File Title
1 Partial breast-feeding for first few months lowers SIDS risk
2 Doctors urge 'Cancer Moonshot' efforts to focus, speed up
3 Transgender women take three times more HIV tests than men
4 Long-term PPI use linked to doubled risk for stomach cancer: Study
5 Plastic nanoparticles could improve delivery of cancer drugs
6 Food labeled 'snack' leaves you hungrier than food labeled 'meal'
7 FDA issues warnings on unproven marijuana-based cancer treatments
8 Study: Half of people with hepatitis C aware of the infection
9 Hot flashes linked to increased risk for sleep apnea, heart issues
10 Study finds infertility increases risk of death in women
11 Liposuction may ease limb swelling in cancer patients
12 Long spaceflights could put pressure on the brain
13 Regulation may be necessary to contain cost of cancer drugs, study says
14 FDA reaches agreement with automatic external defibrillator maker
15 Study finds racial differences in risk for intracranial atherosclerosis
16 Heart stents may have no effect for people with stable angina, study says
17 Sugar-sweetened beverages linked to increased risk for heart disease
18 Removing digital devices from children's bedrooms improves sleep quality
19 Inherited brain activity may guide treatment for autism, ADHD
20 Kidney failure declining among U.S. diabetics: CDC
21 Study suggests seniors should lift weights for exercise
22 Patients' gut bugs may play role in cancer care
23 Healthy brain structures may prevent development of Alzheimer's disease
24 Biomarkers may aid discovery of lung problems in 9/11 firefighters, study says
25 Molecular method shows neuronal basis of brain states
26 Study shows benefits, negatives of a universal flu vaccine
27 Livestock-associated MRSA found in human MRSA samples
28 New colon cancer breakthrough may lead to prevention
29 Patients, doctors often not on same page after leukemia diagnosis: Study
30 Surgery patients commonly overestimate pain before operations: Study
31 Study: Coffee may help kidney disease patients avoid early death
32 Common heartburn meds show ties to kidney trouble
33 Healthier diet in adulthood may translate to healthier old age, researchers say
34 Study suggests decorated drinking glasses pose a threat to health
35 Blood plasma transfusions show promise as treatment for Alzheimer's
36 Study: Doctors threaten to reduce hours, leave medicine over burnout
37 FDA approves first therapy to treat rare blood cancer
38 Sleep deprivation can lead to mental lapses, study says
39 'Good ole days' were better for kids' health, adults say
40 Older women can 'walk away from the grim reaper'
41 Common blood thinner could lower cancer risk
42 Food ads targeting kids decline, but most are still for unhealthy products
43 Breast cancer patients limit treatment efficacy due to health care system distrust: Study
44 Making water available to school children at lunch may save $13 billion in health costs
45 Scientists rejuvenate old human cells, make them look and act younger
46 Motrin, Tylenol combination as effective as opioids for pain in the ER, study says
47 Light drinking may increase risk for cancer
48 Waiting even a month to remove melanoma can be deadly
49 IUD may lower cervical cancer risk
50 Yoga may give lung cancer patients, caregivers a boost
51 Rising prices, larger population major causes of increase in healthcare spending
52 Study: Some foods can help ease rheumatoid arthritis pain, progression
53 Not much to remedy tough cough during cold season, researchers say
54 Biochar, the once and future agricultural mainstay
55 N/A
56 Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms confirmed
57 E-cigs may cause unique health problems
58 Electric atmosphere on Martian moon may doom exploration hopes
59 Universe shouldn't exist, CERN physicists conclude
60 Fermi's Paradox finished? Perhaps ET is abundant and we just can't see it
61 Recognising Australia's leading female scientists
62 No added sugar can still mean lots of sugar
63 The shrinking of the shrew
64 Statins linked to diabetes risk
65 Study: Huge sugarcane expansion could send CO2 emissions south
66 Fossil trees lacked trunk rings
67 Sorry! We broke the internet. Again
68 Neanderthals got by with a little help from their friends
69 Revealed: a savage galaxy hunting for prey
70 Centipede eats snake
71 Brain's autopilot is daydream believer
72 Cane toads evolving to be bolder
73 Light bounced off satellites confirms quantum weirdness
74 Goodall's findings confirmed: chimps have stable personalities
75 Roman glass theory wrong for centuries
76 6000-year old skull marks world's oldest known tsunami victim
77 Spin doctors summon coppers in quantum computing caper
78 New targets in hunt for malaria vax
79 Trump is a self-inflicted wound
80 Evolutionary history a better key for conservation targets
81 Watch a swimming and flying insect bot
82 Never play double bass to an oyster
83 NASA launch today aims to measure what lies between
84 Kakadu "underwater" in less than a century, report finds
85 Visitor from outside the solar system passed us at high speed this week
86 Magnetic gold is evidence of relativity, study finds
87 Biblical miracle turns out to be solar eclipse, study finds
88 Jupiter's light show just got weird
89 Hallowe'en: Dying to save the planet
90 Brain damage mechanism discovered
91 Into the woods: Horses survived mass extinction by adapting to forests
92 Lab mice train themselves
93 Invisible ink uses metal-organic frameworks
94 Dark matter still missing
95 The numbers are in: aging is inevitable
96 Neanderthal extinction a fizzle, not a bloodbath
97 Lemurs are what they eat
98 Marine sponges gave us silicosis
99 Is this what an alien looks like?
100 Cosmic rays lead to pyramid discovery
101 Mid-life inflammation linked to late-life Alzheimer's
102 Combined genetic disorder risk equal to Down syndrome, research finds
103 Giraffe ancestors roamed Spain
104 Bats learn pidgin
105 Humans get a new cousin
106 Bees can be left or right handed
107 Male mammoths were good at falling in holes
108 Revealed: a monster planet orbits a tiny star
109 On the edge: fragmented forests signal biodiversity crisis
110 Wild yeasts make potent fungicides