File Title
1 TCT: Hybrid Revascularization Safe Mid-Term but Not Better...Yet
2 Outpatient Chemo Desensitization Program Safe, Cuts Time
3 Policy Experts Debate Pros and Cons of State Medicaid Waivers
4 Dogs: Mom's Best Friend for Reducing Eczema Risk in Toddlers?
5 Researchers: Bariatric Surgery Screening Should Include Sexual Orientation
6 Collaboration, Streamlined Process Improved ED Admit Times
7 Policy Experts Debate Pros and Cons of State Medicaid Waivers
8 Dogs: Mom's Best Friend for Reducing Eczema Risk in Toddlers?
9 Researchers: Bariatric Surgery Screening Should Include Sexual Orientation
10 Collaboration, Streamlined Process Improved ED Admit Times
11 Acalabrutinib Gains FDA Approval in MCL
12 Asthma Death Rate Falling in U.S.
13 Op-Ed: It's Time for Pharma to Take Responsibility for Opioid Deaths
14 OlympiAD Breast Cancer Results Called Key Step Forward for PARP Inhibition
15 Long-Term Follow-Up of Cardiac Function and Quality of Life for Patients in NSABP Protocol B-31/NRG Oncology
16 Gene Screens Can Alter Perception, Behavior
17 CHEST: Women Hospitalized for COPD Have Better Outcomes
18 A Black Box Warning for Online MD Ratings
19 ACA Repeal-and-Replace or 'Bait-and-Switch'?
20 Are Payers the Leading Cause of Death in the United States?
21 Perioperative Transfusion Ups SSI Risk in Bariatric Surgery
22 TCT: Sapien Saved Health $$$ in Intermediate-Risk TAVR
23 I.D. Break: Cute and Dangerous; Malaria in Your Head; College Men Still Missing HPV Vax
24 From Hopeless to Healer: Escaping Iran's Revolution Twice, Then Robbed at the Border
25 Weight Loss Plus Exercise: Best Bet for Obese Older Adults
26 Kids with Eczema May Have Longer Hospital Stays for Asthma
27 Winter Worst for Adult Asthma Hospitalizations
28 Study: Teen Brains Change After Bariatric Surgery
29 Immobile Patients Have More Bariatric Surgery Woes
30 Heparin May Not Stop VTE in Acute Kidney Injury
31 Largest AED Maker to Halt Most Operations as FDA CITES Problems
32 Saline on the Ropes?
33 TCT: No LV Function Benefit from PCI for CTO
34 Pediatric Concussion Called 'Grossly' Underdiagnosed in ED
35 No Long-Term Cardiac Toxicity with Trastuzumab
36 Shared Decision-Making Needs a Bigger Push, Expert Says
37 FDA Panels like Long-Acting Buprenorphine
38 Acting HHS Secretary Skewers Obamacare: 'This Law Has Failed'
39 Laparoscopic Bariatric Tx Possible in Super Obese
40 PPIs Boost Gastric Ca Risk in H. Pylori Patients
41 Pediatric Concussion Called 'Grossly' Underdiagnosed in ED
42 No Long-Term Cardiac Toxicity with Trastuzumab
43 Shared Decision-Making Needs a Bigger Push, Expert Says
44 FDA Panels like Long-Acting Buprenorphine
45 TCT: Are Disappearing-Polymer Metallic DES the Way to Shorter DAPT Duration?
46 Teens Binge Before Bariatric Surgery
47 ACEP PAC Gave More to 2016 Candidates Opposing Firearm Checks
48 Chest Docs Balance Risks-Benefits of Lung Cancer Screening
49 TCT: Stent No Better than Sham for Stable Angina in ORBITA
50 Exercise Helps 'Biggest Loser' Contestants Keep Weight Off Long-Term
51 Teen Moms Have Higher Risk of CVD as Adults
52 Pesticide-Laden Produce Tied to Poor Fertility Outcomes
53 Adjuvant Nivolumab Bests Ipilimumab in Surgically Resected Stages III/IV Melanoma
54 Programmed Death-Ligand 1 Immunohistochemistry Testing
