File Title
1 Study identifies whale blow microbiome
2 Debate over Mars exploration strategy heats up in astrobiology journal
3 Mass extinctions led to low species diversity, dinosaur rule
4 Leaders in obstetric care gather to identify quality measures for high-risk pregnancies
5 Filling gaps in dementia research could help patients, family
6 Ancient asteroid impact exposes the moon's interior
7 Older adults with insomnia may fall even more when on prescription sleep meds
8 Ovarian reserve tests fail to predict fertility, NIH-funded study suggests
9 Genetic advance for male birth control
10 Machine learning translates 'hidden' information to reveal chemistry in action
11 Researchers identify gene that influences nicotine dependence
12 Marine snowfall at the equator
13 Breath instead of a blood test
14 Sharing of science is most likely among male scientists
15 MPFI scientists discover regional differences among chandelier cells
16 Do male fish prefer them big and colorful?
17 A molecular garbage disposal complex has a role in packing the genome
18 Protein restricts sap uptake by aphids
19 A hard lesson--the way poor sleep impacts on schooling
20 Achievement of meaningful impacts on childhood obesity requires more than single interventions
21 International experts describe a new way of cells behaving when submitted to chemotherapy
22 Conservationists' eco-footprints suggest education alone won't change behavior
23 Forest grazing counteracts the effectiveness of trees to reduce flood risk
24 Parasite study paves way for therapies to tackle deadly infections
25 A new genetic marker accounts for up to 1.4 percent of cases of hereditary colon cancer
26 Scientists reveal how inflammation affects the life of brain cells
27 A self-propelled catheter with earthworm-like peristaltic motion
28 Giant bacteria make algae easy to stomach
29 Missing atoms in a forgotten crystal bring luminescence
30 Electrons surfing on a laser beam
31 Seeing the next dimension of computer chips
32 Smartphone apps launched for atrial fibrillation patients and their healthcare providers
33 Research clarifies nuclear hormone receptor function in plants
34 A step towards a new drug to treat fungal infections that kill 1.6 million people annually
35 Advantages of breast feeding--Elucidation of a molecular mechanism
36 This soft robotic gripper can screw in your light bulbs for you
37 Evolution: The beneficiaries of mass extinction
38 Quorn protein on par with animal sources
39 New ichthyosaur species, long gone, found in a storeroom
40 Probing exotic ices
41 Care homes could overtake hospitals as most common place to die, new research finds
42 DNA study in the Pacific reveals 2,000 percent increase in our knowledge of mollusc biodiversity
43 Likely new treatment target identified for diabetic retinopathy
44 Tenfold increase in childhood and adolescent obesity in 4 decades: New study by Imperial College
45 A new potential alternative to mosquito control discovered
46 Major breakthrough identifies new mechanism for the development of schizophrenia
47 'Fake fin' discovery reveals new ichthyosaur species
48 New mutations in iPS cells are mainly concentrated in non-transcriptional regions
49 A lesson for Canada: Quebec pharmacare system creates winners and losers
50 Survey provides new directions for employment of people with disabilities
51 Meeting an unmet need: Surgical implant that grows with a child
52 The Fitbits of food ingestion?
53 Perinatal BPA exposure induces chronic inflammation by modulating gut bacteria
54 How fever in early pregnancy causes heart, facial birth defects
55 Disturbing trends in men's reproductive health demand urgent action
56 Researchers map the illegal use of natural resources in the protected Brazilian Amazon
57 Study finds small differences in patient outcomes between male and female surgeons
58 Effect of stopping behavioral interventions on inappropriate antibiotic prescribing
59 Biomarkers indicating diminished reserve of eggs not associated with reduced fertility
60 Insulin pumps associated with lower risk of serious complications among young patients with type 1 diabetes
61 When anemones bleach, clownfish suffer
62 Gold 'nanoprobes' used to track blood flow in tiny vessels
63 Little growth observed in India's methane emissions
64 Mass. General team creates functional, stem-cell-derived small bowel segments
65 Pest resistance to biotech crops surging
66 Best way to recognize emotions in others: Listen
67 Common acid reflux medications promote chronic liver disease
68 Size doesn't matter--at least for hammerheads and swimming performance
69 Study shows epidurals don't slow labor
70 More than half of police killings not officially documented on US death certificates
71 Targeting 'lipid chaperones' may preserve lifelong metabolic health
72 Spin-current generation gets mid-IR boost with plasmonic metamaterial
73 Lung cancer research gets a breath of fresh air
74 Ibuprofen better choice over oral morphine for pain relief in children after minor surgery
75 Home-brewed poppy seed tea can be lethal, study finds
76 Experts call for more rigor, less hype, for mindfulness and meditation
77 Law enforcement-related deaths in the US undercounted in official government data
78 What can cystatin C test contribute to chronic kidney disease management?
79 Scientists find evidence our best friends, dogs, similarly adapted to malaria in Africa
80 UBC researchers take the 'stink' out of wastewater treatment
81 Mixed organization of gut bacteria is revealed by microbiome imaging technology
82 UA snakebite treatment makes major advance
83 Scientists discover more about the ingredients for star formation
84 Cannabidiol benefits and mechanisms shown in mouse study of Dravet syndrome
85 Noncompliance thwarts comprehensive background check policy for private-party sales, study finds
86 Cells that die with a bang contribute to high death rate in bloodstream infections
87 TGen sequencing test enables precise identification of drug-resistant TB
88 New methods tackle a perplexing engineering concept
89 Heads up, CEOs--corporate social responsibility may get you fired, study finds
90 P53 'master switch' remains top target in gene signaling network controlling cancer
91 Gene identified that may provide potential therapy for cerebral cavernous malformations
92 UW researchers discover an evolutionary stepping stone to beet-red beets
93 Diversity of large animals plays an important role in carbon cycle
94 When a porous solid retains its properties in liquid form
95 HIV: The benefits of prophylaxis of tuberculosis are confirmed
96 Clear lakes disguise impaired water quality
97 Calorie postings on menus cause more health mentions in online restaurant reviews
98 Unexpected degree of order found in interior grain boundaries of polycrystalline materials
99 Computer program detects differences between human cells
100 Gene drives have the potential to suppress mosquito populations, but resistant mosquitoes crop up
101 Areas of glioblastoma tumors correlate with separate subtypes of glioma stem cells
102 JILA spinning method confirms the electron still seems round
103 Head Start may protect against foster care placement
104 No 'narcissism epidemic' among college students, study finds
105 Safe to treat dementia patients with clot-busting drugs
106 Farsighted children struggle with attention, study finds
107 Trench Foot discovery paves way for new treatment
108 Indian government needs to do more to tackle rising sale of unapproved antibiotics
109 Study finds no evidence linking reflux medicines to bone fractures
110 Dinosaur blood? New research urges caution regarding fossilized soft tissue