File Title
1 All you need to know about water fasting
2 Are hot drinks or ice pops better for sore throat?
3 Male infertility and you
4 Stevia: Does it have any side effects?
5 Can pessimism be beneficial?
6 Dogs may lower risk of childhood eczema, reduce asthma symptoms
7 What are rheumatoid nodules?
8 Benefits of castor oil for the face and skin
9 Can diabetics eat watermelon?
10 Should you wash your hair everyday?
11 Fertility preservation: What are women's options?
12 When fear strikes: Study sheds new light on brain mechanism
13 All you need to know about thick blood
14 Attractive people not wanted for unattractive jobs, study finds
15 Your mother-in-law may affect your fertility
16 Daydreamers may 'have more efficient brains'
17 Why do toenails become thick?
18 Hair loss most common in summer, fall
19 What is anisocytosis?
20 Onycholysis: Treatments for detached nails
21 Does menopause cause dizziness?
22 What causes dactylitis (sausage fingers)?
23 How to get thicker hair
24 Distracted? Blame that donut
25 Could distinct 'carbohydrate taste' be tied to obesity?
26 Suicide could be predicted with brain imaging
27 All you need to know about belly button discharge
28 What causes salt cravings?
29 What is vellus hair?
30 Life hacks: How to cope with night shifts
31 Getting fit with friends may boost life quality
32 Diabetes: Synthetic beta cells could lead to skin patch treatment
33 All you need to know about ridges in fingernails
34 Aspirin slashes risk of gastrointestinal cancer
35 How does rheumatoid arthritis affect the skin?
36 Can we halt aging? Math says 'no'
37 Creepy crawlies: Why you were born to fear spiders and snakes
38 Why do we get hungry?
39 How do you get rid of blushing?
40 Eggplant allergy: What you need to know
41 Alzheimer's: Protein from outside the brain may be involved
42 What you need to know about codependent relationships
43 Letter from the Editor: Know thyself
44 Need to cut down on salt? Try something spicy instead
45 Obese children with asthma spend longer in hospital
46 What causes blisters on the feet?
47 Soy component could improve breast cancer treatment
48 Common acid reflux drug increases stomach cancer risk
49 How often should you poop each day?
50 All you need to know about jaw popping
51 What is the pineal gland?
52 Cot death risk halved with just 2 months of breast-feeding
53 Teen moms at risk of heart disease
54 Scientists discover 27 genes that could halt cancer
55 What causes an apple allergy?
56 Experimental drugs rewire brain connections in autism
57 Could inflammation in midlife predict dementia?
58 All you need to know about low creatinine levels
59 What are these white spots on my skin?
60 Is the bold claim that a nutrient drink can slow Alzheimer's true?
61 What is nociceptive pain?
62 Gene therapy may protect brain from age-related cognitive decline
63 The 10 best Crohn's disease blogs
64 Six surprising health risks in your home
65 Colorectal cancer: Increasing fiber intake may lower death risk
66 What causes genu valgum (knock-knees)?
67 Just two sugary drinks per week may raise type 2 diabetes risk
68 Curved penis may increase cancer risk
69 How do you get rid of keloids?
70 Acetaminophen during pregnancy is associated with ADHD
71 What is dermatitis neglecta?
72 All you need to know about stomach growling
73 Clogged arteries may be down to bacteria, not diet
74 Aspiring astronauts: Beware of the health risks of space travel
75 Five things to remember when you're dealing with work anxiety
76 To be happier, take a moment to notice the nature around you
77 What is clenbuterol?
78 Insomnia may raise risk of kidney disease and death
79 Caffeine may prolong life for kidney disease patients
80 What you need to know about hot feet
81 What are the benefits of moringa?
82 Does diabetes cause itching?
83 Does cheese have gluten?
84 Gout Equals Diabetes in Stroke Risk
85 From Small Bag of T-Cells to Army of Cancer Killers
86 D.C. Week: Trump Declares Opioid Abuse a Public Health Emergency
87 New Picosecond-Domain Laser Decreases Acne Scarring
88 Conserving Muscle Mass in Knee, Hip OA Preserves Function
89 6 Tips for Preventing ED Falls
90 Why Don't Fibromyalgia Patients Stay on Their Meds?
91 Docs, Parents Need a Push to Adopt New Peanut Guidelines
93 Flu Vax May Improve Outcomes in Other Illnesses
94 Oral Drug Beats Interferon in First Pediatric MS Trial
95 Anti-Inflammatory Drug May Offer Benefit in Progressive MS
96 Measuring FeNo in Asthma: Real Biomarker or Poor Surrogate?
97 CHEST: Novel Agent Boosts Quality of Life in COPD
98 Next-Gen. S1P Receptor Modulator Shows Promise in MS
99 Learning Module Improves Community Hospital Anaphylaxis IQ
100 Multivessel PCI Not Best in Cardiogenic Shock
101 Complex Bifurcation Stenting Approach Bests Provisional Stenting
102 TMVR Benefits Hold Firm in Post-Market Registry
103 Experimental Alertness Drug Improves OSA Sleepiness
104 CHEST: Can Vagrancy Ward Off COPD?
105 For One Physician, Art of Medicine Includes Art
106 Telehealth Advocates Push for Expanded Use
107 TCT: VAMPIRE Results Confirm Benefit of Distal Protection
108 New SERM Shows Promise in Advanced Breast Cancer
109 Global Survey: 20% of Clinicians Uncomfortable with Gay Patients
110 Before Bariatric Surgery, CBT Helps Disordered Eating