55 Short-Acting Sedative Passes Hurdle
56 The Necessity of Striving for Unattainable Goals
57 Most Patients Survive One Year After Naloxone Rescue
58 MedPAC Debates Best Way to Replace MIPS
59 How Accurate are Online Physician Reviews?
60 Midlife Inflammation Tied to Later Brain Volume Loss
61 Shared Decision-Making Strategies for Lung Ca Screening Get High Marks
62 Safety Net Hospitals Blast 340B Program Cuts
63 Slow Medicine: One More Thing About Alternative Medicine
64 Medicare Physician Payments to Rise Slightly in 2018
65 Patients Have High Hopes for Bariatric Surgery
66 Time to End Insurance-Mandated Wait Before Bariatric Surgery?
67 CFTR-Targeting Combo Therapy Shows Promise for Cystic Fibrosis
68 TCT: LAA Closure Holds Up Against Warfarin Long-Term
69 EHRs Help Identify Patients for CKD Care
70 Empagliflozin Lowers CKD Incidence in T2D Patients
71 Lower Urinary Symptoms Occur in Almost All Patients with SSc
72 TCT: Early TMVR Feasible in Extreme Mitral Disease
73 Blood Test Helps Rule Out Breast Cancer
74 Med Adherence Improves When Patients Understand Importance
75 MedPAC Members Agree: Primary Care Services Should Get More $$$
76 FDA Commissioner: Opioid Epidemic 'Five Steps Ahead of Us'
77 TCT: Transcatheter Repair Works for Functional Tricuspid Regurgitation
78 Possible Benefit with Proton Therapy
79 iMedicalApps: Psych App Helps with Second-Line Meds
80 Handheld Ultrasound: The Next Big Thing?
81 Rural Workers Have Higher Exposures to COPD-Causing Pollutants
82 Tolvaptan Slows Kidney Function Decline in ADPKD
83 Managing Atopic Dermatitis
84 Insurance Status Linked to mRCC Survival Odds
85 Thalidomide Mitigates Emetogenic Chemotherapy Effects in Phase III Trial
86 Boosting Water Intake Didn't Slow eGFR Decline in CKD
87 Smallpox-Related Viruses Are Still a Threat to Humans, Experts Warn
88 Sorry, You Can't Stop Aging--Here's the Math to Prove It
89 'Lost' Salamander Rediscovered After 42 Years
90 Pesticide Residue on Fruits, Veggies, Linked to Lower Fertility in Women
91 Woman Sues Sephora--Can You Get Herpes from Lipstick?
92 Reference: A History of Elves
93 Reference: Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Extreme Morning Sickness
94 Why Humans Hate the Scent of Blood (But Wolves Love It)
95 Jurassic 'Mega-Carnivore' Dinosaur Was 4 Times the Size of a Lion
96 Mysterious Walking Octopuses Appear on Welsh Beach
97 Robot Cracks Those Curvy Captchas in Minutes
98 Tech Shows 2,000-Year-Old Mummy of a Little Girl in Amazing Detail
99 Person Dies from Bat Bite: How Rabies Kills
100 Dino Family Tree Overturned? Not Quite, but Changes May Lie Ahead
101 'Kleptopredator' Found: Sea Slug Attacks After Prey Has Eaten
102 Rare Find at King Solomon's Mines: Ancient Pregnant Woman's Remains
103 Here's How Space Travel Changes the Brain
104 Alcohol Use Makes Rats Crave Cocaine
105 What Darwin Can Tell Us About Aliens
106 Bad Buzz: Bee Stinger Gets Stuck in Teen's Throat
107 Secret Chamber? Cosmic Rays Reveal Possible Void Inside Great Pyramid
108 TL;DR: Here's the One Thing Scientists Want You to Know About Their Fields
109 Trapped! Woolly Mammoth Bachelors Often Met Disastrous Ends
110 The Subatomic Discovery that Physicists Considered Keeping Secret