File Title
1 UNLV Engineers Build 3D-Printed Robohand for World Series First Pitch
2 Scientists Penetrate Mystery of Raging Black Hole Beams
3 How to Store Information in Your Clothes Invisibly, Without
4 Low-Cost Graphene-Based Sensor Detects Contaminants in Water
5 Gut Microbiome May Make Chemo Drug Toxic to Patients
6 Invasive Weevil Threatens California's Palm Trees and Date Industry
7 The Inner Secrets of Planets and Stars
8 Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, November 2017
9 Hubble Sees Nearby Asteroids Photobombing Distant Galaxies
10 'Super T Cells' Engineered for Optimal Performance Drive New Roswell Park Gene-Therapy Approach
11 Scientists Decipher Mechanisms Underlying the Biology of Aging
12 Johns Hopkins Undergrads win Silver Prize in 2017 Collegiate Inventors Competition
13 Rutgers University Receives 2017 Edison Patent Award for Polymer Used to Develop World's First Fully Resorbable, X-Ray Visible Stent
14 'Smart' Paper Can Conduct Electricity, Detect Water
15 The Flat and the Curious
16 How Climate Change May Reshape Subalpine Wildflower Communities
17 New Approach to Geoengineering Simulations Is Significant Step Forward
18 Man's Earliest Ancestors Discovered in Southern England
19 NUS-Developed Manta Ray Robot Swims Faster and Operates Up to 10 Hours
20 Endurance Training Helpful in Recovery from Muscle Inflammation, New Study Shows
21 The Key to a Nut
22 JHU Scientist Crowdsources Rocks Harboring Earthly "Extraterrestrials"
23 Kitchen counter bio-lab lets you make edible gloop from cells
24 A legal trade in rhino horn could be twice as big as illegal one
25 We have four years fewer to slash carbon emissions than thought
26 Donor organs created by dissolving and rebuilding pig livers
27 Climate change will kill millions but you knew that already
28 Secure your secret messages with printable invisible ink
29 Disney water jets let visually impaired people 'feel' fireworks
30 People who illegally kill birds of prey are getting away with it
31 First results from young blood Alzheimer's trial are criticised
32 Australia to cut cervical cancer risk with less regular tests
33 How learning to share cakes could help stop unfair US elections
34 Freeloading mites are squatting on spider webs and stealing food
35 Malaria parasite makes mosquitoes more likely to suck your blood
36 A third of animals are vanishing as roads spread through forests
37 There is a third species of orangutan and somehow nobody noticed
38 Bitcoin mining uses more energy than Ecuador--but there's a fix
39 Breathing pure oxygen could heal footballers with concussion
40 Visual trick fools AI into thinking a turtle is really a rifle
41 Phone sensors can save lives by revealing what floor you are on
42 Europe and the US were most responsible for deadly heatwave
43 We may have found 20 habitable worlds hiding in plain sight
44 Cosmic rays have revealed a new chamber in Egypt's Great Pyramid
45 Sharks now protected no matter whose waters they swim in
46 Alzheimer's may be able to spread through blood transfusions
47 Gaming addiction probably isn't a real condition, study suggests
48 Dinosaur mass-extinction let mammals come out in the day
49 Enceladus's hot, gritty core may cook up ingredients for life
50 China's dreadful air pollution seems to have got a bit better
51 Your brain signals weaken and slow down when you're really tired
52 Virtual cocktails hijack your senses to turn water into wine
53 Sheep learn to recognise celebrity faces from different angles
54 AI binges on CSI crime shows and learns to guess whodunnit
55 Why burying loved ones in unmarked graves could save wildlife
56 A bizarre supernova keeps exploding over and over again
57 Boy with a genetic disease has had almost all his skin replaced
58 Daytime injuries heal twice as fast as wounds sustained at night
59 Facebook can make your profile pic wink and scowl
60 Meet the winners of the biggest ever face-recognition challenge
61 Giant coconut crab sneaks up on a sleeping bird and kills it
62 Having close friends may stave off mental decline
63 What is paradoxical breathing?
64 Strength training may lower early death risk
65 Common causes of belly button pain
66 Ectopia cordis: Survival and outlook
67 All you need to know about illness anxiety disorder
68 How a hormone could boost men's sexual appetite
69 Are there any alternatives to Flomax?
70 How the body processes alcohol
71 Lupus: Low vitamin D may raise risk of kidney failure
72 Condoms with spermicide: Do they work?
73 Vitamin D may improve wound healing in burns patients
74 Men with low testosterone less likely to have prostate cancer
75 Warfarin may prevent cancer
76 What is a heliotrope rash?
77 To the brain, sleep deprivation is 'like drinking too much'
78 10 foods that are easy to digest
79 Fighting obesity by mimicking a high-protein diet
80 Cancer cells destroyed in just 3 days with new technique
81 Home remedies for boils
82 What is neck cracking and why does it happen?
83 Alzheimer's: Preserving neurons may prevent depression, cognitive decline
84 Life hacks: Dealing with postpartum depression
85 Why am I cold when nobody else is?
86 What are hand cramps?
87 Romance is overrated, study confirms
88 How does digestion work?
89 How to tell if a tattoo is infected
90 Cellular stress 'resets lifespan profoundly'
91 Got the night munchies? Beware diabetes and heart disease
92 How gene therapy saved a little boy's life
93 What is left-sided colitis?
94 What you need to know about esotropia
95 Soy may raise risk of advanced prostate cancer
96 Breakthrough: Scientists reverse aging in human cells
97 Getting rid of belly fat the natural way
98 Does blood flow from the heart affect memory?
99 Risk of breast cancer's return continues long after treatment ends
100 What is lichen sclerosus?
101 Sleep apnea in children impairs memory consolidation
102 Are there any alternatives to a prostate biopsy?
103 How do you manage arthritis in hands?
104 Worrying about insomnia may do more harm than poor sleep
105 Could lupus raise dementia risk?
106 Study lists 33 foods proven to relieve rheumatoid arthritis
107 What are biologics for RA?