File Title
1 Is anticoagulant warfarin associated with lower risk of cancer incidence?
2 Future IT: Antiferromagnetic dysprosium reveals magnetic switching with less energy
3 Mapping brain connectivity with MRI may predict outcomes for cardiac arrest survivors, study finds
4 Using powerful new telescope astronomers observe one of the oldest objects in the universe
5 Swapping where crops are grown could feed an extra 825 million people
6 Mothers exposed to common toxin have lower levels of hormone crucial for brain development
7 High protein diets point to new anti-obesity treatments
8 Calorie counts on menus make a difference
9 Blame tired brain cells for mental lapses after poor sleep
10 Researchers report first-ever protein hydrogels made in living cells
11 Has adolescent preventive care increased since the Affordable Care Act?
12 Early bloomers: Statistical tool reveals climate change impacts on plants
13 Deadly lung cancers are driven by multiple genetic changes
14 Group B Streptococcus infection causes estimated 150,000 stillbirth & infant death
15 Tiny bees play big part in secret sex lives of trees
16 Cool idea: Magma held in 'cold storage' before giant volcano eruption
17 Advancing the science and management of European intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams
18 Mammals switched to daytime activity after dinosaur extinction
19 Saving neurons may offer new approach for treating Alzheimer's disease
20 For these baleen whales, hunting requires little more than treading water
21 Subset of carbon nanotubes poses cancer risk similar to asbestos in mice
22 Fat hormone linked to progression of fatty liver disease may hold key to new treatments
23 Chicken embryo illuminates role of thyroid hormone in brain development
24 Same gene, different mating techniques in flies
25 How marketing decoys influence decision-making
26 Indigenous young people who use drugs in BC 13 times more likely to die
27 Study reveals large disparities in survival for patients with HPV-associated cancers
28 More physical activity and higher intensity physical activity may significantly reduce risk of death in older women in the short term
29 Forest of molecular signals in star forming galaxy
30 Trial shows most people will complete treatment for latent TB without direct observation [+ another subject]
31 Countries facing rapid shift in noncommunicable disease burden are least prepared
32 Liquid biopsy spots aggressive pediatric brainstem cancer earlier without surgery
33 Dental filling failure linked to smoking, drinking and genetics
34 At ASTMH Annual Meeting, researchers report breakthrough in malaria breathprinting that could pave way to electronic nose to 'smell' disease
35 Inorganic-organic halide perovskites for new photovoltaic technology
36 Coloring the heartbeat
37 Microcolumns: Elementary neural processing units that tile the mouse brain
38 Saving seagrasses from dredging as new research finds solutions
39 Web-based social media intervention can positively influence parental vaccine behaviors
40 Perigord black truffle cultivated in the UK for the first time
41 Booze and pot use in teens lessens life success
42 Vitamin D may be simple treatment to enhance burn healing
43 Women with PCOS should be screened for mental health disorders
44 Mutual understanding in love is attainable with non-native English
45 Drinking glasses can contain potentially harmful levels of lead and cadmium
46 Younger women with advanced breast cancer needlessly excluded from treatment trials
47 Anabolic androgenic steroids may be associated with early coronary artery disease
48 New findings on tolvaptan as autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease treatment
49 Kisspeptin boosts male sexual appetite and reduces anxiety
50 The fight against obesity: To tax or not to tax?
51 Novel treatment may benefit patients with metabolic acidosis and kidney disease
52 High-impact clinical trials yield results that could improve kidney care
53 Stanford-based trial finds blood-plasma infusions for Alzheimer's safe, promising
54 Biologics do not increase the risk of second malignancy in rheumatoid arthritis patients
55 Reflux medications linked to chronic kidney disease and kidney failure
56 Air pollution causes millions of cases of kidney disease each year
57 VA patients face disparities in kidney transplantation
58 Racial differences in link between depression and early death in kidney disease patients
59 A history of kidney stones may contribute to certain complications during pregnancy
60 Online education tool helps teens with juvenile arthritis improve quality of life
61 New psoriatic arthritis treatment guideline presented at the 2017 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting
62 Women who discontinue bisphosphonates for two years or more have higher hip fracture risk
63 EULAR and ACR present SLE classification criteria at the 2017 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting
64 Obesity associated with higher degree of synovitis in rheumatoid arthritis patients
65 Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid intake may affect lupus outcomes
66 Medical consultation via mobile app lowers costs and delays for arthritis patients
67 Use of cytometry to analyze tissue may aid discovery of rheumatoid arthritis therapies
68 Young athletes commonly develop bone marrow edema in the joints of the lower spine
69 Digital coaching increases RA patients' medicine adherence & health while reducing flares
70 Joint damage in healthy military recruits may mimic spondyloarthropathies
71 Obesity linked with depressive symptoms & increased disease activity in women with lupus
72 New method to preserve tissue yields more viable cells for rheumatoid arthritis research
73 New RISE registry dashboard will help rheumatologists monitor MIPS quality scores
74 Low vitamin D linked to higher risk of renal disease in lupus
75 Methotrexate drug holiday improves flu vaccine efficacy in rheumatoid arthritis patients
76 Spine osteoarthritis patients & those under 65 more likely to use opioids to manage pain
77 Opioids & antidepressants linked to higher fracture risk in rheumatoid arthritis patients
78 Obesity linked to lower remission, higher disability in rheumatoid arthritis patients
79 Positive sacroiliac MRI scans often observed among healthy people and frequent runners
80 Age, CRP levels predict success in tapering of biologics in rheumatoid arthritis patients
81 Shock-wave therapy successfully treats finger ulcers in scleroderma patients
82 New data released on relationship between obesity and spondyloarthropathy outcomes
83 Biologic use during pregnancy may not increase opportunistic infection risks in infants
84 Diversity rate & poor access to health professionals may influence lupus therapy adherence
85 Vitamin D may be key for pregnant women with polycystic ovary syndrome
86 Solar greenhouses generate electricity and grow healthy crops
87 Brain's alertness circuitry conserved through evolution
88 Rise of populism affects wildlife management in US
89 Horses can read our body language even when they don't know us
90 Chemists develop method to quickly screen, accurately identify fentanyl
91 Sandia develops optical diagnostic to help improve fuel economy while reducing emissions
92 Scratching the surface of mature monocytes...and coming up with CXCR7
93 Study refutes using anti-malaria drug to treat diabetes
94 Potential new treatment for Fragile X targets one gene to affect many
95 Can environmental toxins disrupt the biological 'clock'?
96 Science can align common interests among the world's leading superpowers
97 UC researchers examine racial and gender disparities in dialysis patients
98 University of Louisville lab helps discover new disease that causes kidney failure
99 Probability calculations--even babies can master it
100 What do piranhas and goldfish have in common?
101 CALET makes first direct measurements of high energy electrons in space
102 Return of the comet: 96P spotted by ESA, NASA satellites
103 Getting the world to listen
104 Zooming in on protein teamwork
105 In pursuit of a universal flu vaccine
106 Obesity increases incidence, severity, costs of knee dislocations
107 Livestock-associated MRSA found among MRSA from humans
108 RUDN chemists have discovered a new formation mechanism of anti-cancer substances
109 Social repercussions on places declared World Heritage Sites
110 Chemists have created compounds that can treat glaucoma