!
26 Two classes of GGAA-microsatellites in a Ewing sarcoma context
27 Penn engineers develop filters that use nanoparticles to prevent slime build-up
28 Miracle cure costs less than a budget airline flight
29 Solving of a decade-long mystery could help in fight against TB
30 Could the Neolithic Revolution offer evidence of best ways to adapt to climate change?
31 Phase 1 study shows encouraging data for gene replacement therapy for SMA type I
32 Are some natural environments more psychologically beneficial than others?
33 Topical gel made from oral blood pressure drugs shown effective in healing chronic wounds
34 Ensuring the survival of elephants in Laos: A matter of economics
35 How songbirds learn a new song
36 New study links severe hot flashes with greater risk of obstructive sleep Apnea
37 Babies born late preterm may be at risk of cardiovascular diseases
38 Quality of life deterioration delayed if progression of advanced breast cancer delayed
39 Subset of stem cells identified as source for all cells in blood and immune systems
40 Plastic nanoparticles inspired by nature could improve cancer drug delivery
41 In vitro tissue microarrays for quick and efficient spheroid characterization
42 Luck plays a role in how language evolves, Penn team finds
43 Rutgers-led research could revolutionize nuclear waste reprocessing and save money
44 Human activities are reshaping forest animal communities around the world
45 Researchers look for dawn of human information sharing
46 Study unveils changes in the brain during extended missions in space
47 PARP inhibitor may be effective against some TNBC lacking BRCA mutations
48 To make surgery safer & less expensive for all, take Michigan's model national, team says
49 Mapping the microbiome of...everything
50 Breast cancer researchers track changes in normal mammary duct cells leading to disease
51 Marine scientists discover kleptopredation--a new way of catching prey
52 Time to rewrite the dinosaur textbooks? Not quite yet!
53 Life on the edge
54 Gut microbiome may make chemo drug toxic to patients
55 Can corals adapt to climate change?
56 Inflammation in middle age may be tied to brain shrinkage decades later
57 Teen childbirth linked to increased risk for heart disease
58 Empowered employees are more proactive--even when they don't trust their leader
59 Citizen science may boost engagement and understanding in undergraduate biology classes
60 Newly described giraffid species may help trace evolution of giraffe ancestors
61 Penguins' calls are influenced by their habitat
62 Many prescription drug users not aware of driving-related risks
63 Investigating the collateral effects of antibiotics
64 National study by CU & Duke identifies best method for achieving a healthy IVF birth
65 Researchers find diffusion plays unusual signaling role in Drosophila embryos
66 Researchers create 3-D cell arrays for more realistic experimental biological environments
67 Chimps in the wild modify warnings based on what others in their group already know, study finds
68 Secrets of succulents' water-wise ways revealed
69 Genomic study explores evolution of gentle 'killer bees' in Puerto Rico
70 More than a numbers game: New technique gauges microbial communities by biomass
71 Study finds potential cell receptors to reduce antibiotic resistance
72 Genome of wheat ancestor sequenced
73 Shifting presence of North Atlantic right whales tracked with passive acoustics
74 Chimps found to use arm and mouth expressions to convey distance
75 Mutated frog gene repels predators
76 Study sheds new light on krill larvae survival
77 Finding a key to unlock blocked differentiation in microRNA-deficient embryonic stem cells
78 Saving Cavendish: Team grows world-first Panama disease-resistant bananas
79 In bee decline, fungicides emerge as improbable villain
80 From southeast Asia to the sewers: Study determines new geographical origins of brown rats
81 Making mosquitoes self-destruct
82 Pesticides may cause bumblebees to lose their buzz, study finds
83 Study finds 'black box' methods used by biologists probably overestimate number of new species
84 Study offers detailed insight into early-life behavior of grey seal pups at sea
85 Mammal brains identify type of scent faster than once thought
86 To find new biofuel enzymes, it can take a microbial village
87 Female mongooses help their pups by driving out rivals
88 Study could bring about strategies to increase 'good' cholesterol
89 California birds nesting a week earlier than they did a century ago
90 Donkeys need more protection from winter than horses
91 Navy efforts to protect whales have limited effect
92 Image stabilization in vertebrates depends on contrast between objects
93 Cyanobacterial studies examine cellular structure during nitrogen starvation
94 Species in the north are more vulnerable to climate change
95 Are petite poplars the future of biofuels? Studies say yes
96 Indonesia smugglers stuffed exotic birds in pipes: police
97 Seals and our shores
98 Chimp study reveals how brain's structure shaped our evolution
99 Microbial ecosystem at Laguna La Brava may contain novel microorganisms
100 Agricultural groups challenge California weed-killer warning
101 Video of four bobcats in suburban area shows healthy population
102 Dead whale surprises swimmers at iconic Rio beach
103 Pacific Island countries could lose 50-80% of fish in local waters under climate change
104 Scientists team up on study to save endangered African Penguins
105 Flower attracts insects by pretending to be a mushroom
106 'Left-handed' fish and asymmetrical brains
107 Antibiotic discovery in the abyss